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(1)WHO- WHEN- WHY Number 1 Who called me this morning? A.The accountant, Mr. Williams. B. Someone called you this morning. C. No, he didn't call you. Number 2. Who will give the opening speech at the dinner party tomorrow? A. I was invited to a dinner party. B.Our manager will do it. C. Get well-prepared for the opening speech!. Number 3. When did you join the company? A. Two years ago, on October 3rd. B. How time flies. C. It doesn't arrive by Monday. Number 4. Why didn't you all travel by train?.

(2) A. I have never traveled by train. B. We couldn't get the tickets. C. She left her bag at home. Number 5.Why hasn't Mike arived yet? A. He's arriving soon. B. Remember to arrive on time. C.He is stuck in heavy traffic. Number 6.When will you finish work this afternoon? A. A bit later than usual, at 6 o'clock. B. I often work 8 hours a day. C. I haven't finished it. Number 7. Why is Michael having a party? A. Yes, he is having a party next Sunday. B. To welcome his friends to his new house. C. He's preparing for the party..

(3) Number 8. Who did you hear the news from? A. One of my colleagues told me. B. I have just bought a new pair of shoes. C. She comes from London. Number 9. Who did Sam talk with this morning? A. I haven’t talked with her for a long time. B. She likes drinking coffee in the morning. C. Maybe her brother. Number 10. When will you have to meet with the board members? A. Tomorrow morning as on schedule. B. I feel very worried. C. Please bring along your member's card..

(4) Number 11 Who are you looking for? A.I would like to meet Mr. Smith. B. Look! It’s snowing. C. Yes, I’m looking for him. Number 12. When will this new model be released? A. At the annual conference. B.Since last month. C. At the end of this month. Number 13. Why was he dismissed? A. He was dismissed 2 days ago. B. He has been fired 2 times this year. C. He had an argument with his boss. Number 14. When should I take those pills? A. Take 2 tablets a day. B. Right after each meal..

(5) C. You are not a doctor. Number 15.Why was the meeting rescheduled? A. Our manager had an unexpected task. B. It was related to marketing campaign. C.Everything is on schedule. Number 16.Who is working the morning shift tomorrow? A. I don’t have to work at night. B. She worked the whole night. C. Alvin, instead of Mark. Number 17. Who is selected to join this important project? A. It is an important project. B. They haven’t decided yet. C. It costs a lot of money. Number 18. When will I receive the result of.

(6) the interview? A. You can get it in 2 weeks. B. Don’t feel too worried. C. The interview was conducted via telephone. Number 19. Why hasn’t the printer been fixed? A. It’s out of order. B. I don’t know how to use the printer. C. I couldn’t get through to the repairman. Number 20. When will the new security system be installed? A. By the end of this week. B. It’s a week overdue. C. It may take about 2 hours. Number 21 Why did you make this cake yourself? A.It’s a present for my mother for her.

(7) birthday today. B. I made this cake from my mother’s recipe. C. I tried to make it myself. Number 22. Who did the last person to leave the office yesterday? A. Mary is on her sick leave now. B.Jack worked until 10p.m last night. C. People are lining up in front of the box office. Number 23. When did you email our order to the printer? A. Yes, I emailed him. B. List your tasks in order of priority. C. Two days ago, but I haven’t received any reply. Number 24. Why don’t we try the Japanese.

(8) restaurant down the street tonight? A. We should go there tonight. B. Great! I’d love to. C. I couldn’t speak Japanese. Number 25.Who is going to take the minutes for our meeting next week? A. The secretary, Jenny, is responsible for it. B. Bring the minutes of the meeting to me. C.I will have an important appointment next week. Number 26.When can I meet you? A. I am available on Monday. B. Yes, I will meet you. C. I don’t know anything about it. Number 27. Why hasn’t Jim shown up at the meeting?.

(9) A. He is going back home to get the documents. B. He is showing off his new house. C. I haven’t seen him. Number 28. Who gave you a ride after work yesterday? A. Sure, I am going home. B. Yes, you are right. C. Mary, her house is near mine. Number 29. When will she come here? A. I don’t know who she is. B. She said she would arrive at 7 o’clock. C. She went to the cinema last night. Number 30. Why did Mark turn down the offer for a new job? A. They offered him a promotion..

(10) B. He turned out to be a very rich man. C. He was satisfied with his current job..


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