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Thời gian làm bài 60 phút

Mark the letter A, B, C, or D on your answer sheet to indicate the word whose
underlined part is pronounced differently from that of the rest in each of the
following questions.
Question 1: A. says B. bays C. rays D. days
Question 2: A. repeats B. classmates C. amuses D. attacks
Question 3: A. education B. woman C. rain D. airplane
Question 4: A. sword B. remove C. absorb D. normal
Question 5: A. bob B. hob C. bomb D. lob
Mark the letter A, B, C, or D on your answer sheet to indicate the correct answer to
each of the following quetions:
Question 6: They couldn’t help when they heard the little boy singing a
love song.
A. laughing B. to laugh C. laugh D. laughed
Question 7: The next train at 7 p.m., so get ready now.
A. leaves B. is leaving C. will leave D. has left
Question 8: While my mother a film on TV, my father was cooking
dinner. It was March 8
A. watched B. was watching
C. had watched D. was watched
Question 9: Christmas Eve, people often have parties late at midnight.
A. In B. On C. At D. From
Question 10: He became one of the most actors in Vietnam.
A. success B. successful

C. successfully D. successive
Question 11: - Your house looks so new and strange, doesn’t it?
- Well,
A. it’s being painted C. it’s just been painted
B. it’s painted D. it was painted recently
Question 12: I couldn’t find John at the party last night. If I him, we’d have
been happy.
A. meet B. met C. had met D. have met
Question 13: - Would you like to eat out now?
- Well, I’d to, but I’m busy.
A. better B. love C. rather D. prefer
Question 14: - does it take you to go to school?
- about half an hour.
A. How many B. How far
C. How much D. how long
Question 15: - I’m sorry about that!
- !
A. That’s right B. Of course
C. You’re welcome D. It’s Ok

Question 16: My dog as well as my cats twice a day.
A. eat B. eats C. has eaten D. have eaten
Question 17: This is the girl father owns the biggest shop in the area.
A. who B. which C. her D. whose
Question 18: My father is not interested in tennis and
A. I don’t, either B. so don’t I
C. neither do I D. neither am I
Question 19: There are no easy ways to learn a foreign language, ?
A. aren’t there B. aren’t they

C. are there D. are they
Question 20: Whenever we meet, she avoids at me.
A. look B. looking C. to look D. being looked
Question 21: You read a to find out what happened recently in both your
own country and in the rest of the world.
A. newspaper B. book C. magazine D. diary
Question 22: If you can’t afford to buy books, then you can always borrow them from
A. book shop B. library C. restaurant D. cinema
Question 23: is the single characteristics which distinguishes human beings
from animals.
A. Talk B. Conversation C. Speech D. Glossary
Question 24: Trang always got good in maths.
A. points B. marks C. questions D. credits
Question 25: Peter decided not to for the examination.
A. enter B. go in C. take D. come
Question 26: If you want to pass the exam, you must study
A. hardly B. enough C. thoroughly D. rather
Question 27: - Why do you get up at 4:00 a.m.?
- Because it’s the only time without being interrupted.
A. when I can work on my book
B. when I can work on my book at
C. when I can work on my book then
D. at when I can work on my book
Question 28: The most common reason for extinction is loss.
A. nutrition B. habitat C. environment D. human
Question 29 : Women’s rights refer to the possessed by women and girls of
all ages.
A. rights B. benefits C. freedoms D. equality
Question 30: In the subsequent decades women’s rights again became an important

issue called “ femisism” or “women’s ”
A. liberty B. liberation C. freedom D. release
Mark the letter A, B, C, or D on your answer sheet to indicate the underlined part
that needs correction.
Question 31: Jack London is known as one of the great novelist of the world.
Question 32: I told him once again not to make much noise while I am working.

Question 33: You are always driving your car such fast that you often cause
Question 34: Seldom did her classmates and she go on a picnic with together.
Question 35: Our class will visit the teacher when we will have free time.
Read the following passage and mark the letter A, B, C, or D on your answer sheet to
indicate the correct word for each of the blanks from 36 to 40.
Many American customs will surprise you, the same thing happens to us when
we (36) another country. People from various cultures handle many small
daily things differently. What a dull world it would be if this were not true!
Some differences are minor, and people soon become accustomed to them. At
(37) , for example, some foreign women may be startled at the idea of (38)
their hair cut or styled by men. Visitors may be amazed to see men wearing
wigs. People may (39) the transitory quality of much American life odd, for
example, one (40) rent art by the week or the entire furnishings of an
apartment, from sofa and bed to the last spoon, on less than 8 hours’ notice.
Question 36: A. come B. visit C. arrive D. travel
Question 37: A. least B. all C. first D. last

Question 38: A. giving B. having C. showing D. taking
Question 39: A. get B. find C. regard D. put
Question 40: A. should B. must C. can D. shall
Read the following passage and mark the letter A, B, C, or D on your answer sheet to
indicate the correct answer for each of the questions from 41 to 45
Books which give instructions on how to do things are very popular in the
United States today. Thousands of these How-to books are useful: in fact, there are
about four thousand books with titles that begin with the words “ How to”. One book,
may tell you how to earn more money, another may tell you how to save or spend it,
and another may explain how to give your money away.
Many How-to books give advice on careers. They tell you how to choose a
career and how to succeed in it. If you fail, however, you can buy the book “ How to
Turn Failure into Success”. If you would like to become very rich, you can buy the
book “ How to Make a Millionaire”. If you never make any money at all, you may
need a book called “ How to Live on Nothing”.
One of the most popular types of books is one that helps you with personal
problems. If you want to have a better love of life, you can read “ How to Succeed in
Love every Minute of Your Life”. If you tired of books on happiness, you may prefer
books which give step-by-step instructions on how to redecorate or enlarge a house.
Why have How-to books become so popular? Probably because life has become
so complex. Today people have far more free time to use, more choices to make, and
more problems to solve. How-to books help people deal with modern life.
Question 41: From the first passage, we know How-to books are .
A. only about four thousand copies B. on money
C. very helpful in life D. needed a lot

Question 42: The passage tells us that How-to books sell well on how
A. to succeed in career B. to solve personal problems
C. to deal with business D. to make money

Question 43: If you often read How-to books, you
A. will be sure to get something you need
B. will not know how to help yourself in life
C. will become a man in life
D. needn’t think any more in the world
Question 44: How-to books appear only because .
A. people have more free time to spend than before.
B. People meet more problems than their parents
C. People may have more choices from How-to books than any other
D. modern life is more difficult to deal with
Question 45: The word “step-by-step” would probably mean
A. little by little B. gradually
C. slower and slower D. A and B
Choose the sentence that has the same meaning as the original one by circling the
corresponding letter A,B,C or D. Mark your choice on the answer sheet.
Question 46: She asked her nephew, “ Can you guess what I bought for you?”
A. She asked her nephew if he can guess what she had bought for him.
B. She asked her nephew to buy something for her.
C. She asked her nephew if he could guess what he could buy.
D. She asked her nephew if he could guess what she had bought for him.
Question 47: They arrived late, so they didn’t have gotten good seats.
A. If they had arrived earlier, they might have gotten good seats.
B. The late arrivers still had good seats.
C. However late they arrived, they had very good seats.
D. Unless they arrived early, they wouldn’t have good seats
Question 48: No one in our club can speak English as fluently as Mai.
A. Mai speaks English more fluently than no one in our club.
B. Mai is the worst English speaker in our club.
C. Mai speaks English as fluently as other people in our club.

D. Mai speaks English the most fluently in our club.
Question 49: The question is too important to forget.
A. We must ask the question.
B. The question is not important.
C. We must try to forget the question.
D. We must remember the question.
Question 50: My mother never allows me to go out alone at night.
A. I was not allowed to go out last night.
B. My mother never lets me go out alone at night.
C. My mother never goes out alone at night.
D. My mother and I usually go out alone at night.



Câu ĐA Câu ĐA Câu ĐA Câu ĐA
1 A 15 D 29 C 43 C
2 C 16 B 30 B 44 D
3 B 17 D 31 D 45 D
4 B 18 D 32 D 46 D
5 C 19 C 33 B 47 A
6 A 20 B 34 D 48 D
7 A 21 A 35 C 49 D
8 B 22 B 36 B 50 B
9 B 23 C 37 C
10 B 24 B 38 B
11 C 25 B 39 B
12 C 26 C 40 C
13 B 27 A 41 C

14 D 28 B 42 B