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Key, scripts Big step Toeic 3 - Actual Test 3

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Actual Test 3 Script & Answer Key
¡ j p g (A) g (D)
a c o 10. (b )
(A) The' man is looking down.
(8) The man is calling from a pay phone.
(C) The man is putting on a tie.
(D) The man is smiling at another person.
(A) She is peering through the microscope.
(B) She is wearing the eyewear.
(C) She is taking o ff her gloves.
(D) She is labeling a sample.
(A) They are sitting next to each other.
(B) The documents are spread over the table.
(C) They are looking out the window.
(D) The floor is partially shaded.
(A) They are greeting each other.
(B) They are leaving the office.
(C) Both men are rolling up their sleeves.
(D) They are both holding something.
(A) People are standing near the street.
(B) The road has recently been paved.
(C) People are walking across the street.
(D) Cars are parked along the curb.
(A) The ship is docked at the harbor.
(B) The cargo is being loaded onto the ship.
(C) The ship is taking goods overseas.
(D) The water is very calm.
(A) The woman is examining the menu.

(B) The man is serving food.
(C) They are holding forks.
(D) They are finishing the ir meals.
8 .
(A) He is laying pipes on the ground.
(B) He is working with a hand tool.
(C) He is checking his hard hat.
(D) He is cutting the pipe into pieces.
9 .
(A) They are watering plants.
(B) The ground is covered with fallen leaves.
(C) Some of them are wearing shorts.
(D) The trees have thick leaves.
(A) The tire has been replaced.
(B) The car is damaged.
(C) The car is being towed away.
(D) The car has been raised for repair.
Part 2
■ Ü
11 (B ) 12. (B ) 13, (C ) 14,; (A ) 15. (C> 16 (A ) 17 (A ) 18. ® )
1 ; (B ) 2 0, (C ) 21. (C ) 22. H 2a (B ) 24. (C ) 25. (A ) 26. (B )
27, (B) 28 . (A ) 29. (C ) 3 0 . <C) 31. (B ) 3 2 (A ) 33. (B ) 3 4. {A }
35. (A ) 3 6 . (B ) 37. (C ) 38. © ) 3 9. (A ) 4 0 . (B)
11. How was the conference?
(A) Not at all, it’s a pleasure.
(B) Very interesting. You should’ve come.
(C) I can hear you, go ahead.
12. When will you be making the presentation?

(A) In the conference hall, upstairs.
(B) As soon as the clients are seated.
(C) Around two weeks, apparently.
13. Who is going to the party tonight?
(A) At ten o’clock, I was told.
(B) It’s at the new restaurant.
(C) Well, we ail are.
14. Is there a post office nearby?
(A) Yes, in the next building.
(B) No, not for another month.
(C) Sure, I’ll wait at the office.
15. Can I have a look at the sales report?
(A) Yes, at the sale last week.
(B) I’ll look in the directory.
(C) Of course. Here it is.
16. Do you think the cafeteria will be open so early?
(A) Maybe not. Let’s try the coffee shop downstairs.
(B) I think we’re just in time.
(C) Until 9 p.m. on weekdays, I believe.
17. What did you think of the show?
(A) Quite wonderful, I must say.
(B) I showed it to you last week.
(C) Not for a while, I suppose.
18. Where can I get a good pair of gloves?
(A) I’ll search for them.
(B) At the store down the street.
(C) The white ones, please.
19. Should I inform the manager about the new order?
(A) Not much, I agree.
(B) Yes, as soon as possible.

(C) This way, if you don’t mind.
20. Do you mind helping me with this form?
(A) By about noon, I’d say.
(B) I just had some, thank you.
(C) Not at all, I’d be glad to.
21. Didn’t you visit the museum while you stayed in Sydney?
(A) Take a bus from that comer.
(B) Yes, he’s a good guide.
(C) No, I didn’t have any chance.
22. Which is the best way to get to the new shopping mall?
Hamilton Road or the highway?
(A) Yes, the prices are quite reasonable.
(B) The traffic is terrible there.
(C) They’re both about the same.
23. How much is a ticket to Montreal?
(A) Ten miles from the airport.
(B) A hundred dollars one way.
(C) You can pay by card.
24. Isn’t the Public Library open in the evening?
(A) It’s a public performance.
(B) No, another day perhaps.
(C) Yes, until 8 p.m.
25. Who is responsible for the Lougheed account?
(A) Mr. Bams is taking care of it.
(B) A savings account, please.
(C) Yes, he is in charge.
26. Will our supplies get delivered on time?
(A) A short while ago.
(B) Let’s hope so.

(C) At the warehouse.
27. We’re going to be very late for the meeting.
(A) They just left, I think.
(B) Perhaps we should inform the clients.
(C) I know where to get faster delivery.
28. Do you know our office address or should I tell you again?
(A) I have it here.
(B) Actually, the office is very spacious.
(C) Sorry, I haven’t told him yet.
29. What’s the easiest way to get to the bank?
(A) Exactly, there’s no other way out.
(B) Yes, I’ll get them right away.
(C) Through the park at the end of the street.
30. Haven’t you told Matthew about the change?
(A) He spoke about it.
(B) Yes, I’ll tell everyone.
(C) Don’t worry, I already told him yesterday.
31. We are close to the art gallery, aren’t we?
(A) It is closed now.
(B) No, it’s two blocks away.
(C) Take Bus #201.
32. Could you turn down the music please?
(A) Sorry, I’ll do that right away.
(B) Turn right, and go straight down.
(C) You can borrow it, anytime.
33. Which sounds better, a concert or a movie?
(A) That sounds like a great idea.
(B) I haven’t seen a film for a while. Let’s do that.
(C) It’s not certain whether he is coming.
34. Mr. Pacillo called to ask about the status of the delivery.

(A) It went out 10 minutes ago.
(B) Due to the wrong address.
(C) He called off the meeting for tomorrow.
35. Why did you put in the request for a transfer to London?
(A) So I can live with my daughter.
(B) You can transfer to Gray Line at the next stop.
(C) Because I couldn’t answer the question.
36. Aren’t the sales figures high enough for this quarter?
(A) Yes, he’s the sales department head.
(B) No, the numbers are less than what they should be.
(C) In the salesroom.
37. The boss asked us to attend the all-staff meeting tomorrow,
(A) Yes, the meeting needs to be rescheduled.
(B) Actually, we are understaffed.
(C) Yes, but I won’t be able to make it because of the trip to
38. Why don’t I confirm the meeting with Mr. Mackay?
(A) I have to give a presentation today.
(B) Thanks, that would be helpful.
(C) After lunch time, please.
39. Would you prefer to pay your bill in installments or a yearly
(A) I’ll pay it all right away.
(B) You should install the program first.
(C) The bill is overdue.
40. I have to take the training course next week.
(A) It leaves at 10 at the platform A.
(B) So do I.
(C) No, it will be held at the Marriot Hotel.

41, (C ) 42 (C) 43. (A) 44 (B) 45. (D) 46 (C) 47. (D) 48. (B)
4 9. (A) 50. (B) 5 1 (C) 52. (C ) 53. (A) 54. (D) 55: (A) 56. (A) |
57. KJ 5 a ® 59. (A) 60 (B) 61 (D) 62. (A) 63 (C) 64. (D)
65. (D) 6 6/ (A) 67. (B) 68. (B) 69. (C) 70. (D)
| W: Hi, there. Is this where Mr. Martin’s speech on Chinese
business culture is taking place?
M: Yes, but I’m afraid they’ve already started.
W: Oh, I see. I guess I had a slow start today. What’s
happening next door?
M: Ms. Pillai will be talking about environmentally friendly
initiatives in the workplace, and then there will be a
short question and answer session. They should be
done in time for lunch. There are still a few seats left if
you’d like to go in.
V: Hello, may I speak to Mr. Blake in Shipping, please?
A: I’m afraid Mr. Bfake is on a business trip until the first.
V: Well, it’s very urgent that I speak with him. It’s about the
order that was supposed to arrive on Thursday. Is there
anything you can do?
I: I’ll put you through to Mr. Blake’s assistant manager,
Ms. Medline. She is handling ail of his clients until he
returns. If it’s an emergency, she can contact him
directly on his cell phone. Please hold just a moment.
M; Hi, Phyllis. It’s great to see you! Where should I put my
W: Welcome, Joel. You can just throw it on the bed in the

guest bedroom with all the rest. W hat’s in the bag?
M: Oh, I brought some blocks and puzzles for the kids.
They were my son’s favorites when he was little.
W: You didn’t have to do that. But I’m sure that they’ll love
them. They’re always so bored when I have co-workers
over. Thank you.
W: I’m here to apply for a credit card. I expect to travel a Id
this year and a card will be useful.
M: Certainly. Please fill in this application. We need a few
details for our records.
W: I already have an account with you. I’m sure you can
verify all the details straight away.
M: I’ll do that. We should be able to send you the card
within the next 5 working days.
W; You’ll never believe what happened to me today. I got
my phone bill for this month, and it’s over $100! The
worst part is, I didn’t make all of the calls. There’s a
bunch of extra long distance calls.
M: That’s unusual. Did you remember to pay your last bill?
W: Yes, I always pay on time. And the only time I make long
distance calls is to speak to my sister in America. I’m on
the Internet a lot, but that’s a flat rate every month.
M: You should call the service provider today and see if
they can sort out the problem. They can probably
remove those charges from your bill.
W: Paul, did you place that order for Mr. Tremblay? We
want to get his office set up as soon as possible.
M: Yes. I managed to find all of the desk equipment with

our usual supplier, but for some of the special pens and
the calendar he wanted, I had to call the other place.
W: I’m afraid it’s going to be too expensive to do two small
orders. The company that has the pens and the
calendar should have all of the desk equipment, too.
See if you can cancel the first order, and buy everything
from one place. If the order is big enough, they should
give us free shipping.
M: Okay, I’ll call them as soon as possible and sort that out.
They usually don’t ship them right away anyway.
W: Have you decided what you’re doing for your summer
vacation, Mark?
M: Well, Liz and I would like to go to Italy together, but the
prices that our travel agent has given us are way out of
our budget. It’s probably because it’s the busy season.
W: W ell have you thought about trying one o f those last-
m inute deals? If you don’t care abo ut flying first-class,
sometim es flig hts are cheaper when you book late. You
m ight w ant to try a search on the Internet. There are
also discounts with some com panies if you order online.
M: Thanks, I’ll g ive th a t a try. I hope it works out. I don ’t
w ant to be stuck a t home!
W : So th a t would put us in at about one, I guess. Opal. I
just got in from N ew York on th e 8 a m . flig h t I’m go n e
to be giving lectures on international developm ent a t
Oxford fo r a year.
M: I think you’ll enjoy yourself there. I g rad uated from
Oxford myself years ago. I’m on my w ay back for a

business meeting.
[6 2 -6 4 ]
W: Brian, can I ta lk to you? I need you to get that d ata to
me by 11 o ’clock tomorrow.
M: I thought you didn’t need it until five. I have a
conference call at 9:30 that I can’t cancel.
W: Well, my dinner m eeting with the clients was
rescheduled to a lunch meeting a t noon, and I need tim e
to review everything before I go. I’ve asked Jason to
give you a hand.
M: OK, I’ll try to keep my call short, and I might stay a bit
late tonight.
W: ABC Computers, this is Lara. How may I help you
M: Hi, Lara, my name is David Jones, and I’m wondering if
you could tell me the name of the m anager in charge of
the human resources department in your L.A. office. I
sent them my resume recently, and I’d just like to see if
they received it.
W: Our personnel manager there is Ms. Lori Garcia, but I
should warn you that she prefers not to take calls about
job postings. She will contact you if she wishes to
schedule an interview. However, if you are concerned
that your application has been lost, I can give you the
number of her receptionist.
M: Oh, thank you. I wasn’t aware that phone calls were
discouraged. If the receptionist wouldn’t mind speaking
to me, that would be great. Could I have that number?
71. (D ) 72. (B ) 7 3. (C ) 7 4 . (D ) 75. (C ) 76, (A ) f g j g g g (B )

79. (B ) 8 0 . (A ) 81. (A ) 8 2 (J 8 6 . (D )
8 7. <C) 8 8 . (B ) 8 9 , (A ) 9 0 . (B ) 9 t . (B ) 9 2 (A ) 9 3 . (D ) 9 4 . (A )
9 5 . <B) 9 6 . (D ) 9 7 . (C ) 9 8 . (B ) 99,(A) KXXB )
W: Excuse me. Do you know how many stops we have until
we reach Oxford?
M: Just three more stops. We left London at 10:00 so it will
take about 45 minutes before we pull into the train
station. Just enough time to have a bite of lunch.
[7 1 - 7 3 ]
Vinay, this is Nisha I have your reimbursem ent form and
receipts fo r the business dinner you paid for last w eek. The
amount on your form is $175.55, but the receipts' to tal is
$157.25. Have you w ritten the wrong am ount on the form?
Or have you forgotten to include one o f your receipts?
Please call and let me know, so th at the accounts can
process your request for reimbursement. I’m available on
Extension 09 till 5 p.m . Thanks.
We at The Charter Bar are sad to announce that w e will be
closing our doors for two weeks in order to do some
renovations to our air conditioning unit. We hope to have
the unit in proper working order when we reopen on June
21. As a result, w e are also informing our patrons that we
will be canceling an upcoming concert on June 15 with the
Texas Trio. There is no possibility o f the band rescheduling
the show so refunds will be available at The Charter Bar or
| a t points of purchase. However, we are pleased to
| announce that the June 16 concert featuring, The Brazil
Boffo Band will go ahead as scheduled but will now take

place at the Cariingview Castle. The Cariingview Castle is
located just two blocks north o f The Charter Bar across the
street from Unger’s Video Shop. If you have any questions,
please phone us a t 932-1532. We thank you and look
forward to seeing you on June 21.
Hello, friends! I’m Tex Fritzwater and I’m the owner of
Fritzwater Limousine Rentals. My wife Wendy and I would
like to thank all of you for using our fabulous limousines
over the last 20 years, and we look forward to serving you
for the next 20 years. We would like to tell you of a special
offer Fritzwater Limousine Rentals is offering for a limited
time. With high school graduations on the horizon, we
know you will want your teenagers going to their high
school prom in style in one of our limousines. We can offer
an eight-hour limousine rental for the low price of $300,
beginning at 6 p.m. and concluding at 2 a.m. We can also
provide the same service for six hours for $250. If you take
advantage of this special sale, we will also offer a free
return trip to Lewis Mallard Airport the next time you need
to fly somewhere. Just call Fritzwater Limousine Rentals
two weeks in advance, and we will pick you up and take
you back totally free. So call Fritzwater Limousine Rentals
now to take advantage of this fantastic offer. Call our sales
agent Sherman Falong or me personally today. Our number
is 842-3685.
Dogs have often been referred to as a man’s best friend.
But medical studies are now proving that dogs often
improve and extend the quality of people’s lives. A recent

study conducted by the Association For Human And
Animal Relations says that people who own at least one
dog have an 80% chance of living beyond 75 years of age.
Those who do not own a dog were found to have only a
63% chance of living beyond 75 years of age. Dog owners !
also have a lower stress or anxiety level than non-dog
owners. Dog owners are also considered more outgoing
and more physically active than those who do not own a
dog. The results come from a study involving 2,000 men
over the age of 55. The study will appear in next month’s
issue of Dog Discoveries Magazine.
Hello, my name is Jennifer White, and I will be your tour
guide here at this 13th-century fort. If you have any
questions or comments, please feel free to ask me and I
will be more than happy to answer. We are now at the
famous gateway leading to the fort. This leads to the grand
pavilion at the top that served as a royal court. Clap your
hands under the dome here and people can hear you more
| than a mile away! The pipes there on the hillside were part
| of an efficient water supply system that carried water from
I the lake below to the fort’s residents. We’ll now see a
| special show that relates some of the major events that
| occurred here.
Hello, my name is Mike Schlichter and I will be your MC for
the evening. Our first guest speaker this evening was bom
and raised here in Cannington Village. He was bom here in
1967 and opened his first store in 1988 on Leatheriee

Boulevard. Since then, his Omnicraft, Incorporated, has
grown continuously and now has stores in five countries:
Canada, Korea, Japan, Argentina, and France. He became
a millionaire in 1995 and has become a best-selling author
and motivational speaker. He is also the proud co-owner of
the Cannington Canes of the Western Baseball League. Yet
with all of these accolades and achievements, he is still
proud to call Cannington Valley home. Ladies and
gentlemen, would you please welcome Mr. Robert
Hello. My name is Ariel Johnson, and I’m the information
technology specialist here a t Overton Finance. I realize that
some o f you are not familiar with the new computer
program we have installed on your computers, so I will
demonstrate how easy and simple the Lifemail program is.
The director, Laine Montross, has used the program and is
very excited about how efficient it is. Our vice-president
Maureen Donaldson has said it is twice as better as our old
finance text program. I will show you first how to compose
and send e-mail, and then how to send attachments and
files. Finally, I will show you how to access the company’s
database from your own computer. Lifemail is famous for
being the only banking-related program in the world
immune to computer viruses. The seminar should only take
about two hours so let’s get started.
This is Vanessa Garbo with the traffic rep ort All of the cars
on the three major freeways are moving swiftly this
morning, as today is Thanksgiving holiday. On the western

side of the city, traffic on the Donner Freeway and the
Oppenheim Expressway is very light. On the eastern side of
the city, cars on the Beaumont Overpass are moving
without any problems. Downtown, there seems to be a
traffic jam on the comer of Bishop and Montgomery.
It appears there has been a minor traffic accident with no
serious injuries. Elsewhere near Servo Street and Dante
Avenue, a small pickup truck has flipped over and has
caused one eastbound lane to be closed. Finally, the small
group of 14 ducks we reported on earlier this morning has
crossed French Lane safely. Two cars stopped for two
minutes to allow the animals a safe crossing. For Chicago
This Morning, I’m traffic reporter Vanessa Garbo.

I . . . . . .

— .
Good morning. My name is Jocelyn Romwell, and I will be
presenting this lecture as part of the Steinway Historical
Society Lecture Series here at the Margo Yellowfoot
Theater. Today I will be talking about the role of technology
throughout history, particularly since 1950 until the present
day. I will begin my 75-minute lecture with a short slide

The Town of Skibble is proud to be on the leading edge of
improving the city’s beauty and quality of life for its
residents. We love to keep our town free of litter and our
streets as clean as possible. As a result, we have decided
to implement a new recycling policy. Starting on May 1, we
will begin delivering a blue plastic recycling box and an
orange plastic recycling box to homes for people to use.
The blue recycling box will hold various items that were
previously thrown in your regular garbage bag. The items
that should now be placed in the blue box are the
following: newspaper, paper, magazines, books, and
cardboard. The orange recycling box will be used for
heavier objects made of metal and glass. Items that should
now be placed in the orange box are the following: glass
bottles, pop cans, beer cans, beer bottles, tin foil, plastic
bags, and tin cans. Both boxes will be picked up every
Wednesday, the same day as your regular garbage is
picked up. We hope this recycling program will ensure
Skibble remains a beautiful, scenic town.
presentation that summarizes different technological
advances such as the telephone, fax machine, and of
course mobile phones. My lecture will also feature some
video clips taken from a brief interview I had with Hermann
Muntz, one of the best known technology experts in the
world. While this lecture deals with technology like mobile
phones, I would be very grateful if the audience could turn
off their mobile phones during the lecture. I hope that I will
not bore you with too many details. However, I think it is
important to provide a backdrop of the past in order to
explain current technologies.

101. (C) 102. (D) 103. (A ) 104. (C ) 105. (B ) 106. (D) 107. (C )
108. (D ) 109. (D ) 110. (D ) 111. (B ) 112. (D ) 113. (B ) 114. (B )
115. (D ) 116. (A ) 117.
(B) 11& (A ) 119. (C ) 120. (C ) 121. (C )
122. (D ) 123. (B) 124. (D ) 125. (D ) 126. (C ) 127. (B ) 128. (B )
129. (A ) 13 0. (D ) 131. (D ) 1 3 a (B ) 133. (C ) 134. (B ) 135. (D )
136. (C ) 137. (B ) 13 8. (C ) 139. (D ) 140. (C )
141. (C ) 142. (B ) 143. (O 144. (B ) 145. (C ) 146. (C ) 147. (D )
-1 4 8 (C) 149 (B ) 150. (B ) 151. ( 0 1 5 2 (D )>
153. (C ) 1 5 4 .(C ) 155. (D ) 156. (C ) 157. (B ) 158. (D ) 159. ¡ j
160. (A ) 161. (B ) 162. (C ) 163. (B ) 164 (B ) 165- (B ) 166. (C)
167 (A ) 168. (C ) 169. (C ) 170 (D ) 171. (D ) 172. (C ) 173. (C )
174. (C) 175 (B ) 176. (B ) 177 (0 ) 178. (A) 179. (B ) 180. (D )
181. (D ) 182. (C ) 183 (B ) 184. (A ) 185 (D ) 186. (D) 187. (B )
188. (B) 189. (A ) 190, <D) 191. (A ) 192. (B ) 193. (D) 194. (A )
195. (B) 196. (B) 197. (A ) 198. (A) 199. (B ) 2 0 0 . (A )