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NĂM HỌC 2012 - 2013
Mơn thi: Tiếng Anh; Lớp: 7
Thời gian làm bài 150 phút, không kể thời gian giao đề


Bằng số:

Chữ ký giám khảo 1: ..............................................................

Số phách

Bằng chữ: .................................... Chữ ký giám khảo 2: ...............................................................
- Đề thi gồm 04 trang, thí sinh làm bài trực tiếp vào đề thi.
- Thí sinh khơng được sử dụng bất cứ tài liệu nào kể cả từ điển.

I. Choose one word whose underlined part is pronounced differently from the others by circling A, B, C or D. (5 pts)
1. A. returns
B. plates
C. wears
D. receives
2. A. healthy

B. instead
C. seaside
D. breakfast
3. A. dust
B. bus
C. cut
D. put
4. A. teacher
B. actor
C. story
D. picture
5. A. closet
B. globe
C. stove
D. bowl
II. Choose the best answer to complete the sentences by circling A, B, C or D. (10 pts)
1. My school will ______ the school festival next week.
A. organize
B. take
C. rehearse
D. play
2. ______ silly mistake!
A. What
B. What a
C. How
D. How a
3. This food tastes ______.
A. careful
B. carefully
C. delicious

D. deliciously
4. The ______ is taking Mary’s temperature now.
A. nurse
B. worker
C. player
D. scientist
5. - “Would you like some corn?”
- “______.”
A. No, thanks. I’m full
B. Ok. I don’t like corn
C. All right
D. Yes, I would
6. Why ______?
A. those men are laughing
B. are laughing those men
C. are those men laughing
D. are those laughing men
7. - “______?”
- “That’s a great idea.”
A. Do you like playing sports
B. Can you buy me some apples
C. Why don’t we go out for dinner
D. May I borrow your pen
8. I am not sure where she is. She ______ be in her office.
A. must
B. might
C. can
D. should
9. – “______ do you pay a visit to your uncle?” - “Every other week.”
A. Why

B. When
C. How often
D. How long
10. Lan: “I don’t like travelling a lot.”
Mai: “______.”
A. So do I
B. I don’t, too
C. Either don’t I
D. Neither do I
III. Make questions for the answers to complete the conversation between two friends. (5 pts)
Mary: (1) __________________________________________________ last Monday, Nam?
Nam: Yes, I was. I was ill.
Mary: (2) Oh,_____________________________________________________________?
Nam: I had a very bad cold.
Mary: (3)________________________________________________________________?
Nam: Yes, I did, and he gave me some medicine.
Mary: (4)________________________________________________________________?
Nam: I took it for three days.
Mary: (5)_____________________________________________________________ now?
Nam: I feel much better. I still have a cough, but it was a lot worse two days ago.
IV. Fill in each blank with a suitable preposition. (5 pts)
Trang 1/4

1. Gangnam Style, by a 34-year-old South Korean Singer, Psy, first appeared ______ YouTube in July.
2. I bought some souvenirs ______ my friends when I was in Nha Trang.
3. Fiona is getting better and better ______ writing compositions.
4. Our country is rich ______ oil and rubber.
5. The school cafeteria only opens ______ lunchtime.
6. My mother is very keen ______ growing roses.

7. The science books are _____ the rack ______ the corner of the room.
8. I am 13 years old now. I prefer to talk ______ people ______ my age.
V. Give the correct tense or form of the verbs in brackets to complete the following sentences. (10 pts)
1. He always (talk) a lot when he is at home.
 ______________________
2. Most people prefer spending money to (earn) it.
 ______________________
3. Nam, together with his friends, hardly (get) bad marks.
 ______________________
4. You (wait) a minute while I (look) through the text?
 ______________________
5. Daddy, could you tell me how (run) this washing machine?
 ______________________
6. My father used to be a teacher. He (teach) Chemistry at a local  ______________________
7. You had better (brush) your teeth after every meal.
 ______________________
8. Why you (not go ) to the party last night?
 ______________________
9. I’m going to the post office (buy) some stamps.
 ______________________

VI. Fill in the blanks with the correct form of the words in capital letters. (10 pts)
1. When being a child, she received a good __________________________. (EDUCATE)
2. Walking is a fun, easy and ________________________ activity. (EXPENSIVE)
3. A balanced diet alone is not enough for a healthy _________________________. (LIFE)
4. That woman is very pleasant, but her younger sister is a little ___________________. (FRIEND)
5. Jane likes to wear ______________________________ clothes. (COLOUR)
6. The teacher __________________________ the students to study harder. (COURAGE)
7. The students of class 7A enjoy _____________________ activities after school hours. (DIFFER)

8. Some students are following the _________________________ to the video room. (LIBRARY)
9. The post arrives __________________________ at eight in the morning. (REGULAR)
10. Do your classes start ____________________________ or later? (EARLY)
VII. Each of the following sentences contains one error. Underline and correct it. (10 pts)
1. He drinks a lot of mineral waters in a day.
 ______________________
2. We shouldn’t run or walk careless around the pool edge.
 ______________________
3. Hoa told me that her aunt cutted her hair yesterday.
 ______________________
4. There are a large, modern bathroom and a kitchen in the apartment.  ______________________
5. Many people think that teachers give students too many homework.
 ______________________
6. Mr. Ba works in a factory for five days a week.
 ______________________
7. In my opinion, Tam is a more lazier student than Hoa is.
 ______________________
8. My children don’t like those kind of imported toys.
 ______________________
9. I like studying history and I find this subject very interested.
 ______________________
10. Ken is a very more careful driver than Simon.
 ______________________
VIII. Fill in each numbered space with ONE appropriate word. (10 pts)
Benefits of playing sports
Trang 2/4

Firstly, playing sports can give you a healthy life and a fit body to you. You will be more active
and healthier (1) ______ playing sports. To illustrate, you can have a lower chance of getting a serious

illness such as (2) ______ attack or high blood pressure.
In other words, it increases your resistance to illness. In leisure time, you can play sports (3)
______ your friends or your relatives, this not only helps you but (4) ______ motivates everyone
around you to take part in sports and have good (5) ______.
Furthermore, there are some (6) ______ which you can play easily such as table tennis, tennis
or football and after that, you feel completely relaxed or (7) ______ free from your stress. 
Moreover, you also need to allow (8) ______ encourage children to play sports, especially some
outside activities such as football, basketball or volleyball to decrease the time that your children (9)
______ sitting in front of computers or watching television. 
These sports can help them have endurance, quickness and even teach them how to improve
team spirit and work in groups. These sports also teach them how to communicate with their
teammates, and show them (10) ______ active and creative they are.
Your answers:
1. _________ 2. _________ 3. _________ 4. _________ 5. __________
6. _________ 7. _________ 8. _________ 9. _________ 10. _________
IX. Read the passage below and then circle the correct answer A, B, C or D. (5 pts)
You asked me about my neibourhood. It’s nice here and I find my (1) ______ easy-going and
friendly. But one of them, Nora Crosby, has a very strange routine on weekdays. Every morning, she
leaves her house at 9.00 and walks to the corner. She (2) ______ carries a camera. First, she (3)
______ some photos of the street. After that, she buys a newspaper. Next, she walks up and down the
street for fifteen minutes. (4) ______, she walks home and goes into the house. She doesn’t come out
again until the (5) ______ morning.
1. A. neighbors
2. A. never
3. A. makes
4. A. Then
5. A. first

B. neighborhood

C. neighboring

B. sometimes
B. takes
B. Next
B. second

C. always
C. gets
C. And
C. next

D. rarely
D. gives
D. Finally
D. tomorrow

X. Read the descriptions below of the various activities available around Hanoi. Then write A, B,
C, D or E to show the most suitable activity for each of the people below. (5 pts)
A. This Mystery Park is part of National Park. Sailing, swimming and other water sports are available
at club, with professional teachers. Fishing is available for Mystery Park Club members only
(minimum age 18).
B. The City Farm is for everyone who loves animals and wants to learn more about trees and fruit.
There are horses, cows, and various kinds of children on the farm. There is also a large orchard
with many kinds of fruit: oranges, grapefruit, pineapples, etc. Children under 14 must come with
C. The Local Community Sports Center offers a variety of activities: table-tennis, badminton, indoor
football and karate. It is open everyday except for Monday, open from 5p.m to 10p.m.

D. The Walking Club meets every Saturday morning. Club members take part in walks and discussion.
Suitable for retired people.
E. The Play Center with a lot of activities for children is open everyday. There are different play areas
for different ages. There are playground supervisors to take care of small children.
______ 1. Mr. Hung is retired but dislikes being with groups of elderly people. He doesn’t like sports,
either. An opportunity to get away from the noise of the city and to enjoy the nature is most
suitable for him.
______ 2. Mrs. Ha wants someone to look after her children for an hour three times a week while she
goes to an accounting class.
______ 3. Tuan wants to learn swimming in the afternoon after university.
______ 4. Mr. and Mrs. Binh are over 60 years old. They want to go out and meet people of the same age.
______ 5. Phuong and her friends want to play some sports together in the evenings, after classes.

Trang 3/4

XI. Rewrite each of the following sentences so that it means the same as the first one, beginning with the
given words. (10 pts)
1. Can’t you do better than that?
 Is that _________________________________________________________________________?
2. Why don’t we go shopping this weekend?
 Shall __________________________________________________________________________?
3. I don’t want to do anything too energetic today.
 I don’t feel _____________________________________________________________________.
4. It isn’t necessary for students to wear uniforms on Wednesday.
 Students _______________________________________________________________________.
5. She teaches English well.
 She is _________________________________________________________________________.
6. She feels comfortable to watch TV.
 Watching TV ___________________________________________________________________.

7. My new jeans are more expensive than yours.
 My new jeans aren’t _____________________________________________________________.
8. We spent a whole day looking for these old pictures.
 It took ________________________________________________________________________.
9. When did you buy the computer?
 How long is ____________________________________________________________________?
10. What is the distance between your hometown and your school?
 How __________________________________________________________________________?
XII. Use the given suggestions to complete sentences. (5 pts)
1. Monitor / always / go / class/ on time / be / good example / class.
 _______________________________________________________________________________.
2. Sister / buy / material / make / this dress / me.
 _______________________________________________________________________________.
3. Teacher / be / please / improvement / my work.
 _______________________________________________________________________________.
4. He / be / absent / work / yesterday / because / he / ill.
 _______________________________________________________________________________.
5. Anyone / be / home / when / everyone / arrive?
 _______________________________________________________________________________.
XIII. Rearrange the following words and phrases to make complete sentences. (5 pts)
1. in / USA / 8.30 / day / at / o’clock / start / 3.30 or 4 / morning / at / the / classes / each / ends / the / school / and.
 _______________________________________________________________________________.
2. take / courses / help / you / with / can / the / of / university / a / home / video cassette recorder / at.
 _______________________________________________________________________________.
3. better / food / fat / eat / to / it / containing / and / is / less / sugar.
 _______________________________________________________________________________.
4. does / mail / how / local / in / much / cost / it / a / letter / to / Vietnam?
 _______________________________________________________________________________?
5. will / left / see / turn / your / the / and / you / shop / souvenir / right / on.
 _______________________________________________________________________________.

XIV. Use the given word to write the second sentence in such a way that it is as similar as possible
in meaning to the original sentence. Do not change the form of the given word. (5 pts)
1. Jane always wears jeans.
 _______________________________________________________________________________.
2. I’ll be busy working while you are on holiday. (during)
 _______________________________________________________________________________.
3. They all joined in singing the Christmas carols. (part)
 _______________________________________________________________________________.
4. Both my brother and I like scuba-diving.
 _______________________________________________________________________________.
5. I’ll see you at the airport, I expect.
 _______________________________________________________________________________.
- THE END Trang 4/4

NGÀY THI 30/3/2013
Bản hướng dẫn chấm có 02 trang



I. 5 pts (Mỗi câu đúng 1 điểm)

1. B
2. C
3. D

(Tổng điểm: 100 điểm)

II. 10 pts (Mỗi câu đúng 1 điểm)
3. C
1. A
2. B
6. C
7. C
8. B

4. D

5. A

4. A
9. C

5. A
10. D

III. 5 pts (Mỗi câu đúng 1 điểm)
1. Were you absent from school
2. What was the matter / wrong (with you)?
3. Did you go to the doctor’s?
(Or: Did you (go to) see the doctor?)
4. How long did you take it?

5. How do you feel
IV. 5 pts (Mỗi giới từ đúng 0.5 điểm)
1. on
5. at
2. for
6. on
3. at
7. on - in
4. in
8. to/with - of
V. 10 pts (Mỗi động từ đúng 1 điểm)
1. is always talking
6. taught
2. earning
7. brush
3. gets
8. didn’t (you) go
4. Will (you) wait – am looking 9. to buy
5. to run
VI. 10 pts (Mỗi câu đúng 1 điểm)
1. education
2. inexpensive
3. lifestyle
4. unfriendly
5. colourful (colorful)

6. encouraged /encourages
7. different
8. librarian
9. regularly

10. earlier

VII. 10 pts (Mỗi câu đúng 1 điểm, tìm được lỗi 0.5, sửa được lỗi 0.5)
1. waters -> water
6. for -> Ø
2. careless -> carelessly
7. more -> Ø
3. cutted -> cut
8. kind -> kinds
Trang 5/4

4. are -> is
5. many -> much

9. interested -> interesting
10. very -> much /Ø

VIII. 10 pts (Mỗi câu đúng 1 điểm)
1. by
2. heart
3. with
6. sports
7. even
8. and

4. also
9. spend

IX. 5 pts (Mỗi câu đúng 1 điểm)

1. A
2. C
3. B

4. D

5. C

X. 5 pts (Mỗi câu đúng 1 điểm)
1. B
2. E
3. A

4. D

5. C

5. health
10. how

XI. 10 pts (Mỗi câu đúng 1 điểm)
1. Is that the best (that) you can do?
2. Shall we go shopping this weekend?
3. I don’t feel like doing anything too energetic today.
4. Students don’t have/ need to wear uniforms on Wednesday.
5. She is a good teacher of Enlish.
6. Watching TV makes her comfortable.
7. My new jeans aren’t as / so cheap as yours.
8. It took us a whole day to look for these old pictures.

9. How long is it since you bought the computer?
10. How far is it from your hometown to your school?
XII. 5 pts (Mỗi câu đúng 1 điểm)
1. The monitor always goes to class on time to be a good example for the class.
2. My sister bought the material and made this dress for me.
3. The teacher is/ was pleased with the improvement in my work.
4. He was absent from work yesterday because he was ill.
5. Was anyone at home when everyone arrived?
XIII. 5 pts (Mỗi câu đúng 1 điểm)
1. In the USA classes start at 8.30 each morning and the school day ends at 3.30 or 4
2. You can take university courses at home with the help of a video cassette recorder.
3. It is better to eat less food containing fat and sugar.
4. How much does it cost to mail a local letter in Vietnam?
5. Turn right/left and you will see the souvenir shop on your left/right.
XIV. 5 pts (Mỗi câu đúng 1 điểm)
1. Jane wears jeans all the time.
2. During your holiday I’ll be busy working.
3. They all took part in singing the Christmas carols.
4. My brother likes scuba-diving and so do I.
(Or I like scuba-diving and so does my brother)
5. I hope to see you at the airport.
Trang 6/4


Trang 7/4

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