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(1)PHẦN TỰ LUẬN: SENTENCE BUILDING: 1. Keeping calm is the secret of passing your driving test.  As long as you (can) keep/stay calm, you will/should/ought to pass your driving test. 2. Immediately after his appointment to the post, the new editor fell ill. No sooner had he been/was he appointed to the post than the new editor fell ill. 3. The protest has been so vociferous that the committee has had to reconsider.  There has been such a vociferous protest that the committee has had to reconsider. 4. You think that fat people are always jolly but you are wrong.  Contrary to your belief/opinion, fat people are not always jolly. 5. My boss works better when he’s pressed for time.  The less time my boss has, the better he works. TOPIC: Write a letter to pen-pal to talk about your family rules. ……………, September 21st, 2014 Dear Jim, I am writing to talk about my family rules. It is an interesting topic, isn’t it? It may br obvious that every family has its own rules. Mine has a few, apart from the traditional ones, especially for this school year as I am in the final year. First, I am not allowed to watch much TV, except when there is a good or very interesting film or an academic game show, or when I have finished all my homework and exercises. And hardly do my parents let me stay up so late at night. Next, my parents rarely permit me to go out with friends without necessary reasons for example birthdays or funerals. Besides, I have to take the balanced diets to keep fit for my coming examinations. And one more thing I have to keep up is talking on the phone. That is why I have to set a limit to my using of the phone. Furthermore, I don’t have to do much housework though we share that all together. Do you think I have a lot of rules to abide? Or I have no rights or freedom to do what I want or like? Tell me about your family rules, will you? It is much fun to hear about then. Write to me as soon as you can. I look forward to hearing from you. Best wishes, Mai.


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