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Unit 13 Festivals

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(1)Unit 13: Festivals Lesson 2: Speak.


(3) II. Speak. A. Have Haveyou youtidied tidiedthe thebedrooms? bedrooms?. F.F.Yes, Yes,I have. I have.Where Whereare areyou yougoing, going, Mom? Mom?. C. To the market. haveour to buy some B. You/ Not really. But II want house to A. tidied/ bedrooms? oranges some pomegranates. look niceand at the festival. B. Market/ have to/ oranges/ D. will. C. Sure. To theI market. I have to buy some pomegranates. oranges and some C. Sure/ will pomegranates. B. Not really. But I want our house to D. Sure. I will.at the festival. look nice D. Not really/ But/ want E. That’s Bye-Bye, Bye, house/very lookgood. nice/ Byefestival Sweetie. E. That/ very good/ Bye.. H.1. collect mytonew Ao daiI’llat the G.Could Mom, I know what do now. Yes/you where/ going? tailorclean roundall the corner? the glass windows. 2. Could / collect / new Ao Dai tailor J.H. Thanks, Mom. Is there youat Could you collect my anything new Ao dai corner? want the me tailor to doround while you’re out? the corner? 3. Thanks / anything / want / me/ do/ G. Mom, I know while/ out? what to do now. I’ll clean allI.the glass windows. Bye, Mom. 4. Mom/ I/ what / do now / will / clean/ I. J. Bye, Mom. Thanks, Mom. Is there anything you glass windows want me to do while you’re out? 5. Bye.. 1. Ordering.

(4) Village festival. Spring festival. -Traditional clothes -Flowers -Drum - Beautiful clothes -Flags - Food and drinks - Songs - Games. Harvest festival. Flower festival. - a cooker, rice, water, pieces of wood…. -traditional costumes - pieces of bamboo to make fire. -Kinds of flowers - Beautiful clothes -Food and drinks - Colour lights.

(5) Homework - + Review the old lesson. + Retell the things you prepared for the festival. + Prepare the new lesson: Listen. ? What do you often do to prepare for Tet? ? What are the Robinson family making preparation for Tet?.


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