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(1)PART 2 – INDIRECT QUESTIONS - PRACTICE 2 Number 1. Do you have any idea how much that printer costs? A.It costs more than $300. B.I didn’t care about it. C.It’s an interesting idea. Number 2. Could you tell me why you want this position? A.I don’t know anything about it. B.I really want this position. C.I think it’s well-suited to my abilities. Number 3.Would you mind telling me why you left that company? A.I made up my mind. B.I couldn’t develop all my abilities there. C.I left the company at 5 p.m. Number 4. Can you tell me how long you kept that job?.

(2) A.For about 2 years. B.It’s a challenging job. C.She kept on talking. Number 5.Have you any idea where Joe is? A.Yes, I have an idea. B.He’s just gone out for lunch. C.He often wears black. Number 6.Do you know what the weather will be next week? A.The weather forecast is on at 8 p.m. every day. B.It was forecasted to be sunny. C.It's the dry season now in the North. Number 7.Is there any chance you could take me to the airport? A.Take your time. B.Let's give her a chance. C.Sure, wait just a minute..

(3) Number 8.Can you tell me who will succeed Mr. Smith? A.He is very successful. B.This job is so wonderful. C.The result will be announced on Monday. Number 9.Do you know why I can't access the Internet? A.The server may be down. B.You can ask me. C.I can access the Internet all the time. Number 10.Has she told you whether she has reached a decision yet? A.She said she was still thinking. B.The weather will be fine today. C.Yes, she makes good decisions..


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