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English 10 12unit 10COMMUNICATION

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Unit 10
A famous lifelong learner

1. Listen and complete the

1. continuous self-motivation
2. traveling and work
3. writing words, glancing at them
4. reading in libraries

2. Discuss the lessons of lifelong learning
you can learn from President Ho Chi Minh.

CULTURE: Lifelong learning in Australia and Singapore
1. Answer the questions.

• 1. To increase individual income and
employment security; to help businesses and
organizations to be more competitive; to keep up
with global development.
• 2. To get a good job and meet their employers’

• 3. To build the future and strengthen social
• 4. It enables Singaporeans to actively take
responsibility for their learning throughout their
lives by attending various courses.

2. What do you think the Vietnamese government
should do to encourage lifelong learning?
• I think the government should carry out
programs to raise people’s awareness of lifelong
learning as a key to create happy citizens and
successful employees. Besides, there should be
more and more initiatives and policies to support
the employees who are following courses and
programs to meet the demands of employers.
Consequently, these citizens will contribute more
and more to the development of the country.

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