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(1)1. W hat is the higher mountain in the world? a. What b. is c. higher 2. I wish my mother gives me presents more often. a. wish b. gives c. me 3. The teacher was pleasing with the result of your examination. a. The b. was c. pleasing 4. The little boy didn't know how lacing his shoes. a. The little boy b. didn't c. how 5. You are quite so thin that you can slip between the bars. a. are b. quite so c. can slip 6. To turnon the light, I was surprised at what I saw. a. To turn b. on c. was 7. I would ratherlive on a farm than to live in a city. a. would rather b. live c. on 8. The school library is free and open forallthe pupils and teaching staff. a. is b. and c. for 9. W hy don't you borrow books in the local lending library? a. Why b. don't c. borrow 10. He had to admit that there were something in what mother kept saying. a. admit b. were c. what 11. The students suggested buyingflowers forthe teachers in the Teachers' Day. a. The students b. buying c. for 12. No one have solved such a difficult problem. a. have b. solved c. such 13. During their meat, they discussed what to do at the weekend. a. During b. meat c. to do 14. If you write the essay careful, you willget good mark. a. If b. write c. careful 15. Ordinary Americans are friendly and not afraid to show its feelings. a. Ordinary b. are c. not 16. The girl who were injured in the accident is now in hospital. a. who b. were c. in 17. Thank you very much of the present that you sent me. a. very b. much c. of 18. There wasn't some directory in the telephone box fromwhich I was phoning. a. wasn't b. some c. the 19. The man who I was waiting fordidn't turn up. a. The man b. who c. was 20. Women wearmake-up to beautifulthemselves. a. wear b. make-up c. beautiful 21. Mai and Lan have a row because they have misunderstood one another. a. have b. because c. misunderstood 22. The workers are buildinga new bridge which is 150 meters in high. a. building b. a new bridge c. which 23. It's no use asking themkeep quiet. a. no use b. asking c. them 24. This text is too long for me to read it. a. is b. long c. to read 25. I can't get used to doingso difficult exercises. a. can't b. used c. doing 26. My father doesn't know speak English. a. My b. doesn't c. speak 27. She behaves as if she was a baby. a. behaves b. as if c. was 28. You wanted me to tellyou about what I was doinghere and how was my life. a. to tell b. about c. was doing 29. The course is good, but more hard than I thought.. d. in d. more often d. of d. lacing d. between d. at d. to live d. all d. in d. saying d. in d. difficult d. at d. will d. its d. is d. that d. from d. for d. themselves d. one another d. high d. keep d. it d. so d. English d. a d. was.

(2) a. is b. but c. more hard 30. Sleeping (A)all day, to eat(B) too much(C) and never(D) going out is unhealthy.. d. thought.


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