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English 10 unit 10 ecotourism lesson 8 looking back project

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Singapore – Lion

- Capital of the country : Singapore
- Acreage : 721,5 km^2

- Population : 5612300 ( in 2017 )
- Location : in Southeast Asia
 High urbanization country, travel disversity

Culinary culture and human
I. Culinary culture
1. Main origin from chinese
2. Plentiful, interesting, diversity
3. Singapores have many attractive
dishes such as :

• Chili crab : Singapore’s soul dish

 Hai Nam chicken rice

Culinary culture and human


1. Friendly, conscious, high discipline

 They are pictures of Singaporeans
with traditional cultures

 Singapore is one of the cleanest countries in the world with

garbage-free roads, green parks, green vegetations and many
tourist attractions ...

There are many famous tourist spots
such as :

1. Garden by the bay:
Oasis are covered with green trees

2. Trail southern ridges
- green space
- 10km long
- Go through many parks, see the whole city view

3. Singapore zoo and Night safari
• The most beautiful zoo in the world
• Animals are close to peole and they can preedom travel in an open
natural environment

T hey m a ke up a singa po re co un try :

• Clean and safe
• Great public transport system
• Shopping heaven
• Rich cuise and diverse culture
• Beautiful place to visit

Therefore, Singapore is a place worth living