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How to live happy and healthy ways & means
To live happy and healthy, following tips are useful
1) Live in Present: Forget about old worries and problem which have been
creating problems over a period of time, forget that guilt you had from the past,
it’s done gone, and now grave it. Don’t Think too much about how you would be
in present, don’t put yourself in the shoes where you feel lack of confidence in
you. Future is uncertain and when you start thinking about it, you probably don’t
even know where you are heading. Take life as it comes to you.
2) Short-Term Goal: Have short term goals for all the activities you do, when you
achieve success and eventually you will, these carry on as long term goals.
3) Take fast but small steps: be it decision making, new plan, new avenue, take
small small steps but take them fast to maintain the rhythm.
4) Be in Nature: The nature has given us almost all the beautiful things, including
the life. Spend time with the nature, go hiking, picnics, sea shore, in the pleasant
5) Daily Workout: Spend at least 30 mins to an hour daily working out, consult a
trainer to know which exercise will best suit you and your body wants.
6) Have Faith: Have faith in something or other, be it god, a soul, a person, angels,
ideologies. This will help you over come problems to which you don’t have
7) Make Friends: Try to meet new people, mingle around with them. Make an
effort to meet and talk to people you have not met in past. This keeps you active
8) Body Care: take care of your body, wash it properly. At times go for a cooling
oil massage to relax those tired muscles.
9) Be Kind: Give to the poor. Give to the needy and you will get it back in a way
or other. Make people smile, Help out elders, help friends. If people around you
are happy, so will you be.
10) Love Life: Treat your life as the most beautiful gift, take all the things as they
come. Whatever happens in life was bound to happen, try and make things better.
Failures lead you to success as you learn not to make the same mistakes again.

That’s life.