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This is a photo of a family of four spending time together having
breakfast. We can see that they are very happy because everyone has a
smile on their face. On the table are breakfast items that can be found in
many families such as sandwiches, cereals, orange juice, a bottle of milk
and some dessert fruits such as apples and guava. The parents and the
boy both looked at the girl with smiles as she told them a joke. The
weather is summer now so we can see everyone is wearing T-shirts. they
eat breakfast in the kitchen, which is decorated quite simply but cleanly
and we can also see the tall trees from the window. i really like this
picture, it makes me want to go back to my family right now.

The photo shows us the guy and his friends enjoying their holiday at the
beach. We can see the bearded sunglasses guy holding the camera and
looking at his posing friends. His team consists of three boys and one
girl. In the photo, a girl and a boy are jumping up and posing, their
shadows are cast on the sand. On the right of the photo is a long line of
trees that shade people from the sun and you can also see a few people
resting in the shade. Blue sea water and a majestic mountain in the
distance make the photo even more beautiful. The photo makes me want
to temporarily quit my job and go on a trip with my friends.

This is a picture of a meaningful action to help protect the environment
around us. in the middle of the photo are two girls picking up trash on
the lawn and putting it in a trash bag, on the left is the girl with curly
brown hair and on the right is the girl with straight brown hair and both
are smiling while working. Behind the two girls were also several people
doing similar work and they could be seen wearing the same type of Tshirt with the word volunteer on top, they must be members of some
volunteer team. In the photo we can see they working and having fun
together without showing any discomfort when working in the hot sun.
It's a meaningful act I think people are aware of in life.

The photo shows people sitting on a boat and watching the scenery.
There were six people on the boat, three men and three women. in the
photo we can see the woman in black talking to the man in white, the
man in the striped shirt is enjoying taking pictures of the landscape on
the lake. There seems to be something attractive in the sky, the man in
the blue shirt is pointing at the sky and the two women are also
watching. In the middle of the boat was a table and on it was wine, beer
with some food. On the shore of the lake there is a very big old tree, its
branches and leaves reach out to the lake surface, giving people shade in
hot weather. I wish I had a chance to experience boat party with my

This is a photo of family members spending time together eating a meal.
There are 4 people on the table, including parents, sister and young
brother. We can see the parents are holding the list of dishes to ask the
opinion of two children to order. they ate at a restaurant that looked quite
luxurious and had a good view, their family could be seen dressed very
formally. On the table, dishes and chopsticks are arranged very neatly, in
the middle of the table is decorated with a lovely small tree to create a
highlight for the table, besides, you can see 2 cups of water for parents
and 2 cups of orange juice for two children. Looking out to the outside,
we can see residential buildings and in the distance are mountains that
give the photo a lyrical feel. I wish I could go to such a luxurious place
to have a meal with my family.

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