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1. He is a famous (correspond)
2. She was really by the beauty of the city. (impress)
3. Hanoi people are very . (friend)
4. Their made me happy. (friend)
5. Many come to Ho Chi Minh’s Mausoleum every day. (visit)
6. We enjoyed the atmosphere in Hue. (peace)
7. Ho Chi Minh City is not from Kuala Lumpur. (difference)
8. The language in Malaysia is Bahasa Malaysia. (nation)
9. In Malaysia, is free. (educate)
10. What is the main language of at that school ? (instruct)
11. English is the language in Singapore. (office)
12. Like Vietnam, Malaysia has climate. (tropic)
13. The little girl is dancing (beauty)
14. English people get used to (drive)
15. They go to church every Sunday. They are very (religion)
16. It is first time for me to watch a fashion show. (interest)
17. Her performance was greeted with applause. (loud)
18. My sleeveless sweater is much more than I expect. (expense)
19. Lines of poetry on ao dai look modern and very . (fashion)
20. She has introduced her earliest fashion collection on the ao dai in Hue. (tradition)
21. Uniforms make students of their school. (pride)
22. Jeans and T-shirts are his clothes. (favour)
23. Red danger. (symbol)
24. Mai Maryam to Hanoi last year. (invitation)
25. Some designers have the ao dai by printing lines of poetry on it.(modern)
26. He is very rich, so he can live (depend)
27. The singer looks on the stage. (attract)
28. Team games help to the students’ solidarity. (strong)
29. We like going in his car as he is a driver. (care)
30. This stamp is valuable. (collect)

31. Getting to the village is a very journey. (interest)
32. We really had an day on the beach. (enjoy)
33. Since her , the room has been full of laughter. (arrive)
34. He is now studying in the USA as an student. (change)
35. We could see some strange on her face. (express)
36. This school has excelle (repute)
37. We often take part in many activities at school. (culture)
38. If you want to your English, we can help you. (improvement)
39. We have well teachers. (qualify)
40. Please phone this number for more (inform)
41. I want to for selling my house. (advertisement)
42. He is an of the Vietnam News. (edition)
43. This book is not (avail)
44. This shirt costs 79,000 VND. (approximate)
45. He answered these questions. (exact)
46. They enjoy talking to in English . (foreign)
47. He is having a time on the beach. (wonder)
48. Hung is a young teacher, but he is very . (experience)
49. You should write a letter of to that institute. (inquire)
50. That child must be when he open that door. (carelessly)
51. I’m writing in response to your which appeared in the magazine last week. (advertise)
52. Since the information revolution began, have become quicker and easier. (communicate)
53. Do you surf the internet for fun or ? (educate)
54. Computers are becoming popular. (increase)
55. Although that laptop is , I will buy it. (cost)
56. My brother would like to be a (journal)
57. Because Hoa lives in a remote area, the internet isn’t for her. (availability)
58. You got this bad mark because your written assignment had some (limit)
59. She tried to make a good on the interviewer. (impress)
60. If you put some pictures on the wall, the room will look (bright)

61. Despite the light rain, the baseball game was not (cancel)
62. Lan and Hung are still planning to get married despite their (disagree)
63. In spite of their quarrel, they are very friends. (well)
64. “Time” is from “Newsweek” in several ways. (differ)
65. We must learn about keeping the environment (pollute)
66. We’ll live a happier and life if we keep our environment clean. (health)
67. Environmental is everybody’s responsibility. (protect)
68. Don’t pump into seas and rivers or it will pollute them. (sew)
69. Use public transport or we won’t pollution. (minimum)
70. What is responsible for the problems in your city ? (environment)
71. They live in a small village. (happy)
72. You should spend your money and energy as as possible. (economy)
73. You can buy waste made from this factory. (produce)
74. This library is open to all . (read)
75. Air and water are in our life. (necessary)
76. My brother can repair electric very well. (apply)
77. These will conserve the earth’s . (innovate)
78. Since the world’s energy resources are limited, we must them. (conservation)
79. We suggest the light bulb. It is broken. (replacement)
80. To keep the air unpolluted, people ought to use energy to create electricity. (sun)
81. The campaign against air pollution was organized by a famous environment (act)
82. Bob was He gave a sum of money to charity. (generosity)
83. After graduation, my is to earn enough money to support my family. (prior)
84. That actor is an amusing one. TV audiences like his sense of (humorous)
85. She isn’t satisfied with her for Tet. (prepare)
86. We often go to the town house. (culture)
87. He often takes part in many charity (diference / act)
88. She has been as the president of our company. (nomination)
89. That is a good for your future. (choose)
90. There are many throughout the year. (celebrate)

91. waves are one of the great forces of nature. They can be very dangerous to people. (tide)
92. food is very convenient for campers. (can)
93. Today can predict when a tidal wave will hit land. (science)
94. If we want to look after the environment, we should protect rainforests. (tropic)
95. That tsunami was the most of the year 2004. (disaster)
96. We had left the city before tidal waves came. (safety)
97. Thousands of people have been made by the flooding. (home)
98. Thunder makes me . (terrify)
99. HCMC can thunderstorms someday. (expectation)
100. The of the volcanoes is always disastrous. (erupt)
101. Everyone has a number of , but no one has many true friends. (acquaint)
102. Do you understand the saying “ is better than cure” ? (prevent)
103. Stories about UFOs are always (mystery)
104. They are watching programmes on TV. (entertain)
105. In 1978, a pilot’s shocked the world. (appear)
106. He made a number of in his career as a doctor. (succeed)
107. They are trying to look for another . (explain)
108. UFOs are just the of some writers. (imagine)
109. UFOs means Flying Objects. (identify)
110. That plan can’t be developed without the of the republic. (cooperate)
111. You must _________ money and labor by recycling everything used. (economy)
112. The Internet has helped students study more _________. (depend)
113. I am afraid that he is not a very good ____________ ( correspond )
114. My grandparents can read ________________ enough without glasses. ( good )
115. When it comes to job interviews, first _________ are important. ( impress )
116. Buddhism is the Malaysian’s __________ religion. ( official )
117. His parents are pleased that he is working _____________ in this semester.( hard )
118. The flight arrived at the airport an hour _________because of the bad weather.
( late )
119. Each of my friends had come to the party _________. (separate)

120. I have made a _________ all week. (sell)
121. He was a __________ gifted teacher. (unique)
122. My teacher of Literature explained the different ________ structures. (poem)
123. He shouted and looked ____________ at me when I broke the vase. ( angry
124. Don’t talk so _______________ You may wake the children up. ( loud ).
125. She’d like you to finish it as _______________ as possible. ( quick )
126. They will first sing ________________ and then together as a group. ( individual )
127. The story about UFOs caught the _______________of the whole class. ( imagine)
128. Tet is a _______________festival in Vietnam. (joy)
129. _______________, the boy is saved in time. (lucky)
130. He often takes part in many different charity_______________. (act)
131. These children are ______________ about the coming trip and they hope the trip
will be very _________________. (excite)
132. All of us like Mr. Nam although he is a strict____________(examine)
133. Many of the __________in the exam expect to pass this course .( exam )
134. The restaurant has the _____ for serving some of the finest food. ( repute )
135. The environment is getting worse and worse because of modern industry and the
___________for more and more energy.( necessity )
136. You need to be ______________enough to do the job. ( qualify)
137. Protecting and conserving the environment is the ________ of the whole
humankind .( responsible
138. Parents are always ___________________for their children. (responsibly )
139. After "the clear up day" in the park the students took the rubbish to the local
______________ centre. ( recycle)
140. _________________ is one of the most serious and crucial world's problems of
our day .( Pollute )
141. The young woman didn't know where to look for __________________ .( protect)
142. Some of the first _____________ organizations in the world started in Britain.
( environment )
143. It was a very ______________ journey.( danger )

144. When the young people first came to Ireland, they weren't ___________ to cold
weather.( use )
145. Smoking is strictly ____________________ in the office.( prohibit )
146. Using too much pesticide has caused ____________environment.( pollute )
147. The authority must have urgent solutions to minimize _________ ( pollute )
148. There was a ________of electricity and water in the villages after the disaster.
149. The crowd shouted _______when Zidane scored the first goal for the French team.
(excitement )
150. The dictionary's seventh __________ is sold all over the world. (edit )
151. They are trying their best for the __________ ( examine )
152. He is reputed to be the best doctor in the area. ( reputation )
153. The secretary wrote a letter of ___________to ABC company yesterday.( inquire )
154. She received an award from a famous university for her ( achieve)
155. People who are well-______________ have chances to get a good job.( qualify )
156. It is easy for him to find a good job with such a good _____________( qualify ).
157. We should encourage children to have an _______________ mind .( inquire )
158. An ______________is a person who tests someone in an examination . (examine )
159. It was really an ___________________ day. (enjoy)
160. We often take part in many ________ activities at school.(culture)
161. Da Lat is one of the __________ areas of Vietnam.(mountain)
162. I am an __________ reader. (interest)
163. Tom is a ___________ boy. He can persuade many people around him(persuade)
164. The ___________ students often play basketball. (energy)
165. Nam is very __________. He plays volleyball for his school team. (sport)
166. I watch the news every day because it’s very ___________________. (inform)
167. We must learn about keeping the environment __________________. (pollute)
168. Environmental ___________________ is everybody’s responsibility. (protect)
169. ___________ are concerned about the use of dynamite to catch fish. (environment)
170. Do you understand the saying” _______________is better than cure.”? (Prevent)

171. My brother is a stamp _________________. (collect)
172. Nobody can ______ the benefits of the Internet in our everyday activities. (denial)
173. He is sure that ___________ pollution in this area can be controlled.(environment)
174. We are ________________ that you threw the rubbish on the street. (disappoint)
175. Some foreign films seem very __________________ to me. (violence)
176. Mr. Ba is talking to some ____________________. (conserve)
177. I enjoy the constant ______________ with students from other classes .(interact)
178. Have you had any _________________ to the advertisement yet ? (respond)
179. Don’t eat that apple ! It’s _________________ . (eat)
180. We had an with the waiter about the bill. (argue)
181. To our great ,it rained every day of the trip. (disappoint)
182. The students of our school have shown a considerable ________in recent weeks.
183. Hospitals are increasingly depending on charity for modern .(equip)
184. Our English teacher is always ready to offer advice and __________.
185. The teachers had an informal about the plans for next year. (discuss)
186. Each of us should take to protect our environment.(act)
187. They greeted their visitor with formal .(polite)
188. I’ll never forget your to me.(kind)
189. Because of her , she left the door unlocked last night. (careless)
190. She listens to classical music for (relax)
191. on your new job! (congratulate)
192. Her new car has not satisfied her .(expect)
193. For further , write to us at this address.(inform)
194. His trip to Singapore made a strong on him.(impress)
195. We find advertising on TV very .(effect)
196. She is a young woman.(energy)
197. She is always polite and towards her neighbors.(consider)
198. He never takes part in outdoor .(act)

199. People are interested in the_______________ of wood to prevent floods.
200. In Malaysia, ________________ is free. (educate)
201. Children need lots of _________________from their parents.(courage)
202. Read these _________________carefully before taking this medicine. (instruct)
203. Thanks to the Internet, you can access to the world’s _______________. (develop)
204. For some people UFOs exist in films for ________________. (entertain)
205. On ________________ Day, people have parades and meetings. (depend)
206. The bad salary causes ___________________ among all workers. (satisfy)
207. They are trying to look for another _______________. (explain)
208. The __________ of the new computer system at our office won’t be finished until
sometime next week. (install)
209. Mary is leaving the company next month, so we need to find a _________.
210. The ______________ from my family and friends made me very unhappy.
211. The next stage in the _______________ of television is interactive TV. (develop)
212. There are a lot of technological ____________ designed to save energy. (innovate)
213. Everybody was worried about the child’s __________________. (appear)
214. There are many .throughout the year ( celebrate)
215. I asked her to know some ( inform)
216. He gave no for his absence.( explain)
217. His makes his parents feel sad.( lazy)
218. is the most important thing in life and you simply don’t know
how to yourself.( enjoy)
219. You will need to the broken part and unfortunately cost
$340. ( replace)
220. I don’t know if I will be to the job but I have an to see
the manager this morning ( appoint)
221. He is such a person. Such can not be excused

( forget)
222. If you want to work for such an organization, you are expected to maintain a high
standard of in your appearance.( tidy)
223. I to review all lessons. The wasn’t easy. ( decide)

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