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Tài liệu bồi dưỡng HSG Tiếng Anh lớp 6

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Trờng THCS Ngs Thuy Bài thi olympic năm học 2011-20112
Họ và tên: Môn : Tiếng Anh - Thời gian: 60 phút
Lớp: 6
Câu1: Tìm những từ có cách phát âm khác với những từ còn lại ở phần gạch chân:
1. A. picnic B. sometimes C. like D. exercise
2. A. movie B. sport C. soccer D. jo g
3. A. heavy B. leave C. head D. ready
4. A. black B. gymnast C. gray D. paddy
5. A. bus B. museum C. drugstore D. lunch
Câu 2: Em hãy tìm từ không cùng nhóm với các từ còn lại:
1. A. warm B. weather C. cool D. hot
2. A. soccer B. swimming C. fishing D. camping
3. A. what B. where C. how D. weekend
4. A. travel B. go C. walk D. noisy
5. A. this B. the C. these D. that
Câu 3: Chọn phơng án trả lời tốt nhất cho mỗi câu sau:
1. My brother ( goes / go / plays / is going ) swimming every Sunday .
2. Are there ( a / an / any / the ) stores on your street ?
3. My sister and I ( am watching / are watching / is watching ) TV in the living room
now ?
4. ( how / how many / where / what ) do you go to school ? - I walk .
5.Does Nga play volleyball ? - No, ( she not plays / she don't / she doesn't ) .
6. How many floors ( is there / are there / there have ) in your school?
7. My school ( have / there are / has ) four floor s in my school.
8. How ( usually / often / always ) do you have a picnic?
9. I have English ( at / in / on / from ) Monday and Thursday .
10. He lives ( in / at / on ) 12 Tran Phu Street.
11. Which language does Lee speak? - He speaks (China/ Chinese/ Chines)
12. (Would/ Can/ Do/ Does) you learn French? - No, I don't
13. How (many/ much/ often/ long) bananas are there on the table?
14. The Red river is (longer/ very long/ the longest) in Vietnam.

15. What is (her/ his/ their/ your) name? - My name is Ba.
16. What are you going to do (at/ on/ in / for) the weekend?
17. How (usually/ often/ sometimes/ always) do you have a picnic?
18. A paddy field is a rice (yard/ paddy/ park/ garden).
19. That is his sister. (He/ she/ It/ Her). is a doctor.
20. Lemonade, apple juice, soda and (beans/ noodles/ vegetables/ iced tea) are cold
Câu 4: Cho dạng đúng của động từ trong ngoặc:
1. What you (do) next Sunday?
2. He usually (jog) in the morning.
3. My brother (watch) TV at the moment.
4. Hoa (not go) fishing in the winter.
5. Her sister (skip) now.
6. There (not be) any water in the bottle.
7. I can (speak) English.

8. She (visit) her aunt next week.
9. At the moment, the children (play) soccer in the garden.
10. She (go) camping tomorrow.
Câu 5: Cho dạng đúng của từ trong ngoặc:
1. There are fifteen in my school. (CLASS)
2. Lan has a white (TOOTH)
3. Mr. Nam is a truck (DRIVE)
4. In the , there is a hospital and a factory . (neighbor)
5. what is his ? (nation)
Câu 6: Viết lại các câu sau sao cho nghĩa không thay đổi:
1 . What is Lans favorite food?
> What food ?
2. Is your house beautiful?
> Is it ?

3. He often drives to work.
4. I want some milk
5. What about going to Dam Sen park?
Why ?
Câu 7: Hoàn thành câu sử dụng từ gợi ý:
1. he/ like/ cold drink?
2. orange juice/ her/ favorite drink.
3. We/ visit/ Nha Trang/ this/ summer vacation.
4. how/ much/ milk/ your/ mother/ want?.
5. I/ write/ a letter/ tomorrow.
Câu 8: Đặt câu hỏi cho phần gạch chân:
1. I feel tired now.
2. This man brings us milk in the morning.
3. She would like apple juice.
4. A pen is 7.000đ
5. They always have dinner at home.

I. Give correct form of word:
1. My mother is a______________ of English. (TEACH)
2. Her father is a______________ (FARM)
3. She sent her best wishes for my future______________ . (HAPPY)
4. He was punished for his______________ . (LAZY)
5. We like going in his car as he is a______________ driver. (CARE)
6. AIDS is a______________ disease. (DANGER)
7. She looks______________ in her new coat. (ATTRACT)
8. He turns out to be the______________ student in his class. (GOOD)

9. Nam is always
10. There are four _____in my house. (Bookshelf)
11. The photocopy is between the _____ and the drugstore. (Bake)
12. Is your brother an_____? (act)
13. Mai's sister is a ______ (sing)
14. We must be ____ when we cross the road. (care)
15. This tree has a lot of green _____ (leaf)
16. Is your father a ______ ? (business)
17. I’m Vietnamese. What’s your ______ ? (nation)
18. Air is a big problem in many cities in the world. (pollute)
19. Yoko is from Japan. She is _____ (Japan)
20. Mary likes attending the English contests. (SPEAK)
21.My neighborhood is for good and cheap restaurants. (FAME)
22.I like the city life because there are many kinds of (ENTERTAIN)
23. Lan’s classroom is on the floor. (TWO)
24. These children like weather. (SUN)
25. Lan speaks English than me. (WELL)
26. The Great Wall of China is the world’s structure. (LONG)

27. What’s Mary’s ? - She’s British. (NATION)
28. We should not waste and water. (ELECTRIC)
29. Let him do it (HE)
30. My aunt is a good ………… (TEACH)
31. Thao is my friend. She is very ………. (BEAUTY)
32. I want to go ………… in the summer. (SWIM)
33. My sister ……………gets up early in the morning. (USUAL)
34. Don’t go out at night because it is very …………… (DANGER)
35. This exercise is very ………… I can’t do it. (DIFFICULTY)
36. He can speak English ………….than his brother. (GOOD)
37. How do you feel now? – I feel …………. (TIRE)
38. My uncle lives in the city. He is a ………… (DRIVE)
39. Where is Tom? – He is in the ………… room. (LIVE)
40. Nam is the … of the three boys. (TALL)
41. Vietnam has a lot of …… beaches. (BEAUTY)
42. Air … is a big problem in many cities in the world. (POLLUTE)

43. Our school children sometimes go … on the weekend. (CAMP)
44. I’m Vietnamese. What’s your ….? (NATION)
45. Mount Everest is very high. It is … mountain in the world. (HIGH)
46. Don’t make a fire here. It’s very … (DANGER)
47. Is your father a … ? (BUSINESS)
48. We went to bed early because we had a ……… day. (tire)
49. There were two ……… yesterday:fire-making and rice-cooking. (compete)
50.The old lamp ……………… in China is five dollars. (make)
51.“Quynh Coi” is …………… for good and cheap “Canh Ca”. (fame)
52. At school we have a lot of ……………… (act)
53. Mai and her friend sing very (beauty)
54. Both my father and my mother are……………. (farm)
55. Ba’s house is the ………….to the tow center. (near)

56. The math book is…………… than the hitory book (thick)
57. Is the Underground in London … than the Metro in Paris? (good)
58. It's very in the city. (noise)
59. Ho Chi Minh city is the city in Viet Nam. (big)
60. They have two (child)
61. We live in a house in the country. (beauty)
62. He goes at the weekend. (fish)
63. Lan is very tall, but Hoa is even (tall)
64. Lee comes from China. He speaks (China)
65. What's your ? - I'm American. (nation)
66. This is the temple in my village. (old)
67. My brother is a of English (teach)
68. Nam is the … of the three boys. (TALL)
69. Vietnam has a lot of …… beaches. (BEAUTY)
70. Air … is a big problem in many cities in the world. (POLLUTE)
71. Our school children sometimes go … on the weekend. (CAMP)
72. I’m Vietnamese. What’s your ….? (NATION)
73. Mount Everest is very high. It is … mountain in the world. (HIGH)
74. Don’t make a fire here. It’s very … (DANGER)
75. Is your father a … ? (BUSINESS)
II. Which is the odd one out:
* Exercise 1: Choose the words that has the underlined part pronounced differently:
1. A. now B. how C. cow D. show
2. A. lead B. great C. seat D. eat
3. A. so B. show C. who D. though
4. A. think B. thank C. that D. three

5. A. door B. zoo C. fool D. soon
6. A. worry B. sorry C. come D. ton
7. A. easy B. dear C. meat D. seat

8. A. bed B. decide C. get D. general
9. A. early B. weather C. heavy D. head
10. A. one B. song C. sorry D. long
11. A. teachers B. thanks C. pupils D. farmers
12. A. foot B. door C. good D. book
13. A. teeth B. thin C. mother D. math
14. A. gymnast B. vegetable C. dangerous D. Geography
15. A. black B. work C. knee D. look
16. A. young B. house C. our D. trousers
17. A. cool B. good C. room D. look
18. A. watches B. brushes C. classes D. lives
19. A. station B. question C. invitation D. intersection
20. A. chest B. school C. lunch D. bench
21. A. cottage
22. A. climbing
23. A. sound
24. A. problem
25. A. grew
26. A. oversea
27. A. show
28. A. tour
29. A. conduct
30. A. always
B. village
B. basket
B. amount
B. popular
B. threw
B. feel
B. folder

B. proud
B. culture
B. delicious
C. luggage
C. subway
C. country
C. convenient
C. knew
C. living
C. money
C. pronounce
C. double
C. ours
D. stage
D. club
D. noun
D. rod
D. flew
D. mean
D. shoulder
D. sound
D. lunch
D. themselves
31. A. love B. hotel C. mother D. brother
32. A. store B. sister C. factory D. picture
33. A. many B. paddy C. country D. recycle
34. A. stay B. vacation C. citadel D. day
35. A. know B. how C. tomorrow D. show
36. A. history B. swim C. visit D. summer
37. A. tennis B. aerobics C. music D. exercise

38. A. theater B. with C. three D. they
39. A. goes B. games C. times D. watches
40. A. books B. pens C. shelves D. schools
41. A. summer B. uncle C. Sunday D. museum
42. A. tonight B. high C. million D. fire
4 3. A. chair B. school C. cheap D. chicken
44. A. flowers B. students C. pens D. schoolbags
45. A. stool B. room C. floor D. noodle

46. A. capital B. trash C. range D. animal
47. A. grow B. plow C. cow D. tower
48. A. hungry B. fly C. usually D. activity
49. A. weather B. head C. bread D. great
50. A. wear B. meat C. pea D. read
51. A. call B. fall C. shall D. wall
52. A. clown B. down C. own D. town
53. A. above B. glove C. love D. move
54. A. cow B. show C. know D. throw
55. A. clear B. dear C. hear D. pear
56. A. thank B. that C. this D. those
57. A. cost B. most C. post D. roast
58. A. arm B. charm C. farm D. warm
59. A. come B. home C. some D. none
60. A. cow B. now C. how D. show
61. A. love B. hotel C. mother D. brother
62. A. store B. sister C. factory D. picture
63. A. many B. paddy C. country D. recycle
65. A. stay B. vacation C. citadel D. day
66. A. know B. how C. tomorrow D. show
* Exercise 2: Choose the words that has the underlined part pronounced differently

1. grow throw pagoda cow
2.destroy collect forest market
3.tube student music ruler
4.meat beef bread tea
5.white hotel hour why
6.weather thick father brother
7.skip citadel finally fishing
8.cold orange box strong
9.winters cameras eggs watches
10.camp apple range cat
* Exercise 3: Choose the words that has the underlined part pronounced differently
1. A. chair B. school C. couch D. children
2. A. game B. change C. vegetable D. geography
3. A.
B. eraser C. bookstrore D. history
4. A. tenth B. tooth C. brother D. theater
5. A. boot B. tooth C. food D. flood
6. A. usually B. thirsty C. fly D. hungry
7. A. read B. teacher C. ahead D. eat
8. A. face B. small C. grade D. late
9. A. twice B. swim C. skip D. picnic
10. A. bottle B. job C. chocolate D. movie

* Exercise 4: What is odd one out?
1.is am open are
2.home goodbye thanks hello
3.engineer doctor nurse teach
4.country city live school
5.classroom big small nice

6.sixth seven eighth tenth
7.seventy sixty third fourteen
8.what where how answer
9.my his nice your
10count come vocabulary close
11.greeting morning afternoon stand
12.eraser teacher player worker
13.armchair couch family bench
14.brush wash listen teach
15.geography housework history volleyball
16.behind between yard opposite
17.noisy bus taxi bike
18.roadsign businessmantraffic light straight ahead
19.noisy quiet fast worst
20.blue dark thin brown
21.face strong light heavy
22.nose chest fat toe
23.when where were how
24.man fan fat table
25.happy fly sky dry
26.that make take cake
27.find thing nine wine
28.gun fun sun june
29.call fall shall wall
30.clown down own town
31.above glove love move
32.cow show know throw
33.clear dear hear pear
34.thank that this those
35.cost most post roast

36.arm charm farm warm
37.come home some none
38.cow now how show
39.name classmate paper thank
40.hi fine night children
41.old morning bingo hello
42.clock teacher studnt school
43.nurse doctor engineer classmate
44.school teacher house classroom

45.name family class open
46.small big fine student
47.grade class city school
48.get country wash go
49.third twelve eleven nine
50.math history timetable literature
51.game soccer volleyball housework
52.Friday Monday Tuesday Today
53.do homework watch listen
54.dinner shower breakfast luch
55.lake river factory well
56.near opposite between temple
57.beautiful bakery drugstore bookstore
58.play ride bike drive
59.doctor hospital teacher businessman
60.dangerous road sign intersection
61.apple orange juice banana
62.milk meat tea coffee
63.carrot tomato lettuce chicken
64.want thirsty cold favorite

65.tea oil soda milk
66.beef fish chicken soap
67.tent kite swim stove
68.always often early usually
69.one twice three four
70.boring morning interesting exciting
* Exercise 5: Choose one word which is different from the others.
1. A. working B. crossing C. something D. traveling
2. A. train B. ride C. bus D. car
3. A. teacher B. doctor C. driver D. soccer
4. A. are B. for C. with D. at
5. A. peas B. mushrooms C. eggs D. beans
6. A. wine B. beer C. lemonade D. whisky
7. A. sausage B. juice C. soda D. coffee
8. A. month B. fifth C. ninth D. eighth
9. A. farmer B. driver C. flower D. writer
10. A. coke B. milk C. sode D. full
11. A. carrot B. tea C. tomato D. pea
12. A. hungry B. thirsty C. tired D. orange
13. A. water B. rice C. noodles D. bread
14. A. fish B. lemonade C. meat D. lamb
III. Choose the best answer:
Part i

1. Nam______English on Monday and Friday.
A. not have B. isn’t have C. don’t have D. doesn’t have
2. We go to school at ______ in the morning.
A. a quarter to seven B. seven to a quarter C. seven quarter D. a quarter
seven to
3. Do children have math on Monday ? -……………….

A. Yes, they have B. No, they don’t C. Yes, they don’t D. No, they not
4. Mr. Nam gets up at 7.00 and eats ______
A. a big breakfast B. the big breakfast C. big breakfast D. a
breakfast big
5. Is her school ______the park ?
A. in front of B. next C. in front to D. near to
6. Is this her______? A. erasers B. books C. an eraser D. eraser
7. Tan likes ______ weather because he can go swimming.
A. hot B. cold C. windy D. foggy
8. ______straight across the road.
A. Don’t run B. Not run C. No run D. Can’t run
9. I hope the ______ can repair our car quickly.
A. mechanic B. reporter C. architect D. dentist
10. The Bakers ______ dinner at the moment.
A. is having B. are having C. eating D. is eating
11. ______ fruit does your father produce?
A. How much B. How many C. How long D. How often
12 When it becomes hot , people often feel ______
A. hungry B. thirsty C. happy D. worried
13.The sign says “ No smoking “ . You ______ smoke .
A. can B. are not C. must not D. must
14 . I’m playing table tennis . _______ you like table tennis ?
A.Have B .Is C. Are D. Do
15 . There is an English examination ______ Friday , 11
December .
A. at B. in C. to D. on
16. What time _____ back ?
A. is she coming B. comes she C. she does come D. does she comes

17. The students have got ______ news about their exams .
A. many B. some C. any D. a
18 . The boy looks a little thin , ______ he is strong.
A. and B. for C. or D. but
19. Mary and _______ would like to join the English Club speaking .
A. me B. my C. mine D. I
20. There _______ any milk in the glass.
A. isn’t B. aren’t C. is D. are
21. Nam lives ________ a market

A). near B). on C). between D). at
22. She ___________ breakfast at six thirty.
A). have B). haves C). to has D). has
23. ________ sports can Nam play?
A). Who B). How C). Which D). What
24). __________ is your class room? It is on the second floor.
A). Who B). Where C). How D). What
25. I am ________ sister.
A). we B). they C). his D). he
26. He hates fish. He _____ eats fish
A). usually B). sometimes C). often D). never
27. How _________ wine can he drink?
A). far B). much C). many D). long
28. Everyday, Phuong ________ up at six o'clock in the morning
A). to gets B). get C). to get D). gets
29. Is your school big or ________?
A). tall B). nice C). small D). long
30. Mr.Li is from China. He can speak ___________
A). Chinese B). Canada C). China D). England
31. What ________ do you like? - Fall

A). drink B). color C). season D). sports
32. How __________ people are there in your family?
A). old B). much C). many D). number
33. What ________ do you go to bed?
A). time B). x C). o’clock D). hour
34. ________ go swimming
A). How about B). Would you like C). Let's D). Why don't
35. You ____________ drink too much coffee. You cannot sleep well at night.
A). shouldn't B). should C). do D). don't
36. Where can we look for information…….recycling things?
a, on b, of c, about d, in
37. Tell me … coffee and bread.
a, Why do you like b, Why you like c, because of you like d, you like because
38. You look so……… in your new blue skirt.
a,beauty b,beautifully c,beatiful d,beautifuly
39. He finally……… with the decision to go abroad.
a, came b, came up c, came on d, come
40. I think it is really good to spend time …………… English pronunciation.
a, in b, with c, at d, on
41. My parents ………………. at home.
a, are all b, are both c, both are d, is both
42. Some people learn a language by reading passages ……………
a, loud b, aloud c,loudly d; aloudly
43. “Would you mind dancing with me ?” “No”
He invited me to dance with him but ……………

a, I didn’t b, I said I didn’t c; I refused d, I accepted
44. I wish you’d tell me what I ………… do in this difficult situation.
a, shall b, would c, should d, ought
45. Was it Bell who ……… the telephone?

a, invented b, discovered c, produced d, provided
46. What do they often do when ……………. cold?
a; there’s b; it’s c; its d; they’re
47. It’s cold in our country.………… the winter.
a; on b; at c; of d; in
48. My shirt is very beautiful and ………… is, too.
a; her b; his c; their d; your
49. I would like ……………salt on my vegetables.
a; a few b; a little c; lots d; a lot
50. Nam is …………… in my class.
a; the tallest b; taller than c; tallest d; taller
51. What …………… is your new hat ? - It is purple.
a. age b. season c. color d. weather
52. The Pacific Ocean is ………………… ocean in the world.
a. big b. the biggest c. the bigest d. bigger
53. How ………… are there on the table ? - There are some.
a. many banana b. many bananas c. much banana d. much bananas
54. What would you like …………… lunch ? - I’ d like some noodles.
a. in b. at c. on d. for
55. Would you like ………… pork for dinner ? - No, thanks.
a. some b. an c. any d. a
56. Is she hungry …………… full ? - She isn’t hungry. She is full.
a. and b. but c. so d. or
57. What about ………… some lemonade ? - That’s a good idea.
a. have b. having c. has d. having
58. It is too far . Let’s go there…………… minibus
a. with b. in c. on d. by
59. The Eiffel Tower is ………………. than the Statue of Library
a. with b. highest c. higher d. the highest
60. Hurry up ! We’ ve got …………… time.

a. few b. much c. a little d. some
61. I need half a …………………. eggs.
A. kilo B. box C. bag D. dozen
62. I’d like a ………… of cooking oil, too.
A. liter B. kilo C. dozen D. packet
63. After school, I help my mom with the ………….
A. homework B. housework C. roomwork D. classwork
64. There’s a …………… in front of my house. We play there.
A. paddy B. village C. yard D. museum
65. ………………. long or short?
A. Does Nga have hair B. Is Nga’s hair

C. Is Nga hair D. Does Nga’s hair have
66. ……………… is she travelling? - By coach.
A. How long B. How often C. How much D. How
67. ………………. sugar in the jar?
A. Is there any B. Is there some C. Are there any D. Are there some
68. We do …………… every morning.
A. jogging B. aerobics C. table tennis D. picnic
19. I ……………… badminton with Lucy in the yard at the moment.
A. am playing B. plays C. are playing D. play
70. We never go camping because we ……………… a tent.
A. not have B. are not having C. don’t have D. doesn’t have
71. My father is man.
A. a old B. an old C. not young D. not very young
72. I’m tired. I’d like .
A. sit down B. sitting down C. to sit down D. to sitting down
73. Do you have any toothpaste? I’d like a large .
A. tin B. roll C. bar D. tube
74. Choose the word having the underlined letter pronounced differently:

A. pretty B. get C. wet D. dentist
75. Bangkok is capital of Thailand.
A. a B. one C. X D. the
76. There are girls in his class.
A. not B. no C. none D. any
77. she plays the piano!
A. How beautiful B. How beautifully C. What good D. What well
78. On we often go out.
A. nights of Saturday B. Saturday nights
C. Saturday’s nights D. none is correct
79. I don’t want much sugar in coffee. Just , please.
A. little B. a little C. few D. a few
80. The weather is today than yesterday.
A. much better B. very better C. too better D. so better
81. A. Always they do their homework. B. They always do their homework.
C. They do their homework always. D. They always do their homeworks.
82. Minh is from Viet Nam. He’s .
A. a Vietnamese B. Vietnamese C. a Vietnamese man D. the Vietnamese man
83. Choose a word that has different stress pattern:
A. beautiful B. vegetable C. breakfast D. apartment
84. What the weather like in the summer?
A. is B. was C. does D. would
85. It’s very hot. Why go swimming?
A. not we B. not C. don’t we D. Both B & C are correct

86. At an intersection, you slow down.
A. can B. should C. must D. have
87. Which word has the final sound /s/:
A. bananas B. carrots C. apples D. guavas
88. Don’t move. You have a leg.

A. break B. breaking C. broke D. broken
89. If there aren’t any trash cans, we should put it in a bag and .
A. take it to our home B. take it to home
C. take it home D. take it back our house
90. This is a photo of Miss Lan’s house. To the right of house there is a well.
A. the B. a C. his D. my
91. Choose the word having the underlined letter pronounced differently:
A. keen B. kite C. keep D. knife
92. How much is this of soap?
A. bar B. bag C. box D. loaf
93. Our roads are dangerous places. We .
A. can be careful B. must be careful
C. mustn’t be careless D. Both B & C are correct
94. Make sure is no traffic.
A. they B. it C. there D. some
95. Let’s eat here. The seems very good.
A. list B. paper C. programme D. menu
96. There’s a good film the Rex Cinema tonight.
A. on / in B. on / at C. in / on D. in / at
97. Don’t electricity.
A. save B. waste C. use D. leave
98. The boy suffered a very bad toothache.
A. of B. from C. with D. by
99. book is this, yours or mine?
A. What B. Which C. Whose D. Who’s
100. “Who that horrible noise?”
“It’s Nam practising the violin.”
A. makes B. made C. is making D. making
101. ______ trash over there.
A. Don’t throw B. Not throw C. Throw D. Can’t throw

102. There is _____ oil in the bottle . We should buy some more .
A. little B. a little C. few D. a few
103. ______ fruit does your father produce ?
A. How much B. How many C. How long D. How often
104. What would you like to do at the weekend ?

A. I like to do a lot B. I can’t do it C. I’d like to do D. I don’t like the weekend
105. What about ______ a cup of coffee ?
A. A have B. having C. you have D. do you have
106. The weather often ______ quickly . It is difficult to forecast .
A. change B. changes C. is changing D. is going to change
107. When it becomes hot , people often fell ______
A. hungry B. thirsty C. happy D. worried
108. My brother wants a good pair of shoes because he often goes ______
A. jogging B. running C. swimming D. sailing
109 . None of these trains stop at Ramsey . They _____ stop at Ramsey .
A. sometimes B. usually C. never D. rarely
110.The sign says “ No smoking “ . You ______ smoke .
A. can B. are not C. must not D. must
111. Do you like pop music ?
A. I would B. Yes , a lot C. No , I like it D. Yes , we are
112.Let’s go to the concert at New College .
A. All right B. You’re going C. We go D. Goodbye
113 . I’m playing table tennis . _______ you like table tennis ?
A.Have B .Is C. Are D. Do
114 . There is an English examination ______ Friday , 11
December .
A. at B. in C. to D. on
115 .______ do the buses run ? - Every twenty minutes .

A. How far B. What time C. How often D. How much
116. What time _____ back ?
A. is she coming B. comes she C. she does come D. does she comes
117. The students have got ______ news about their exams .
A. many B. some C. a D. a few
118 . The boy looks a little thin , ______ he is strong.
A. and B. for C. or D. but
119. Mary and _______ would like to join the English Club speaking .
A. me B. my C. mine D. I
Part ii
1. I must have a drink. I’m so (A. dirty B. hungry… C. thirsty D. thirty)
2. Fall means in British English. (A. summer… B. winter C. autumn D.
3. I like weather because I can go swimming.( A. hot… B, cold C. of D.
4. They usually go . after work. (A. to fishing… B. cinema C. home D.
5. Would you like . that for you? ( A. me doing…… B. me to do C. me do D. I do)
6. Don’t be late your music lesson . ( A. on … B. from C. by D. for)
7. What would you like to drink? - (A.Thank you B.Yes, please C.No, I don’t D.Tea, …
8. Let him . it himself. … (A. to do B. do C. doing D. does)
9. How many floors in your school? (A. are there B. there are…… C. have there D. do have)

10. Nam is learning English the room and his dog is the desk.… …
(A. at, in B. in, under C. in, on D. on, under)
21. ………… season do you like, spring or winter?
A. Which B. What C. What about D. How
22. We often go to the ………… to see wild animals.
A. zoo B. temple C. stadium D. hospital

23. ………… you like some tea?
A. Do B. Can C. Would D. Could
24. How ………… milk do you want?
A. many B. much C. lot D. a lot
25. He is wearing nothing on his …………
A. feet B. chests C. heads D. noses
26. The sky is …………
A. yellow B. red C. white D. blue
27. How much is it?
A. It’s £ 20 B. 20 kilos C. 20 meters D. 20
28. How ………… must I wait? - Just about half an hour.
A. much B. long C. often D. many
29. ………… do your parents take you out?
- They are very busy. They never take us out.
A. How long B. How C. How often D. How much
30. I’m going ………… vacation this summer.
A. on B. in C. at D. of
C). He goes to school by car everyday D). He goes to school on foot everyday
Bµi IV : (1,5 ®iÓm) Chän ®¸p ¸n ®óng ®Ó hoµn thµnh c¸c c©u sau.
1/ What do they often do when . cold?…………………
a; there’s b; it’s c; its d; they’re
2/ It’s cold in our country the winter.…………………
a; on b; at c; of d; in
3/ My shirt is very beautiful and is, too.………………
a; her b; his c; their d; your
4/ I would like salt on my vegetables.……………………
a; a few b; a little c; lots d; a lot
5/ Nam is . in my class. ………………………
a; the tallest b; taller than c; tallest d; taller
Part III. Choose the word whose underlined part is pronounced differently from the others.

11). A). bathroom B). think C). there D). thing
12). A). dozen B). doctor C). brother D). mother
13). A). cup B). student C). up D). number
14). A). hi B). fine C). night D). six
15). A). read B). teacher C). breakfast D). eat
16). A). table B). grade C). wash D). late
17). A). class B). game C). play D). grade

18). A). ten B). seven C). we D). hello
19). A). table B). say C). lamp D). day
20). A). time B). right C). night D). live
V. Chän ®¸p ¸n ®óng ®Ó hoµn thµnh c¸c c©u sau:
1. What is your new hat ? - It is purple.………………
a. age b. season c. color d. weather
2. The Pacific Ocean is . ocean in the world.………… ……
a. big b. the biggest c. the bigest d. bigger
3. How are there on the table ? - There are some.………………………
a. many banana b. many bananas c. much banana d. much bananas
4. What would you like lunch ? - I’ d like some noodles.………………
a. in b. at c. on d. for
5. Would you like pork for dinner ? - No, thanks. (………………… pork: thÞt lîn)
a. some b. an c. any d. a
6. Is she hungry full ? - She isn’t hungry. She is full.………………
a. and b. but c. so d. or
7. What about some lemonade ? - That’s a good idea.………
a. have b. having c. has d. having
8. It is too far . Let’s go there . minibus………… ……
a. with b. in c. on d. by
9. The Eiffel Tower is . than the Statue of Library……………… …
a. with b. highest c. higher d. the highest

10. Hurry up ! We’ ve got . time.………………… …
a. few b. much c. a little d. some
Part IV. Chän ®¸p ¸n ®óng
1. .I need half a (kilo,box,bag,dozen) eggs.…………
2. I’d like a (liter,kilo,dozen,packet of cooking oil, too.…………
3. After school, I help my mom with the (homework,housework,roomwork,classwork)
4. There’s a (paddy,village, yard,museum) in front of my house. We play there.
5. .(Does Nga have hair,Is Nga s hair, Is Nga hair,Does Nga s hair have’ ’ ) long or short?……
6. .(How long,How often, How much, How ) is she travelling? – By coach.…………
7. (Is there any,Is there some, Are there any, Are there some ) sugar in the jar?…………
8. .We do (jogging,aerobics,table tennis, picnic ) every morning.…………
9. I ( am playing,plays, are playing, play) badminton with Lucy in the yard at the moment.
10. .We never go camping because we (not have,are not having,don t have, doesn t have ’ ’ ) a tent.
Part V : Choose the best answers among A, B, C, D to fill in the blanks.
1. One of them an oval face.
A. have B. having C. has D.had.
2. is she? _She is my friend.
A. What B. How C. Who D. Whose.
3. I love fruit. I like very much.
A. carrots B. tomatoes C. peas D.apples.
4. There is bread on the table.
A. a B. an C. some D. two.
5. Their cows produce
A. a lot of milk B. many milk C. lots milk D. a few milk
6. We are polluting the air gases.
A. by B. with C. at D. of.
7. What's his job ?- He's a He likes working with children .
A. teacher B. engineer C. farmer D. doctor

8. How often do you visit your grandparents ?

A. one a week B. once a week C. two week D. twice week
9. Can I help you ? - , thanks.
A. No B. Yes C. Sir D. Oh
10. Thanh is going a new bicycle next week.
A. to buy B. buying C. to buying D. buy
IV. Give correct form of verb:
* Exercise 1:
1. Every morning , Linda ( get ) up at 6 . She ( have ) ……… breakfast at 6:10 . After
breakfast, she ( brush ) ………… her teeth . She ( go ) …… to school at 6:30 . She
( have ) ……… lunch at 11:30 at school .
2. We ( watch ) ……… T.V every morning .
3. I (do ) ………… my homework every afternoon .
4. Mai and Lan ( play ) …………… games after school .
5. Vy ( listen ) ………… to music every night .
6. Where ( be ) ……………… your father now ?
7. He ( read ) …………… a newspaper .
8. What …………… you ( do ) …………….? I ( be )………….a student .
9. Where ……… you ( go ) …………….now ? I (go ) ……… to the market .
10. She is cooking and we ( do ) …………….the housework .
11. He isn`t in the room . He ( play ) ………………… in the garden
12. He still (do) ______________ our work now. But he ( go )______ with you when he
(finish) _________ it.
13. On my way home I often (meet) _____________ many children who (go)
_____________ to school.
14. The sun (rise) ____________ in the east and (set) ____________ in the west.
15. Mary (not work) ______________ today because it's Sunday.
16. My father and I (visit) ______________ Ha Long Bay this summer vacation.
17. Oh, no! It (rain) We can’t play tennis. It always (rain) a lot in April.
18. What your son (have) breakfast usually? He usually (eat) a carrot and (drink)
a glass of cold water?

19. They (drink) some fruice at the moment.
20. She can (speak) English.
21. He (eat) a lot of meat?
22. My mother (give) me a new bike next week.
23. He (not go) often to the movies on Sunday nights.
24. Where Mai (be) now? She (play) in the garden.
25. Look! She (come)
26. What there (be) (drink) for dinner
* Exercise 2:
It is 7.30 a.m and the Browns …(1. be) in the kitchen. Mrs. Brown … (2. sit) at the
breakfast table. She … (3. read) the morning paper. Mr. Brown … (4. pour) a cup of coffee.

He … (5. drink) tow cups of coffee every morning before he … (6. go) to work. There is the
cartoon on TV, but the children are not watching it. They … (7. play) with the toys. They
usually … (8.watch) cartoons in the morning, but this morning they … ( 9.not pay) any
attention to the TV. Of course. Mr. and Mrs. Brown are not watching TV either. They …
(10. like) watching cartoons.
* Exercise 3:
1/ Lan (do) her homework in her room? Yes, she is.
2/ Where’s Mr Minh living now?
He (live) with his son. He usually (live) with him on holiday.
3/ Mr and Mrs Green ( not plant) flowers in the garden. Mr Green (be) out and Mrs Green (
cook) dinner in the kitchen.
4/ What about (go) fishing tomorrow?
5/ Viet Nam (have) a lot of mountains, and there (be) many tall and bigs trees there.
6/ How much rice those farmers (produce) every crop?
* Exercise 4: Use the correct tense of these verds in each sentence:
1. He (work) in the office now.
2. My friend(enjoy) hamburgers very much.
3. The students(look) up these new words right now.

4. We always (do) English exercises carefully.
5. The sun (rise) in the east.
6. They (talk) to John at the moment.
7. he children(sleep) well for two hours every afternoon.
8. My sister(need) some money for books.
9. It(rain) very much in the United States.
10. Linda(write) to David at this time.
11.Thu (not have) any apples. She (have) some oranges.
12. Minh (watch) TV every night.He (watch) TV at present.
13. We often(swim) in the river, but today we (go) fishing.
14. They usually(play) tennis. They(play) tennis at the moment.
15. Nam(ride) his bike to school everyday, but today he(walk) to school.
16. Almost everyone(work) very hard.
17. This book(belong) to me.
18. My brother often(see) you and your sister at the supermarket.
19. Mr Brown(teach) us English.
20. Please quiet! The baby(sleep)
21. Listen ! Someone(knock) at the door.
22. Look ! The train (come)
23. My father (have) breakfast at present.
24. You should(learn) hard to please your parents.
25. You shouldn't (smoke) cigarrettes.
26. We should (collect) spare cans and waste paper.
27. People should(eat) alot of fruit and vegetables.
28. What(be) their jobs?
29. What(your parents/ do) in their free time?
30. Thuy (travel) to Hanoi next month.

31. He(visit) his relatives tomorrow.
32. We (come) here soon.

33. They( practice) speaking English everyday.
They(speak) English fluently someday.
34. My sister can(play) the piano.
35. What your father(do) at present?
36. Where(be) Mum?- She(cook) in the kitchen.
37. An usually(wash) his hands before meals.
38. Hoa !(come) in, please!
39. Would you like(come) to my house for dinner?
40. I'd like(drink ) a cup of coffee.
41. The children (like/ eat) candy very much.
42. She(like/ listen) to music in her free time.
43. What you (like / do) on Sundays?
44. My brother can (ride) a bicycle.
45. You must (do) this exercise carefully.
46. The students mustn't (stay) up too late.
47. Let's(go) somewhere for a drink.
48. Let's(sing) some English songs.
49. What about(dance) ?
50. How about(play) soccer?
51. Why don't we (go) out for a walk?
52. The weather (not be) warm today.
53. What(be) the weather like in the winter?- It (be) very cold.
54 you always (camp) in the summer?
55 your uncle (plant) many flowers in the garden?
* Exercise 5: Supply the correct forms of the words:
1. What your father often(do) in the evening?
- He often (watch) television, but sometimes he (read) books.
2. Hoa's brother(be) an engineer, but he (not work) at the moment.
3.We(not go) to the zoo very often.
4. Nam usually(play) sports, but this afternoon he (fly) his kite.

5. Lan and Phuong(be) in the kitchen. They(cook) dinner.
6. Look! The plane(fly) towards the airport. It (land)
7. Why we(not go) to Ha Long Bay this summer holiday?
8. My brother and I (visit) our grandmother on the weekend.
9. Where(be) you, Nam?
- I'm here.I (read) in my room.
10. Tan often (play) volleyball in the autumn.
11.What you(do) now?
- We (listen) to music.
12. (You /play) soccer in the yard next Sunday?
13. What (there/ be / drink) for dinner?
14. We (be) tired and we' d like(sit) down.
15. What(your sister/ want) ?

- She (want) a cold drink.
16. I (not be) hungry and I (not want) any rice.
17. (there be) any bananas?
18. How(Mr Minh/ feel) now?
19. We (destroy) our environment. Many rare plants and animals(be) indanger.
20. (He/ grow) vegetables in his garden next week?
21. My friend(have) a small rice paddy and he (produce) some rice there.
22. His chickens (not produce) many eggs.
23. Why (the world/ need) more land and food?
24. Mr Dan (not raise) cows on his farm. He (raise) buffalo.
25. They (build) a new factory soon to recycle old plastic.
* Exercise 6: Suply the correct forms of the words in brackets:
1. What she (like / do) in her spare time?
2. Why we( not go) out for a meal?
3. This job (be) interesting. You should (apply) for the job.
4. She (wear) a white T- shirt now.

5. Tom (look) very well.
6. He (need) (study) harder if he (want) to pass the exam.
7. She always(clean) her motorbike.
9. Their house is small.They'd like (buy) a bigger house.
10. We (watch) news tonight.
11. Lan and I (not be) free on weekdays.
12. Look at those people!( they wait) for a taxi.?
13. I must(go) now.
14. Would you like ( drink) a cup of coffee?
15. My father often (listen) to pop music but at present he( read) books.
16. What about (visit) Ngoc Son Temple ?
* Exercise 7: Supply the correct tenses of these verds:
1. Be careful! The teacher (look) at you.
2. your brother/ do) morning exercise every morning?
3. In summer, it(be) very hot, so he often(go) to the seaside on holiday.
4. ( you/ look) for Peter?- I think he (read) books in the library.
5. Mother(cook) in the kitchen at the moment. She (cook) every morning
6. I often (go) jogging in the park.
7. My sister (do) aerobics twice a week.
8. (you/ watch) TV? Can I turn it off?
9. I can't (talk) now. I (cook) the dinner.
10. The students must (wear) uniform.
11. you should( do ) exercises carefully.
12. We (finish) my homework soon.
* Exercise 8: Suply the correct forms of the words in brackets:
1. John (not live) in town. His house is in the country.
2. I (visit) Hoi An this summer vacation
3. You (live) near here.

4. What about (have) a picnic this weekend?

5. (Not make) noise in the classoom.
6. I feel tired. I'd like (have) a short rest.
7. You must'nt (eat) food in the classoom.
8. There (be) four people in Long's family: his parents, his sister and him.
9. What Jim (do) ? - He (play) with his friends in his room.
* Exercise 9: Supply the correct form of the verbs
1. She (not listen) to music very often.
2. Look the black cloud ! It (rain).
3. Where's Lien?
- She (watch) TV in her room.
4. You (like) bananas?
5. Keep silent ! Our teacher (explain) the lesson.
6. There are twenty in the hall (child).
7. The of this book is 2.000d (cost).
8. There is today (storm).
9. This is the pen in the box ( cheap).
V. Rewrite:
1. Mai is not as tall as Lan.
-> Lan is.
2. The black car is cheaper than the red car.
-> The red car
3. This film is more interesting than that one.
->That film is
4. Our school has 1600 students.
-> There are …………………
5. Does your have twenty-five students?
-> Are there ?
6. How much does a bowl of noodles cost?
-> How much is ?
7. The work is very hard and he can’t do it.

-> This work is too
8. Mr. Minh has a daughter, Lan .
-> Mr. Minh is
9. What is the width of this river?
-> How ?
10.My mother often drives to work.
-> My mother often goes
11.What is the price of a cake and an orange?
-> How ?
12.That book belongs to Nam.
-> That is
13. Does your school have twenty classrooms?

 Are ………………………………………………… ….?
14. Phong has a sister, Lan.
 Lan is …………………………………………… …….
15. My mother often drives to work.
 My mother often goes …………………………….…
16. What is the width of this road?
 How ……………………………………………… … ?
17. The Mekong River is longer than the Red River.
 The Red River ………………………………………….
18. How many oranges do you want?
 How many oranges would…………………………… ?
19. There are twelve packets of tea in this box.
 This box has …………………………………………….
20. How much does a bowl of noodles?
 How much is ……………………………………… ….?
21. My school has over 400 students.
 There

22. His teeth are small and white.
 He has
23. Jane goes to school on foot.
24. Mr And Mrs Kien have a duaghter Lan.
. Mr and Mrs Kien are
25. He gets up at six - thirty.
 He
26. I brush my teeth after breakfast, lunch and dinner.
27. What does he do?
 job?
28. Why don't we go to Huong Pagoda?
 What about ?
29. What is your age?
 How ?
30. Carol doesn't live far from her office.
 He lives
VI. Writing:
* Exercise 1: Reorder the words to make meaningful sentences:
1. front / house / the bookstore / of / my / is / in.
2. to / the / don’t / play / they / in / morning / tennis / want.
3. bookstore / how often / you / the / go to / do?
4. goes / usually / to / my brother / by / school / bike.
5. to work / she / how / travel / does / morning / every?

6. is / travel to / sister / going to / my / Da Lat / next summer.
7. fall / the / what / weather / is / the / in / like?
8. practice / you / every day / should / speaking / English.
9. have to / because / is / I / home / raining / stay / it / at.

10.your / must / before / you / homework / school / do / going to.
* Exercise 2: Make questions for the underlined parts:
1. He often does his homework in the evening.
2. She is practicing the piano
3. I usually play soccer after school
4. We are going to stay there for a week.
5. Minh goes swimming three times a week.
6. I waited for my friends yesterday.
7. The children are in the library.
8. He had math on Monday and Thursday.
She buys some milk at the store
9. It is 2kilometers from my house to the market.
1. Mr Minh teaches us English at school.
2. Her hair is brown.
3. There are four seasons in my country.
4. She buys two bars of soap.

5. My father drinks coffee in the morning.
6. My father goes to work six days a week.
7. Hoa's school is on Le Loi street.
8.Yes, she walks to school every day.
9. My father usualy takes a shower in the morning.
10. They are listening to music at the moment.

* Exercise 3: Rewrite the sentence uncharged its meanings:
1. My clothes are smaller than Lan’s.
-> Lan’s ……………………………………
2. Are there forty students in Minh’s class.
-> Does ………………………………?
3. He usually drives to work.
-> My father usually goes …………………………
4. What about playing soccer?
-> Let’s ………………………………………………
5. What is the price of that pen ?
-> How ………………………………………….
6. She likes noodles.
Her favorite
7.The Amazon River is longer than the Mekong River.
The Mekong
8. I'm Lan.

9. Miss White is younger than Mrs Young.
Mrs Young
10. Your bicycle is newer than my bicycle.
My bicycle
11. It's often hot in the summer.
It's never
12. The building is tall.
13. She isn't strong.
14. That box is small.
That is
15. Don't waste paper.
You shouldn't
16. What is your favorite food?
What food
17. They would like some vegetables.
18. She is shorter than I.
I am
19. He is strong.
He isn't
20. Her hair isn't long.
Her hair is
21.The book is old.
22. Her lips are full.

Her lips aren't
23. The flowers are beautiful.

24. Where do you live?
25. Where does she live?
26. The cat is in front of the television.
The television
27. My school is near my house.
My house.isn't
28. The table is on the left of the bed.
The bed
29. There are four people in my family.
My family
30. There is a computer in my room.
I have
31. There are two pencils in her schoolbag.
32. He rides his bike to school.
He goes
33. They travel to work by car.
They drive
34. My class has thirty students.
There are
35. Is there a board and many desk and benches in your classroom?
36. There are beans and peas in the market.
The market
37. The menu doesn't have fish and rice.
38. The supermarket has soup, toothpaste, chocolate, tea and apples.

39. There isn't rice in the foodstall.
The foodstore
40. Hanoi has the Literature Temple.
The Literature
41. Our country has lots of mountains and rivers.
42. There is a lot of rain in Vietnam.
43. What is the rice of these apples?
44. What time is it ?
What is