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Tµi liÖuBDHSG tham kh¶o


Phần thứ nhất:
1: Pick out the word with the position of stressed syllable different from that of the others.
1. a. accuse b. admire c. enter d. deny
2. a. disease b. design c. moustache d. aspect
3. a.ceremony b. technology c. community d. autography
4. a.piano b. policeman c. museum d. souvenir
5. a. element b. eleven c. elephant d. evedence
II: Pick out the word with the underlined part pronounced differently from that of the
1. A. town B. how C. grow D. cow
2. A. exciting B. bridge C. combine D. die
3. A. washed B. worked C. watched D. naked
4. A.card B. dark C. adventure D. harvest
5. A. notice B. shoping C. topic D. crossing
6. A. concerned B. received C. attached D. concealed
7. A. teacher B. clear C. reason D. mean
8. A. check B. cheese C. chemistry D. cherry
9. A. smells B. cuts C. opens D. plays
10. A. name B. flame C. man D. fame
11. A. wants B. says C. looks D. laughs
12. A. blood B. food C. moon D. pool
13. A. both B. myth C. with D. sixth
14. A. concerned B. received C. attached D. concealed
15. A. teacher B. clear C. reason D. mean

16. A. smells B. cuts C. opens D. plays
17. A. name B. flame C. man D. fame
18. A. chair B. cheap C. chorus D. chilld
19. A. took B. book C. shoe D. would
20. A. beds B. doors C. students D. plays
III. Verb form
A. Supply the correct tense of the verbs in brackets.
1. Look at those black clouds. It (rain)
2. We (not see) her since we (be) on holiday in Ha Long bay.
3. Phuong (not finish) her homework yet.
4. Would you like some coffee? I just (make) some.
5. Noone ( use) this car for several years.
6. Last night when we (visit) him, he (do) an experiment on the upstairs.
7. The sewing machine which you (use) at present (invent) in 1830 by a
8. I (not see) your uncle recently. - No .He (not go) out since he (buy) a
new color television.
9. Do you know what the pudding (make) from? - I'm not sure. My
mother often (cook) it at chistmas, but I never (ask) her about it.
10. My uncle just (open) a new internet house on Trang Thi street
11. Her grandfather (die) 20 years ago. She (never meet) him.
Tµi liÖuBDHSG tham kh¶o


12. Linh's brother (lose) his job last month and since then he (be) out
of work.
13. You (see) Mrs Chi lately?- yes. I (see) her at the school gate three

days ago.
14. The door won't open unless you (push) it hard.
15. As soon as I (have) enough money, I'll buy a new car.
16. I (not use) the car this evening, so you can have it.
17. I (walk) along the street when I suddenly (feel) something hit me
in the back. I (not know) what it was.
18. It (be) cold when we (leave) the house that day, and a light snow
19. I (not see) Daisy for ages. When I last (see) him, he (try) to find a
job in London.
20. I (walk) along the street when suddenly I (hear) footsteps behind
me. Somebody ( follow) me. I was frightened and I (start) to run.
21. When I was young , I ( want) to be a bus diver.
22. I wish I (not be) here now.
23. They (practice) their music lesson at 7 o'clock last night.
24. Thu (look) after her little brother next Sunday.
25. This book (just publish) by Kim Dong publisher.
26. The kids (sleep) when the bell rang.
27. Kim (tell) us some fairy tales tonight.
28. Who you (talk) to on the phone now, Minh?
29. Where your new friend (live) , Nga? - She (live) on Hang Bac
30. You(be) free next Sunday morning, Tan? - No,I and my brother
(visit) our grandparents.
31. Trang (not be) in her room at the moment. She (cook) in the
32. Lien (not go) to the movie theater tomorrow. She (stay) at home
and watch TV.
33. Take these pills and you ( feel) better then, Ba!
34. Minh (not visit) the museum with his class last Sunday because

he (catch) a cold.
35. The Pikes (move)to London since 2002.
36. The students ( Play) badminton at the moment.
37. Ba and Phong (know) each other quite well for years
38. The phone (ring) at midnight last night.
Tµi liÖuBDHSG tham kh¶o


39. The Brown (travel) to Asia many times.
40. What you (do) last weekend? - I (go) to the theater with my
41. John and I (be) pen pals for nearly three years.
42. We used (write) to each other every month when we (be) at
secondary school.
43. Minh (know) a little English, so she (wish) she (can) speak it
44. Maryam (stay) with us at the moment. She (be) my sister's friend.
45. My mother (wash) the dishes while we (clean) the floor.
46. Listen! The teacher (explain) the lesson.
47. Viet Nam (have) a lot of mountains and there (be) many tall and
big trees there.
48. Lan (borrow) some books from the library since Monday.
49. Uyen (take) a bus to school every day.
50. Farmers often (harvest) their crops in August.
51. They( leave) Hanoi for HCM City yesterday.
52. You look tired. You (work) hard?
53. The new TV station (not build) since last month

54. The Sun always (rise) in the East. Look! It (rise) now.
55. She (learn) English since she was ten.
56. If I (know), I would help you.
57. The play already (begin) by the time we arrived at the theatre.
58. Mr Pike (live) here for 25 years.
59. He (sleep) soundly when the rain started.
60. As soon as I (have) enough money, I'll buy a new car.
61. The door won't open unless you (push) it hard.
B. Supply the correct form of the verb in brackets.
1. By (work) day and night he succeeded in ( finish) the job in time.
2. The boys like (play) games but hate (do) lessons.
3. His doctor advised him (give up) (smoke)
4. I prefer ( order) to (order)
5. most of the earth's surface (cover) by water.
6. The first festival (hold) nearly eight hundred years ago.
7. There's someone behind us. I think we (follow)
8. This bike (use) for more than six years.
9. The Eiffel Tower is in Paris. It (visit) by million people every year.
10. Tet holiday in Vietnam (celebrate) around January and February
Tµi liÖuBDHSG tham kh¶o


11. He should know how (use) the lift, but if he doesn't you'd better
(show) him
12. He (allow) (open) a new restaurant on the main road by the city
13. please go on (write) ; I don’t mind (wait)

14. I advised her (ask) the conductor to tell her where (get off)
15. Her grandfather (die) 20 years ago. She (never meet) him.
16. All students objected to (do) that work.
17. You should practice (speak) English everyday.
18. I can't help (feel) anxious about her study.
19. If you keep (make) such a noise, she'll complain.
20. It's no use (attempt)(have) dinner in two minutes.
21. Do you mind (see) these photos again?
22. It took us ages to get used to (live) in flats.
23. I told my mother that I wanted to ( wake) up at 6.30
24. I don’t mind driving but I prefer to (drive) by other people.
25. Would you like (have) breakfast with eggs, children?
26. The astronaut's clothes (make) from special materials.
27. My brother is an architect. He loves (design) new buildings.
28. After (spend) two days (argue) about where to go for their
29. They decided (not go) to the cinema.
30. I was just about (leave) the office when the phone rang.
31. It would be not good (ask) Tom (do) that work.
32. I saw Paul (watch) television when came to see him.
33. I don’t mind (travel) by bus.
34. There is no point in (arrive) half an hour early.
35. It's no use (ask) children to work harder.
36. Let's go (fish) today. There's nice wind.
37. After (spend) a week in that place, he decided to come back
38. Bill couldn’t stand (see) anyone (sit) round all time.
39. He has admited (steal) his friend's car.
40. I see him (pass) my house everyday.
41. The grass needs (cut)

42. She saw him (change) the wheel
43. I found a tree (lie) across the road.
44. I wasted hours (look) for this book.
Tµi liÖuBDHSG tham kh¶o


45. Pardon me for (be) late. It is very kind of you ( wait) for me
46. I still remember (hear) her (sing) this song.
47. Try (finish) it . It is no use (complain)
48. I distinctly remember (pay) him. I gave him two dollars
49. If only he (know) then that the disease was curable
50. The teller was made (lie) down on the floor
51. You risk (lose) your money when you put it into that business
52. It is difficult to get used to (eat) with chopsticks
53. I prefer (drive) to (be driven)
54. Would you mind (lend) me $ 5. I forgot (cash) a cheque.
55. I’ll never forget (meet) her years ago.
56. She was made (pay) back the money.
57. He described the accident as if he (see) it himself
58. Had he learnt the poem, he (tell) her about it
59. Cant you see that I’m busy (write)?
60. Hardly I (arrive) when a quarrel broke out
61. How you (get) on at school ?
62. Hardly he (take) up the book when the phone (ring)
63. Coming into the room he (see) Mary where he (leave) her.
64. It’s time we (leave) for the airport
65. Is there any thing here worth (buy)?

66. Provided you leave now, you ( catch) the train.

67. As long as you (use) my car carefully, you can lend you some
IV. Correct grammar mistakes
1. Her mother explained to her how cookies to make
2. He didnt know what umbrella was his .
3. Mrs green is our teacher . He is very nice with us .
4. There are three thousands pupils in our school.
5. Everybody look happy on the first school day .
6. The pupils were busily with their work all day .
7. Mary is fond with reading novels
8. They will tell you about ourselves in two weeks
9. What a naughty boy! He always does things noisy
10. I am sorry I dont know What is his name
11. Most of they enjoy this activity
12. He watched that film since last week
13. He is tired . He stops to work.
14. It is interesting talk to him
15. He would rather doesnt come there by himself
16. I haven't seen my grandparents since a quarter of a year.
Tµi liÖuBDHSG tham kh¶o


17. A new shop was opening on Main street last week
18. His teacher encouraged him taking part in the competition.
19. My family used to be having dinner at 7 o'clock in the evening

20. I wish I can go with you to the countryside next weekend.
21. Your friends went to your native village last weekend, weren't they?
22. I'd like to go out for dinner, but I don’t feel like to eat out tonight
23. Lam wishes that she can go to Singapore to visit her pen pal.
24. My brother didn’t wear that uniform since he left school.
25. Nam asked Mai what can he do to help her.
26. All the main streets in this city will be widening
27. Christ has hurt his hand, but it's OK now.
28. When she came, I read her letter.
29. Vicky has only had that camera three days ago.
30. Would you mind to open the door?
31. My parents want me go to bed early.
32. I like to play football than badminton
33. It is very nice meeting you again
34. The food at that restaurant seldom is good
35. We wish today was Sunday
36. Mary is very enough ill to need a doctor
37. I will have Mary to look after the garden
38. Keep your book open wide
39. We can speak and eat by our mouths
40. They have known each other since 3 years
41. Since he` s been young , he learnt to play tennis
42. Have they worked in this factory five years ago /
43. I wish today is a New year Day
44. He is born in HCM city
45. You had not better go out when it is dark
46. Come here and sit down besides me
47. Would you mind to tell us about your trip to Ha noi?
48. She is very busy . She often has her clothes wash at the laundry
49. The pupil was punished yesterday is Tom`s brother

50. Most of their farm work used to do by hand.
51. The children enjoyed to watch the performing lions
52. Would you like visiting the museum with us?
53. She wishes she is the most beautiful girl in the world.
54. Sally said she will be a teacher someday
55. If you feel unwell, you shouldntstay in bed
56. She wanted to know how long did it take to get there.
57. Why don’t we sharing the cost of accommodation?
58. My homevillage is on the west of the city.
59. I have passed my driving test six months ago.
60. Are you interesting in learning foreign languages?
61. I'm really looking forward to work with you.
62. We arrived at London at 3 o'clock in the morning.
63. She told me to shut the door but don’t lock it
Tµi liÖuBDHSG tham kh¶o


64. He believes that there shouldn’t be any wrong thing with the video.
65. Study is not longer restricted to one location as it was before.
66. Mum said that life is more difficult when she was young
67. Can you tell me how long you studied medicine so far?
68. She said that she didn’t know what her father was alike because he died when he was
still young.
69. My mother had me to iron the clothes
70. I will have my hair cutting tomorrow
71. The street seems quietly
72. He learns not so well as his sister

73. The traffic light has become red
74. It is dagerous riding fast in busy streets
75. Let`s wait in the zebra crossing
76. Our teacher rewarded him with his rapid progress in study
77. Bill learns not only well but also sings beautifully
78. She asked her mother mend for her her shirt
79. Do you want I make you some coffee ?
80. My brother couldnt make the TV to work
81. Ann was made repeat the whole story .
82. Our teacher with his two children have just gone home
83. He thinks that talking on the phone was a little bit time-consuming.
84. The computers didn’t work because the plug comes out of the socket.
85. The screen of the computer is so dark for me to see anything
86. All you have to do is check the plug if it suddenly stopped working.
87. I have seen him with his wife in a restaurant three months ago.
88. Do you know who did the girl talk to last night? It was too dark for me to see.
89. What was made you angry in Ted's birthday party last week?
90. Mum said that she is happy to receive the news you passed your graduation examination
91. What was done so far at your university in these days?
92. He looked for the keys so as he could open the gate and the door to get into the house.
93. Have you done your homework the teacher gives yesterday yet?
94. My mother is not as more patient as my father because she doesn't like children and the
noise they make
95. Wouldyou mind help me to solve these mathematics problems? I can hardly understand
how to do them.
96. She was having dinner when a man was coming and giving her a bunch of flowers.
97. We don’t want to go out tonight because the weather is rain.
98. We are having a birthday party in Saturday night. Would you like to come?
99. Do you hear any noise when the strange men broke into your house?
100. Camp is one of our favorite outdoor activities.

101. I started to like go camping when I was still a young boy.
102. At that time I belong to a youth organization in my city.
103. Camping are the most interesting in the summer when you have a long holiday
104. you can go to mountains and stay there for a week with your friends or yours
105. You can go to a beach, put up a tent and staying there for a fortnight with anyone
you like
Tµi liÖuBDHSG tham kh¶o


106. By go camping you can discover a lot about nature around you, trees, plants,
birds and fish
107. We are going to held a summer camp this July.
108. How long do you and your friend known each other, Tom?
109. Everyone in the neighborhood are pleased about the new shopping mail.
110. It will be comfortabler to shop in the mall than in the present shopping area.
111. This dictionany is not as big than the dictionary we use in the library.
112. He doesn't know that my father is different to other people in my family.
113. The new machine is not the same with the old one in the library.
114. I never know that her sister Helen is so intelligent as her brother Jim.
115. I learnt English since I was still a little girl in a village in the south west.
116. my uncle has worked in that company since more than ten years now.
117. I like to go to Dorchester because some of my relations live there.
118. I had a real nice weekends but I don’t want to live there permanently.
119. The countryside is too quite for me to live and work in
120. TV is bringing not only informations but also entertainment.
121. In many way, I always prefer country life to city life

122. What are you going to be do when you grow up.
123. He has learnt French enough to study in France
124. It is not easy do metal work
125. He would rather ask his son fix the broken radio
126. She drove so fast she won the race
127. They had rather have their clothes ioned by a maid
128. I am very happy to work by these machines
129. What are they doing here are what I `d like to know
130. There have been little rain this summer
131. The coffee is too hot for her to drink it
132. I must wash up my hands . they are very dirty
133. Hurry up ! you will lose the bus .
134. How many hours a day do you practice English?
135. His room `s window is not open
136. She talks as if she knows everything
137. My uncle lives two miles far from here
138. She hasnt returned back to school yet
139. We are going to lay down for an hour
140. He didnt let me to get my book
141. Children had not better smoke or drink
142. Would you mind clean these tools for me?
143. She fail her exam like her brother did .
144. These two boys help one another
145. Who of the two boys is taller ?
146. Please give me one other book
147. He wears the same coat that I wear.
148. He learns English as well as his sister is .
149. Nowaday it is very difficult get a job
150. I felt very coldly when went out of the room
151. The children are eager go to school

Tµi liÖuBDHSG tham kh¶o


152. He ought give a book report afterhe comes back
153. I dont know how many pupils are there in my school
154. These new comers look funnily
155. Alice speaks English not well as her brother
156. I feel not as tired to day as I felt yesterday
157. We didnt begin to study for the test yet
158. He has forgotten to tell us when will he be back
159. It is pleasant of reading books in spare time
160. Let`s paint the house weselves. It wil be much cheaper
161. She wishes she is a teacher
162. I call myfaher `s broher is my uncle
163. Did you enjoy to go to the theatre
164. They had a chance to spend their holidays in a farm
165. Betty types much more quickly as her friends
166. He is so slow as he never gets to class on time
167. Do you know how often does the bus run at night?
168. I am sitting among you and Lan
169. Why do you always ask me do many exercises?
170. I `d rather not to study Maths
171. He has never seen anything make of diamond
172. Your sister was made cry by my joke
173. There was a few people at the party
174. I am a school girl and I interested in swimmming and marathon.
175. I think I am going to be a athlete after I graduate from school.

176. Firstly, I am going to train myself to swim and run fastly, faster and the fastest of
177. One of my uncles is a coacher at a sports centre in the city.
178. He came to work for the centre as soon when he finished his train at a university.
179. Secondly, I am going take part in local as well as national sports events to show
my ability.
180. At the moment I am going to spend my weekend going to swimming with my
family and running in the city parks.
181. they let me to do what I want with the hope that I can do my best.
182. It not difficult to remember all the students'names in a class.
183. I don’t know how explain all these things to you immediately.
184. The landlady says that this house comprises of a bedroom, a bathroom and a
185. Tet is a majority event in Vietnam because it is our traditional holiday.
186. Do you think Buddhism is a religiuos or a phylosopy?
187. Look at the two dictionarys, and you will see they are the same in some ways.
188. I really don’t know how many parts the area is devided in so i can't tell you.
189. What is impressed you most at the meeting you went to last night?
190. I would like to inform you that the representatives have been arrived this
morning and they are all very happy
191. There are no buses to day . The drivers are in strike
192. The house is dirty. We havent cleaned it since ages
193. There were not people enough to have a meeting
Tµi liÖuBDHSG tham kh¶o


194. Were those cars made of Japan or Italy ?

195. I dont remember what did the teacher tell us last time
196. The bicycle is so expensive for me to buy
197. When he came I read he letter
198. These school children are fond in these kinds of books
199. They came back since yesterday
200. This knife is used to cutting oranges
201. The clowns made the children laughed a lot
202. He was made show them how to open the safe
203. The children enjoyed to watch the performing lions
204. He has been ill since the last week
205. Some flowers are cut by Susan now
206. Please stop to make noise . I am doing my home work
207. They asked Mr Green told them about himself
208. Instead of buying a new pair of shoes , I will have my old ones repair
209. She has been waiting for you for 2 oclock
210. She has just built a 3 storeys house
211. I wish I worked hard last year
212. We are fond in football
213. Everything is all right , arent they ?
214. They had their luggage carry to the taxi
215. That bridge is designed in 1970 by Mr pike
216. It was a quietly morning . everyone worked quiet
217. The more money they save ,the more rich they are
218. I wish it isnt cold to night
219. This soup is too hot for I cant eat
220. My father has seen him yet
221. His father was punished by the lasy boy
222. If you asked me , I would lent you my car
223. How many times did you see him? - Many times
224. I wish they visited us when they were in town

225. That house should is bought now
226. The food was hot too for me to eat
227. This coat is not enough warm for me cant wear in winter
228. I dont have money enough to lend you
229. I dont have time enough to eat breakfast
230. She had so sore throat that she could hardly speak
231. She is a twenty years old woman
232. We call this machine is a bull dozer
233. I bouhgt some letters for her husband
234. The match has been going on since 2 hours
235. This text is too long for me to read it
236. I cant get used to doing so difficult exercises
237. My father doesnt know speak English
238. She is the girl for that I am looking
239. The kitchen is too small for me to cook
240. HCM city is more moderner than Ha Noi
Tµi liÖuBDHSG tham kh¶o


241. He looks as his brother
242. The child ran fastly to get to school
243. I lost my all money last month
244. He is very weak to lift this suitcase
245. It was very late to the plane
246. Donot let those children to eat a lot of candy
247. You had better to stay at home and do your home work
248. I`d rather go fishing than staying at home playing cards

249. I find it very bored to listen to his lectures
250. Mark ran away avoid punishing him
251. My brother will have a barber to make a birthday cake
252. I had these photos take by a good photographer
253. They started laughing excited
V. Complete the following tag questions
1. Let's listen to the radio, ?
2. She has never eaten this kind of food before, ?
3. I'm getting too fat, ?
4. they never go to the theatre, ?
5. His parents won't buy him the new game, ?
6. Turn off the television, ?
7. Noone likes reading that book, ?
8. The Pikes stayed there last week, ?
9. The police are looking for the thief, ?
10. Your brother has to go to school to day, ?
11. Mrs Nga is thirsty, ?
12. They wont be here tomorrow, ?
13. Daisy drinks a lot of orange juice, ?
14. You're going to school tomorrow, ?
15. You have to go to school on time, ?
16. There are only twenty eight days in Febuary, ?
17. Your parents don’t like vegetables, ?
18. We always wash our hands before meals, ?
19. You stayed at home last night, ?
20. She didn’t do homework yesterday, ?
21. Your children are sleeping, ?
VI. Change into indirect speech
1. "I want my room to look nice at the festival," Hoa said.
2. "We are going to the rice - cooking contest,"said Mr Robinson.

3. "You have to take at least two bottles of water,"Tam's father said.
4. "I will clean all the class windows,"said Trung
5. "Help me to hang this picture, Ba," said Mai
6. "My brother doesn't like eating sticky rice," said Linh
7. "Don’t throw that bottle away. We can reuse it," said Mr Cuong.
8. "Do you want to visit the Great Wall in China, Tam?" I said
9. "Are you from Australia?" I said to the tourists.
10. "My uncle is working in a building near the Statue of Liberty.", John said.
11. "Will you go to Cairo on your holiday next month?"I asked Mr and Mrs Robinson
12. "Send me a postcard when you arrive in Paris!"I said to Lan.
13. "Does your sister have a toy store in London?", Jane asked Peter.
Tµi liÖuBDHSG tham kh¶o


14. "Don’t go out alone at night!", the household said to me
15. "Is there any information about the flight to Phnom Penh?", Mr Hoang said.
16. "Where are you studying?"Mr Bruce asked.
17. "Please call me at 6 o'clock tomorrow morning", said Mai
18. "Are you interested in this Language Center?"Asked Lan
19. "We will spend our holiday in Da Lat next month," said Mrs Chi
20. "What does your son want to learn?" the man said to Mr Linh.
21. "You must cometoday," Hoa said.
22. "If you want to learnt English , I can help you," John said.
23. "Do you live here?" Liz asked
24. "I don’t understand what you are saying," Tom told us.
VII. Passive voice and active voice
1. They saw that boy go out

2. Betty has just sent Mary many post cards
3. Do they have to grow grass?
4. People call him popsinger
5. why didn’t they turn on the lights?
6. Where do people speak English?
7. someone will tell him that news
8. people saw him steal your car
9. The teacher is watching them work
10. Open your book
11. Take off your hat.
12. they made him work all day.
13. someone should look into the matter
14. He likes people to call him “sir”
15. He wants someone to take some photographs
VIII. Combine sentences as directed
A. Combine sentences with "Enough"
1. She's not old. She can't get married
2. That coat is not warm. I can't wear it in winter.
3. That chair is not strong. We can't stand on that chair.
4. Are you very tall? - Can you reach the top shelf.?
5. It's not warm today.We can't go outside.
6. I'm not strong. I can't lift this box.
7. Tom doesn’t have money. He can't pay his bills.
8. This bed is not wide. Two people can't sleep in this bed.
9. The water wasn’t clean. We can't swim in
10. He wasn’t experienced. He can't do that job.
11. I don’t have money. I can't lend you some
12. He is hungry. He can't eat three sandwiches.
13. Peter isn't tired. He can't sleep right away.
14. This seat isn't wide. We can't sit on

15. Susan isn't old. She can't stay home alone
16. That box is light. She can lift it.
17. I didn’t have time. I can't eat breafast this morning.
18. This shirt is big. He can wear it.
Tµi liÖuBDHSG tham kh¶o


19. Mary doesn’t have money. She can't buy a new a new bicycle.
20. It's warm tonight. We can't go out.
B. Comebine sentences with "Too"
1. Tom is short. He can't touch the ceiling
2. Alice is very young. She can't stay home alone.
3. It is very late. We can't go to the movie.
4. It's very cold.We can't go swimming today.
5. Peter is very tired. He can't study.
C. Combine sentences with "so that", "such that"
- So That
1. The food was hot . It burned my tongue
2. He is fat. Everybody calls him stuffy.
3. You speak very fast. I can't catch up with your words.
4. I had many friends. I never felt lonely.
5. they worked very quickly. There was no time for talking
6. The film was very interesting. We went to see it twice.
-Such that
1. She had a sore throat. She could hardly speak.
2. The children make a noise. We could hardly hear ourselves speak.
3. We had had a tiring day. we went straight to bed.

4. He was a fool. Noone took any notice of him
5. The room was in a mess. It took two hour to tidy.
D. Combine sentences with "so that", so as to, in order to
1. Minh does morning exercises regularly. He wants to be healthy. ( so as to)
2. You have to wear warm clothes. You won't catch a cold(in order to)
3. Please close the window.You don’t want anybody to look at my room(so that)
4. I'll write to Mai. I want to invite her to my birthday party. (so as to)
5. She said nothing. She didn’t want to make him angry. ( so as to)
6. I'm learning English . I want to read books in English (in order to)
7. Mrs Hien decided to give up her job. She wanted to have more time with her children.
(in order to)
8. He locked the door. He wanted nobody to disturb him( so that)
9. Mr Tam saves money. He wants to do an MA course abroad. (so that)
10. He hurried up to the station. He didn’t want to miss the train. (so as to)
E: Combine the sentences below, using the words in brackets.
1. The movie was boring. We went home before it finished ( So)
2. Mai opened the door. Mai greeted the guests. (and)
3. We started the trip very early.We reached the village before noon.(so that)
4. Liz saw some wild ducks. Liz was resting under a tree. (while)
5. Nga is very sick. She can't sit up. (so that)
6. Ba felt tired and hungry. Lan felt tired and hungry.(so)
7. We enjoyed the fresh air in the countryside.We enjoyed the food there (both)
8. The water is very cold. We can't swim in it. (too)
9. Peter didn’t have money to buy a bus ticket. He had to walk home. (so)
10. Mr brown feeds the chicken. He collects their eggs. (not only but also)
F.Combine the sentences below,.
1. I was very happy. I received your letter this morning.
Tµi liÖuBDHSG tham kh¶o


2. The factory is producing more and more pollution. We are afraid.
3. Using unleaded petrol has a lot of advantages. I'm sure.
4. They burned the plastic waste. It's not good.
5. He didn’t pass the driving test. He was very sad.
6. You have paid attention to recycling. He is delighted.
G. Express the following sentences in single sentences without altering their meaning.
1. I kept you waiting. I'm sorry. 
2. He had seen the girl somewhere before. He remembered it. 
3. He didn’t say any word and left the house 
4. He wants to become a famous writer. He dreams of it. 
5. It's said that his brother speaks French very well. 
6. Polly didn’t do her homework. She forgot
7. I once met Mrs Trang Anh. I'll always remember it.
8. What about painting the shelves? But he didn’t mean it.
9. The driver wanted to buy some cigarettes. So he stopped.
10. The room is painted yellow. Nobody has slept in the room for years.
11. She invited me to dinner. It was very kind of her.
IX. Prepositions
1. Translate this article English for me, please.
2. You remind me my sister.
3. We can see many stars . .the sky at night.
4. Children like to go to the circus . . sunday
5. Who is talking . . the phone, my dear?
6. when I saw Lan. She was talking a friend hers.
7. My wife has been Ho Chi Minh city several times
8. he is very interested football.
9. Do you go to school car or foot.

10. She is good English.
11. They have only been there a few minutes.
12. The canoe overturned and evryone fell the deep water.
13. Do you mind if I sit the front seat the car?
14. Donna is thinking importing flowers Vietnam.
15. Would you mind if I had a look your luggage?
16. How going to Ben Thanh Market this afternoon?
17. You can use dictionary to find new words
18. They are very proud their new house.
19. They named their daughter their favorite singers.
20. The passage is written English
21. I'll come to pick her at 8 o'clock
22. Mrs Lan called her newspaper delivery.
23. He worked very hard and finally came a very important invention
24. I couldn’t meet Mrs Chi because she's
25. Tam had high marks exams working very hard school
26. To be remember of our organization, you can register today
27. That's very kind you to help me this math problem.
28. It has rained two o'clock.
29. Try to learn the meaning of new words heart.
Tµi liÖuBDHSG tham kh¶o


30. Please wait me a few minutes.
31. In this respect, french differs English
32. This restaurant is famous its Chinese dishes.
33. She enjoys participating raising funds for the poor.

34. The house is very dirty. We haven't cleaned it ages.
35. My grandmother prefers living in the countryside living in the city.
36. My parents are tired living in the city.
37. She’s looking forward seeing her sister
38. I’m grateful him a wonderful evening
39. Thank you advising me not to smoke
40. Jacson was late because he was not aware the time
41. Mary is sitting her father and mother
42. She’s looking forward seeing her sister
43. I’m grateful him a wonderful evening
44. Thank you advising me not to smoke
45. Jacson was late because he was not aware the time
46. Mary is sitting her father and mother
47. Pasteur devoted all his time science
48. Are you jealous his success.
49. He is so busy his work
50. They spend much time reading books
51. They were excited the TV programme
52. We buy it a low price
53. A raincoat keeps you being ill
54. He asked some money
55. His teacher believes his improvement
56. Three prisoners escaped the prison in May
57. He’s very good telling jokes
58. Better methods of refrigeration depend engineers
59. That’s very kind you to help me
60. What is the reason your absence?
61. I’m really proud my mother
62. Did Mr John succeed selling his old car?
63. Measuring money must be very difficult to carry

64. Why did those fellows insist doing everything themselves?
65. The teacher divided the class two groups
66. We will provide you plastic bags.
67. We're afraid to say that we don’t agree your project.It causes many bad things
68. Tom's parents was disappointed him because he failed final test.
69. Take an umbrella with you. It will save you getting wet on the way home.
70. The boys keeps asking his father protecting the environment.
71. The street are full garbage.
72. We are all responsible keeping the environment clear and clean.
73. There’s no point arguing
74. She’s famous her intelligence
75. if you earn a good salary,you can be independent your parents
Tµi liÖuBDHSG tham kh¶o


76. She was quite satisfied your anwser
77. This story is similar that one
78. He often borrow money his friends
X. Sentence building
A. Complete the following sentences, using words given.
1. He/just/ see/the new teacher/ hall/
2. The underground/can /use/by most commuters
3. The driver/ can / pick / them / hotel
4. I / tell / him /the truth / if / I / be/ you
5. you’d better/ not/ stay / late.
6. She / earn/ her living / by / sell / fruit.

7. How long/ you / study / English/ ?/ - six months
8. She/ watch/ a mother bird / feed / her babies
9. You/ enjoy/ climb/ mountain/?
10. Would you mind/ look for / the knife / the kitchen
11. Rubber/ not only / soft/ elastic
12. Mr Green / used to/ take/ children/ the circus
13. He/ be/ used to/ live / big city
14. The pupils / learn / their lesson/ when / the principal/ come.
15. We / wait / school gate/ until / you/ come back
16. I /often/ buy / the products/ make / this factory
17. Tea / be / hot / too/ us / drink
18. I / like / go / cinema / than / theatre
19. Alice/ speak/ English/ well / Tom
20. Jack/ do / best win / our team
21. they / not see/ one another/ long time
22. I/ wish / it / not rain/ today.
23. They / plant / roses/ garden / by this time.
24. My father/ be / used to / get/ early/ the morning.
25. Noone /live/ this room/ for ages.
26. While/ I / be/ sleep/ this morning/ it / rain.
27. We / never / see/ this man/ her / before.
28. The boys / keep / talking/ the animak shows / last week.
29. His house/ large/ than / mine.
30. That/ hotel / where / I / stay / during my last holiday
31. Peter / look for / better job/ because / not earn much at the moment
32. Now / she / dance / beautifully / than / used to.
33. How long /take / her / get / school / everyday ?
34. Peter / wait / girlfriend / since 8 o’clock
35. This video film / so interesting / I / see / twice
36. it / difficult/ learn English / without / good dictionary

37. We / decide / go out / despite / heavy rain.
38. The children / not see/ that show/ TV / last week.
39. She/ not go/work /in time because of/ traffic- jam.
40. The boys/ not know/ the new coach/ before.
41. The bus / repaint/ yellow / school children.
42. This / be / best / movie / I / see
Tµi liÖuBDHSG tham kh¶o


B. Put the words in order so as to make up correct sentences.
1. as / you / tell /I / do.
2. it/ do/ him/ let/ alone.
3. there/ yesterday/ us/ tell / you / what / saw.
4. on/ at / clock / the /wall/ the /look.
5. tie / don’t / my / on / sit.
6. off/ stop / next / the / get / at.
7. some / lending / you / would / me / mind / money.
8. him / knows / ask / the / if / professor/ he.
9. any / come / but / Sunday / day.
10. could / slowly / please / you / more / speak / a little.
11. a rule/ o' clock / eight / as / he / at / up / gets.
12. he / ten / ready / minutes / breakfast / in / for / is.
13. at / lecture / first / begins / the / o'clock / eight.
14. will / in / he / Hai Phong/ go / summer / to.
15. the/ stands / on / Thames/ London/ two/ equal / it / into / divides/ which / parts.
16. Parliament/ is / by / governed / England .
17. nine / over / is / population/ million/ its/ people

18. on / September / begins / 1st / year/ the / school / new / usually
19. remembered/ Vietnam/ he/ to / trip/ his.
20. he/ mother / his / a /sent / present/.
21. at/ six/ it/ o'clock/ to/ began/ rain.
22. could / only/ I / tickets/ get/ two.
23. am/ English / going/ to study/ I / language/ the.
24. your/ a/ has/ collection / been/ brother / given/ of/ postcards/ beautiful.
25. had/ a/ given/
26. compass/ for/ we/ the trip/ when/ started/ they/ to/ children/ the.
27. has / me/ about / of Ha Noi/ a/ interesting/ the reconstruction/ your/ very/ brother
28. phone/ there/ our/ be/ must / wrong/ something / with
29. sad/ wants/ why/ so/ he/ were/ you/to/ looking/ know.
30. Peter/ university/ when/ she/ to/ is going/ is /back/asking.
31. you / blackboard/ want/ clean/ I / to /the.
32. letter/ has/ the/ given / a / come/ and/ me/ postman/ just.
33. get/ the/ comes/ train/ the / to/ we/ station/ will / before.
34. that/ needs/ I work/ to / Ann/ think / harder.
35. before/ Tom/ a Jane/ ring/ wedding/ the / bought.
36. Tom/ when/ waiting/ Jane/ be/ comes/ him / for/ through/ the/ will/ park.
37. students/ will/ when/ I / the/ lessons/ prepare/ wonder/ their/ for.
38. late/ don’t / for/ be/ film you / you/ leave/ if / now /will/ the.
39. his/ farm/ Mrs brown/ father / asked/ help/ to/ Peter/ the/ on
40. through/ often/ the/ she/ park/ does/ walk/?
41. she/ what/ all/ time/ about/ talking/ that/ was/?
42. 1948/ built/ this/ 1900/ in/ or/ house/ in / was/?
43. after/ football/ they/ play/ work/ do/ they / don’t /?
XI. Rewrite
A. Complete the second sentence with the same meaning.
Tµi liÖuBDHSG tham kh¶o


1. It's a pity your friend isn't at this party.  I wish
2. Minh last wrote to his pen pal five months ago.  Minh hasn’t
3. They usually wore jeans when they were young.  They used
4. "Please turn down the radio for me," said my father. My father asked
5. Nhung will be fifteen next week.  It is Nhung's
6. Vinh keeps forgetting his homework  Vinh is
7. I would like you to help me to put the chairs a way. Do you mind
8. Please don’t make any noise; I'm very tired.  I'd rather
9. Having a vacation abroad is very interesting  It is
10. The water was so cold that the children could not swim in it  the water was not
11. Alexander Graham Bell invented telephone  Alexander Graham Bell was
12. Let's meet inside the center, at the cafe' corner  How
13. You went to see the movie Dream City last night, didn’t you?  Did
14. I'll telephone you tomorrow morning.  I'll give
15. He failed the exam because of his laziness  Because he
16. The front yard isn't too small to play soccer in  The front yard isn't
17. It isn't necessary for you to set off early.  You don’t
18. Would you like me to call Linh?  I'll
19. I had a cat once, but I don’t any more.  I used
20. We started living here fifteen years ago.  We have
21. 1. The last time she visited me was five months ago.  She hasn’t
22. I last wrote to my uncle in July.  I haven't
23. It's a long time since we became close friends.  We have
24. Minh began to collect stamps in 2000  Minh has
25. It's three years since I last saw Nam  I haven't

26. keeping the environment clean is very important.  It's
27. They will show the time machine to the public when they finish it.  the time
28. he was delighted to receive his aunt's letter.  He was delighted that his
29. Old car tires are recycled to make shoes and sandals.  People
30. I'm very sad that I wasn’t accepted in that group.  I'm very sad not
31. Vinh keep forgetting is homework  Vinh is
32. I would like you to help me put the chairs a way.  Do you mind
33. Please don’t make any noise; I'm very tired.  I'd rather
34. This is the best computer I have ever used.  I have never
35. He hasn’t chatted with his classmates through the internet for ages.  It's ages
36. Trung's parents gave him a microcomputer on his birthday  Trung
37. He has never played a computer game before.  This is
38. We haven't seen her since we left university.  The last time
39. Walking in the rain gives my brother pleasure.  My brother enjoys
40. France presented the Statue of Liberty to the United States in 1876  The Staue
41. they have leant English for ten years.  They started
42. I haven't written to you for a month.  I last
43. Shall we go to the cinema tonight?  Let
44. I didn’t forget it and neither did she.  I remembered
45. Although she had a lot of difficultie, she managed to sell the house.  In spite of
46. She couldn’t go to school because it rained heavily. She couldn’t
47. Practice speaking everyday or you can't improve your English.  If
Tµi liÖuBDHSG tham kh¶o


48. Nga is pleased to meet her aunt again soon.  Nga is looking

49. I`ve never eaten this before It is the first
50. It started to rain at two o`clock It has
51. I cant afford to buy the house The house
52. That car is so expensive, I don’t think I can buy it It is such
53. I cant afford to buy the house The house
54. That car is so expensive, I don’t think I can buy it It is such
55. She decided to accept the job despite the low salary Although

56. Though the doctor has warned him, he keeps on smoking
In spite of
57. John doesn’t always speak the truth, I’m afraid. - You cant
58. How about something to eat before the show? - Shall ?
59. She and I had never been there before - Neither she
60. She fell asleep because of the boring performance - The boring
61. I like detective stories - I’m
62. "Have you done this sorts of work before" She asked me She asked me if
63. It isnt necessary to finish the work to day You don’t
64. He didn’t need to be reminded about it It wasn’t
65. there’s no need for you to talk so loudly you don’t
66. Despite his age, Mr Thanh runs five kilometers every morning.
67. That restaurant is so dirty that noone wants to eat there It is such
68. John is not old enough to join the club John is too
69. We couldn’t go out because the weather was so bad It was such
70. The switch was too high for him to reach He wasn’t tall
71. Mark is too young to get married Mark is not
72. They will go swimming if it is sunny. Unless
73. If Peter doesn’t change his ways, he will end up in prison Unless

74. Do as I tell that or you’ll regret about it. Unless

75. We must do our work well or the master will get angry with us Unless
76. Unless someone has a key, we cant get into the house We can only get
B. Rewrite the sentences as directed
1. Fiona wanted to know the time (what)
2. We won't go out if the weather is bad. (unless)
3. I would like you to be here (wish)
4. If I were you I'd try to get some sleep. ( advise)
5. What a pity we didn’t see the match! ( wish)
6. The police inspector said I had killed Mrs Brown ( accused)
7. Is somebody serving you? ( being)
8. The painters painted our house last month. ( had)
9. Someone will meet you at the airport. (be)
10. Have you received your salary yet? (paid)
11. My parents made me study everynight. ( was)
12. Sue went shopping so she could buy herself a new television (to buy)
13. You use this to open wine bottle This ( for)
14. Harry left early because I didn’t want to miss the bus ( so as)
15. I saved up some money to buy a motorbike. (could)
16. Jane gave upsmoking because she wanted to save money (order)
17. I came here so that I could see you. ( to)
Tµi liÖuBDHSG tham kh¶o


18. Use this money to buy the tickets. ( for)
XII. Word formation
1. Trung and his brother like movie very much (act)
2. Bell experimented with ways of transmiting over a long distance. (speak)

3. Bell demonstrated his invention (success)
4. Mr Phong made an to see us at two o'clock (arrange)
5. Thomas Watson was Bell's , wasn’t he? ( assist
6. There wasn’t any in our village two years ago. (electric)
7. Our life is much better with the help of modern (equip)
8. "The Lost Shoes" is one of the stories I like best. (tradition)
9. , the step mother was very cruel to Little Pea. ( fortunate)
10. everyone was at the soccer match. (excite)
11. A fairy appeared and changed her old clothes. ( magic)
12. The tiger wanted to see the farmer's (wise)
13. In that story, the prince got to a poor girl. (marry)
14. Her father soon died of a heart ( break)
15. he was to say that (fool)
16. He fell off the bike, but his were not serious. ( injure)
17. She gave me a of the new house. (demonstrate)
18. You must read the following precautions carefully. ( safe)
19. You shouldn’t talk about her character only through her (appear)
20. Let me get an form and we can fill out (apply)
21. Nam likes acting and outdoor (act)
22. Our teacher always us to work hard. (courage)
23. The Boy Scouts of America is a youth (organise)
24. The scouts do the work (volunteer)
25. Nowadays, scouting is popular (world)
26. By recycling we can save resources (nature)
27. The scouts also help the and street children, (old)
28. Is there anything on TV tonight? (interest)
29. This form must have the of the writer (sign)
30. Some of my live in the countryside (relate)
31. Livepool is an city in the north of England . (industry)
32. It's not today ( rain)

33. It's not today ( wind)
34. The cards in the library are in order. ( alphabet)
35. The library in our city has over 50 ( employ)
36. In electronics, we learn to repair appliances. ( house)
37. The students often play soccer or basketball. ( energy)
38. Walking in the rain gives me ( please)
39. Ba will be a artist one day. (fame)
40. My aunt live in a area of the country. (mountain)
41. The child should be punished because of his bad ( behave)
42. What is the correct of this word? ( pronounce)
43. His parents are very of him (pride)
44. If your work is , you'll get a raise. (satisfy)
45. We've decided to interview the best six for the job. (apply)
46. Our main to export are rice, coffee and rubber. (produce)
Tµi liÖuBDHSG tham kh¶o


47. The in this town are very friendly (reside)
48. Many rural areas in Vietnam have been (urban)
49. are concerned about the use of dynamite to catch fish.(environment)
50. Trung's sense of humor him from other students. ( distinct)
51. Sometimes I have some which can't be explained. (feel)
52. Mid-August Festival is a festival for children. (joy)
53. Passover of the Jewish people is a festival which celebrates from slavery. ( free)
54. She received a lot of from her her parents (courage)
55. These shoes are smart, but they are very ( comfort)
56. She cut herself and it's quite badly. (blood)

57. The lecturer is giving us first-aid (instruct)
58. A dog has bitten him. He needs an anti-tetanus (inject)
59. People use first-aid to ease the victim's pain and (anxious)
60. I'm afraid of the picture which shows a violent (erupt)
61. The earthquake caused terrible (destroy)
62. The cost of the must be paid buy the buyer. (carry)
63. Tet holiday is the most important for Vietnamese people.(celebrate
64. He is a man who is loved by all friends. (consider)
65. Some people think that gods create eruption (volcano)
66. Everyone has a number of , but noone has many true friends. (acquaint)
67. Do you understand the saying" is better than cure". (prevent)
68. Their has lasted a life time. (friend)
69. His son's has not improved much ( behave)
70. He draw cartoon for a magazine (humor)
71. For some people UFOs only exist in films for (entertain)
72. The gas from the chemical factory is extremely (harm)
73. This dress is too short .I may be able to it (long)
74. The roof of this cottage needs (strong)
75. there is a temporary of sugar in the shop (short)
76. After several attempts we have finally done it ( succeed)
77. all the newspapers praised the of the firemen (brave)
78. This is my favourite chair. It's very ( comfort)
79. It's to drive too fast. (danger)
80. I must clean this floor. ( dirt)
81. It was not to write down the address. ( fool)
82. I live in the part of the city. (south)
83. It's to have some toys for the children to play with. ( advise)
84. That speaks too quickly. ( announce)
85. The wanted to interview all of us. ( detect)
86. If you are a , you have to work hard. ( science)

87. The sat there asking for money. ( beg)
88. Helen's solo crossing of the Pacific was a feat. (remark)
89. We go to the pub before lunch on Sunday. (vary)
90. All the runners, with the of Mark, were exchausted (except)
91. Our club has just purchased new sports (equip)
92. Is it possible to between a hobby and an interest? (distinct)
93. Jack built his own boat in a in his garden. (work)
Tµi liÖuBDHSG tham kh¶o


94. We can't with these low price. (competitor)
95. Many pupils at school have already choosen a career. ( second)
96. He has never had any accident. He is a driver (care)
97. In her she was a well known athlete (young)
98. The restaurant is now under new (manage)
99. He used all his to force the door open (strong)
100. I feel so that I am going to bed (sleep)
101. The cost of must be paid by the buyer (carry)
102. In to doing the cleaning , I make the coffee (add)
103. The monkey looked so while they were eating peanuts. (fun)
104. What's the of his mother? (old)
105. His made her happy. (invite)
106. there was an talk on wild animals (interest)
107. Are you going to the tomorrow? (meet)
108. She smiles , doesn't she? (attract)
109. the country looks very now (colour)
110. It was of him to steal that money. (honest)

111. Mary's father is not a very good chess (play)
112. It's not today ( rain)
113. It's not today ( wind)
114. He played the guitar very last night. (beautiful)
115. Stamp can be a very expensive hobby. (collect)
116. That paints beautiful pictures. (art)
117. How many holidays do you have? (nation)
118. She gets very angry if you with her ideas. (agree)
119. Don’t make a fire here. It's very (danger)
120. Air is a big problem in many cities in the world. ( pollute)
121. There are a lot of mountains in Viet nam ( beauty)
122. I'm Vietnamese. What's your ? ( nation)
123. This is the pagoda in our country. (old)
124. English is an and important subject. ( interest)
125. The most popular after-school in our country are football, badminton (act)
126. Today we have literature, education and history. ( physics)
127. The cards in the library are in order. ( alphabet)
128. The library in our city has over 50 ( employ)
129. In electronics, we learn to repair appliances. ( house)
130. Nam is very in computer. ( interest)
131. The students often play soccer or basketball. ( energy)
132. Walking in the rain gives me ( please)
133. Ba will be a artist one day. (fame)
134. My sister is a stamp ( collect)
135. More and more young people want a university ( educate)
136. We are rehearsing a play for the school anniversary ( celebrate)
137. The most popular at recess is talking ( act)
138. When I go to the library, I sit and read about things ( wonder)
139. Is your sister a ? ( teach)
140. My brother is a at Viet Nam National University, Ha Noi. ( study)

Tµi liÖuBDHSG tham kh¶o


141. That paints beautiful pictures. (art)
142. Ask the if you can borrow this book. (library)
143. That plays a lot of different instruments. (music)
144. Lan's brother is a . He plays it very well. ( piano)
145. If the machine goes wrong, tell the ( engine)
146. We have a who come twice a week. ( garden)
147. Phone the if the lights don’t work. ( electric)
148. Miss Quyen is a . She travels a lot. (journal)
149. You pay the She's that lady over there. ( cash)
150. Where is the post office from here, Tam? (near)
151. This map was very on our holiday. ( use)
152. What a dress! Did you make it yourself? (love)
153. do you know a good to decorate my house. ( decorate)
154. Go straight ahead and take the on the left! ( two)
155. Lam has a lot of stamps in her (collect)
156. Mrs Oanh's daughter is having a check -up ( medicine)
157. We need to know your , Minh. ( weigh)
158. An has a toothache. It's very (pain)
159. Catching the common cold is for everybody. (please)
160. Don’t worry! Your cold will last for a few days and then ( appear)
161. We must remember to eat (sense)
162. Then, Hoa a pan and stir-fried the beef. ( hot)
163. Sugar is not an food because we need it to live. (health)
164. The nurse wanted to know Nga's and weight. ( high)

165. Mr Hung has a very tooth. (pain)
166. Last Sunday we went to the center. ( amuse)
167. You must be careful when playing electric games because thay can be
168. Some of the of computer games are young as 14 or 15 (invent)
169. Young children should take part in with their friends (act)
170. All children should play outdoors and develop their skill (society)
171. Videos can help the police when there is (rob)
172. In the countryside, people often know all the people in their (neighbour)
173. The noise in the city kept Hoa at night. ( wake)
174. Videos are also very useful in (educate)
175. In to that, my bike tires was flat. (add)
176. Television is one of the cheapest forms of ( entertain)
177. He is sure to have an accident because he drives very ( care)
178. Edison's most famous was the electricbulb (invent)

Tµi liÖuBDHSG tham kh¶o