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L1 Contracts
1. Abide by v. to comply with, to conform
2. Agreement n. a mutual arrangement, a contract
3. Agree v. agreeable adj.
4. Assurance n. q guarantee, confidence
5. Cancel v. to annul, to call off
6. Determine v. to find out, to influence
7. Engage v. to hire, to involve+
8. Establish v. to institute permanently, to bring about
9. Obligate v. to bind legally or morally
10. Obligation n. obligatory adj.
11. Party n. a person or group participating in an action or plan, the persons or sides concerned
in a legal matter
12. Provision n. a measure taken beforehand, a stipulation
13. Provider n. provision n.
14. Resolve v. to deal with successfully, to declare
15. Specify v. to mention explicitly
16. Specification v. specific adj.
L2 Marketing
17. Attract v. to draw by appeal
18. Attraction n. attractive adj.
19. Compare v. to examine similarities and differences
20. Comparison n. comparable adj.
21. Compete v. to strive against a rival
22. Consume v. to absorb, to use up
23. Consumer n. consumable adj.
24. Convince v. to bring to believe by argument, to persuade
25. Current adj. Happening or existing at the present time, adv. To be on top of things
26. Fad n. a practice followed enthusiastically for a short time, a craze
27. Inspire v. to spur on, to stimulate imagination or emotion.
28. Market v. the course of buying and selling a product, n. the demand for a product

29. Marketing n. marketable adj.
30. Persuade v. to move by argument or logic
31. Productive adj. Constructive, high yield
32. Satisfy v. to make happy
L3 Warranties
33. Characteristic adj. Revealing of individual traits
34. Consequence n. that which follows necessarily
35. Consider v. to think about carefully
36. Consideration n. considerable
37. Cover v. to provide protection against
38. Expire v. to come to an end
39. Frequently adv. Occurring commonly, widespread
40. Imply v. to indicate by inference
41. Promise v. n. to pledge to do, bring about, or provide
42. Protect v. to guard
43. Protection n. protective adj.
44. Reputation n. the overall quality of character
45. Reputable adj. Reputed adj.
46. Require v. to deem necessary or essential
47. Requirement n. requisite adj.
48. Vary v. to be different from another, to change
L4 Business planning
49. Address v. to direct to the attention of
50. Avoid v. to stay clear of, to keep from happening
51. Demonstrate v. to show clearly and deliberately, to present by example
52. Demonstration n. demonstrative adj.
53. Develop v. to expand, progress, or improve
54. Development n. developer n.
55. Evaluate v. to determine the value or impact of
56. Evaluation n. evaluator n.

57. Gather v. to accumulate, to conclude
58. Offer v. to propose, to present in order to meet a need or satisfy a requirement
59. Primary adj. Most important, first in a list, series, or sequence
60. Risk n. the chance of loss or damage
61. Strategy n. a plan of action
62. Strategize n. strategic adj.
63. Strong adj. Powerful, economically or financially sound
64. Substitute v. to take the place of another
L5 Conferences
65. Accommodate v. to fit, to provide with something needed
66. Accommodation n. accommodating adj.
67. Arrangement n , the plan or organization
68. Association n, an organization of persons or groups having a common interest
69. Attend v, to go to, to pay attention to
70. Attendee n., attendance n.
71. Get in touch v, to make contact with
72. Hold v, to accommodate; to conduct
73. Location n, a position or site
74. Overcrowded a, too crowded
75. Register v, to record
76. Register n. registration n.
77. Select v, to choose from a group
78. Selection n. selective adj.
79. Session n, a meeting
80. Take part in v, to join or participate
L6 computers
81. Access v, to obtain, to gain entry
82. Access n. accessible adj.
83. Allocate v, to designate for a specific purpose
84. Compatible a, able to function together

85. Delete v, to remove; to erase
86. Display n, what is visible on a monitor; v, to show
87. Duplicate v, to produce something equal; to make identical
88. Duplicate n. duplication n,
89. Fail v, not to succeed; not to work correctly
90. Failure n. fallible adj.
91. Figure out v, to understand , to solve
92. Ignore v, not to notice; to disregard
93. Search v, to look for; n, investigation
94. Shot down v, to turn off; to cease operation
95. Warn v, to alert; to tell about a danger or problem
96. Warning n. warning adj.
L7 Office Technology
97. Affordable a, able to be paid for; not too expensive
98. As needed adv, as necessary
99. Be in charge of v, to be in control or command of
100. Capacity n, the ability to contain or hold; the maximum that something can hold
101. Durable a, sturdy, strong, lasting
102. Initiative n, the first step; an active role
103. Initiate v. initiation n.
104. Physical a, perceived by the senses
105. Provider n, a supplier
106. Provide v. provision n.
107. Recur v, to occur again or repeatedly
108. Recurrence n. recurring adj.
109. Reduction n, a lessening , a decrease
110. Reduce v. reducible adj.
111. Stay on top of v, to know what is going on; to know the latest information
112. Stock n, a supply; v, to keep on hand
L8 Office Procedures

113. Appreciate v, to recognize, understand the importance of; to be thankful for
114. Appreciation n. appreciated adj.
115. Be exposed to v, to become aware of; to gain experience in
116. Bring in v, to hire or recruit; to cause to appear
117. Casual a, informal
118. Code n, rules of behavior
119. Glimpse n, a quick look
120. Made of v, to consist of
121. Out of a, no longer having, missing
122. Outdated a, obsolete; not currently in use
123. Practice n, method of doing something
124. Practice v. practical adj.
125. Reinforce v, to strengthen, support
126. Reinforcement n. reinforcing gerund
127. Verbal a, oral
128. Verbalize v. verbally adv.
L9 Electronics
129. Disk n, an object used to store digital information
130. Facilitate v, to make easier
131. Network n, an interconnected group or system
132. Popularity n, the state of being widely admired, sought
133. Popularize v. popular adj.
134. Process n, a series of operations or actions to bring about a result
135. Replace v, to put back in a former place or position
136. Replacement n. replaceable adj.
137. Revolution n, a sudden or momentous change in a situation
138. Revolutionized v. revolutionary adj.
139. Sharp a, abrupt or acute; smart
140. Skills n, developed ability
141. Software n, the programs for a computer

142. Storage n, the safekeeping of goods or information
143. Store v. n.
144. Technical a, special skill or knowledge
L10 Correspondence
145. Assemble v, to put together; to bring together
146. Beforehand adv, early, in advance
147. Complicated a, not easy to understand
148. Complication n. complicated adj.
149. Courier n, a , a messenger
150. Express a, fast and direct
151. Fold v. to bend paper
152. Layout n, a format; the organization of material on a page
153. Mention v, to refer to; n, something read or written
154. Mention n. mentionable adj.
155. Petition n, a formal, written request; v, to make a formal request
156. Proof v, to look for errors
157. Proofreader n. proofing gerund.
158. Registered a, recorded and tracked
159. Registration n. registered adj.
160. Revise v, to rewrite
L11 Job Advertising and Recruiting
161. Abundant a, plentiful, in large quantities; n, a large number
162. Accomplishment n, an achievement, a success
163. Accomplish v. accomplished adj.
164. Bring together v, to join, to gather
165. Candidate n, one being considered for a position, office
166. Come up with v, to plan, to invent, to think of
167. Commensurate a, in proportion to, corresponding, equal to
168. Match n, a fit, a similarity
169. Profile n, a group of characteristics or traits

170. Qualifications n, requirements, qualities, or abilities needed for something
171. Qualify v. qualified adj.
172. Recruit v, to attract people to join an organization of a cause
173. Recruitment n. recruiter n.
174. Submit v, to present for consideration
175. Submission n. submittal n.
176. Time-consuming a, taking up a lot of time
L12 Applying and Interviewing
177. Ability n, a skill, a competence
178. Apply v, to look for
179. Applicant n. application n.
180. Background n, a person's experience
181. Be ready for v, to be prepared
182. Call in v, to request
183. Confidence n, a belief in one's ability
184. Confident adj. Confidently adv.
185. Constantly a, on a continual basis, happening all the time
186. Expert n, a specialist
187. Expertise n. expert adj.
188. Follow up v. to take additional steps, to continue
189. Hesitate v, to pause, to be reluctant
190. Present v. to introduce, to show, to offer for consideration
191. Presentation n. presentable adj.
192. Weakness n, a fault, a quality lacking strength
L13 Hiring and Training
193. Conduct v, to hold, to take place, to behave
194. Generate v, to create, to produce
195. Hire v, to employ, to offer a job or position
196. Hire n. hiring gerund
197. Keep up with v, to stay equal with

198. Look up to v, to admire, to think highly of
199. Mentor n, a person who guides
200. On track a, on schedule
201. Reject v, to turn down, to say no
202. Rejection n. rejecting gerund
203. Set up v, to establish, to arrange; a , arranged
204. Success n, reaching a goal
205. Succeed v. successful adj.
206. Training n, the preparation or education for a specific job
207. Trainer n. trainee n.
208. Update v, to make current. N, the latest information
L14 Salaries and benefits
209. Basis n. the main reason for something, a base or foundation
210. Be aware of v. to be conscious of, to be knowledgeable about
211. Benefits n. the advantages provided to a employee in addition to salary
212. Benefit v. beneficial adj.
213. Compensate v. to pay, to make up for.
214. Compensation n. compensatory adj.
215. Delicate adj. Sensitive, adv. With sensitivity
216. Eligible adj. Able to participate in something, qualified
217. Flexible adj. Not rigid, able to change easily
218. Negotiate v. to talk for the purpose of reaching an agreement, especially on prices or
219. Negotiation n. negotiator n.
220. Raise n. an increase in salary
221. Retire v. to stop working, to withdraw from a business or profession
222. Retirement n. retired adj.
223. Vested adj. Absolute, authorized
224. Wage n. the money paid for work done, usually hourly
L15 Promotions, Pensions and Awards

225. Achieve v, to succeed , to reach a goal
226. Achievement n. achiever n.
227. Contribute v, to add to, to donate, to give
228. Contribution n. contributor n.
229. Dedication n, a commitment to something
230. Dedicate v. dedicated adj.
231. Look forward to v, to anticipate, to be eager for something to happen
232. Looked to v, to depend on , to rely on
233. Loyal a, faithful, believing in something or somebody
234. Merit n, experience, high quality
235. Obvious a, easy to see or understand
236. Productive a, useful, getting a lot done
237. Promote v, to give someone a better job; to support, to make known
238. Promotion n. promoter n.
239. Recognition n, credit, praise for doing something well
240. Value n, worth
L16 Shopping
241. Bargain n, something offered or acquired at a price advantageous to the buyer
242. Bear v, to have a tolerance for, to endure
243. Behavior n, the manner of one's action
244. Checkout n, the act, time, or place of checking out, as at a hotel or a supermarket
245. Comfort n, a condition or feeling of pleasurable ease, well-being, and contentment
246. Comfortable adj. Comfortably adv.
247. Expand v, to increase the size, volume, quantity, or scope of; to enlarge
248. Expansion n. expanded adj.
249. Explore v, to investigate systematically
250. Exploration n. exploratory adj.
251. Item n, a single article or unit
252. Mandatory a, required or commanded, obligatory
253. Merchandise n, items available in stores

254. Strict a, precise. Exact
255. Strictness n. strictly adv.
256. Trend n, the current style
L17 Ordering Supplies
257. Diverse a, different; made up of distinct qualities
258. Diversify v. diversity n.
259. Enterprise n, a business; a large project
260. Essential a, indispensable, necessary
261. Everyday a, common, ordinary
262. Function v, to perform tasks
263. Function n. functional adj.
264. Maintain v, to continue, to support, to sustain
265. Maintainability n. maintainable adj.
266. Obtain v, to acquire
267. Prerequisite n, something that is required or necessary as a prior condition
268. Quality n, a distinguishing characteristic
269. Smooth a, without difficulties; deliberately polite and agreeable in order to win favor
270. Smooth out v. Smoothly adv
271. Source n, the origin
272. Stationery n, writing paper and envelopes
L18 Shipping
273. Accurate a, exact; errorless
274. Accuracy n. accurately adv.
275. Carrier n, a person or business that transports passengers or goods
276. Catalog a, a list or itemized display; v, to make an itemized list of
277. Fulfill v, to finish completely
278. Fulfilling gerund fulfillment n.
279. Integral a, necessary for completion
280. Inventory n, goods in stock; an itemized record of these goods
281. Minimize v, to reduce, to give less importance to

282. Minimal adj. Minimum n.
283. On hand a, available
284. Remember v, to think of again
285. Ship v, to transport; to send
286. Shipper n. shipment n.
287. Sufficient a, as much as is needed
288. Supply v, to make available for use
L19 Invoices
289. Charge n, an expense or a cost; v, to demand payment
290. Compile v, to gather together from several sources
291. Customer n, one who purchases a commodity or service
292. Discount n, a reduction in price; to reduce in price
293. Efficient a, acting or producing effectively with a minimum of waste
294. Estimate v, to approximate the amount or value of something; to form am opinion
a. About something
295. Estimation n. estimating gerund
296. Impose v, to establish or apply as compulsory; to force upon others
297. Imposition n. imposing adj.
298. Mistake n, an error or a fault
299. Mistaken v. adj.
300. Order n, a request made to purchase something ; v, to command or direct
301. Prompt adj being on time or punctual, carried out without delay, n. a reminder or a cue
302. Promptness n. prompt v.
303. Rectify v. to set right or correct
304. Terms n. conditions
L20 Inventory
305. Adjust v. to change in order to match or fit, to cause to correspond
306. Adjustment n. adjustable adj.
307. Automatic adj. Operating independently
308. Automation n. automatically adv.

309. Crucial adj. Extremely significant or important
310. Discrepancy n. a divergence or disagreement
311. Disturb v. to interfere with, to interrupt
312. Disturbance n. disturbingly adv.
313. Liability n. an obligation a responsibility
314. Reflect v. to given back a likeness
315. Reflection n. reflector n.
316. Run v. to operate
317. Scan v. to look over quickly
318. Subtract v. to take away, to deduct
319. Tedious adj. Tiresome by reason of length, slowness, or dullness, boring
320. Verify v. to prove the truth of
L21 Banking
321. Accept v. to receive, to respond favorably
322. Acceptance n. acceptable adj.
323. Balance n. the remainder, v. to compute the difference between credits and debits of an
324. Borrow v. to use temporarily
325. Cautious adj. Careful, wary
326. Deduct v. to take away from a total, to subtract
327. Deductible n. deduction n.
328. Dividend n. a share in a distribution
329. Down payment n. an initial partial payment
330. Mortgage n. the amount due on a property, v. to borrow money with your house as
331. Restriction n. a limitation
332. Restrict v. restricted adj.
333. Signature n. the name of a person written by the person
334. Sign n. v.
335. Take out v. withdraw, remove

336. Transaction n. a business deal
L22 Accounting
337. Accounting n. the recording and gathering of financial information for a company
338. Accountant n. account n.
339. Accumulate v. to gather, to collect
340. Accumulation n. accumulated adj.
341. Asset n. something of value
342. Audit n. a formal examination of financial records, v. to examine the financial
343. Budget n. a list of probable expenses and income for a given period
344. Budget v. budgetary adj.
345. Build up n. to increase over time
346. Client n. a customer
347. Debt n. something owed, as in money or goods
348. Outstanding adj. Still due, not paid or settled
349. Profitable adj. advantageous, beneficial
350. Profit v. n.
351. Reconcile v. to make consistent
352. Turnover n. the number of times a product is sold and replaced or an emloyee leaves and
another employee is hired
L23 Investments
353. Aggressive adj. Competitive, assertive
354. Attitude n. a felling about something or someone
355. Commitment n. a promise
356. Commit v. noncommittal adj.
357. Conservative adj. Cautious, restrained
358. Fund n. an amount of money for something specific, v to provide money for
359. Invest v. to put money into a business or activity with the hope of making more money, to
put effort into something
360. Investment n. investor n.
361. Long-term adj. involving or extending over a long period

362. Portfolio n. a list of investments
363. Pull out v. to withdraw, to stop participating, n. a withdrawal, removal
364. Resource n. assets, valuable things
365. Return n. the amount of money gained as profit
366. Returns n. returnable adj.
367. Wise adj. Knowledgeable, able to offer advice based on experience
368. Wisdom n. wisely adv.
L24 Taxes
369. Calculate v. to figure out, to compute
370. Calculation n, calculator n.
371. Deadline n. a time by which something must be finished
372. File v. to enter into public record, n. a group of documents or information about a person or
an event
373. Fill out v. to complete
374. Give up v. to quit, to stop
375. Joint adj. Together, shared
376. Owe v. to have a debt. To be obligated to pay
377. Owner n. owing gerund
378. Penalty n. a punishment, a consequence
379. Penalize v. penal adj.
380. Prepare v. to make ready
381. Preparation n. preparatory adj.
382. Refund n. the amount paid back, v, to give back
383. Spouse n. a husband or wife
384. Withhold v. to keep from. To refrain from
L25 Financial Statements
385. Desired adj. Wished or longed for
386. Desire n. v.
387. Detail v. to report or relate minutely or in particulars
388. Forecast n, a prediction of a future event .v. to estimate or calculate in advance

389. Level n. a relative position or rank on a scale
390. Overall adj. Regarded as a whole, general
391. Perspective n. a mental view or outlook
392. Projected adj. Estimated, or predicted based or present data
393. Project n. v.
394. Realistic adj. Tending to or expressing an awareness of things as they really are
395. Reality n. realistic adj.
396. Target v. to establish as a goal, n. a goal
397. Translation n. the act or process of translating
398. Translate v. translatable adj.
399. Typical adj. Conforming to a type
400. Yield n. an amount produced, v. to produce a profit
L26 Property and department
401. Adjacent adj. next to
402. Collaboration n. the act pf working with someone
403. Collaborate v. collaboration n.
404. Concentrate v. to focus, to think about
405. Conducive adj. Contributing to, leading to
406. Disrupt v. to interrupt, to disturb
407. Disruption n. disruptive adj.
408. Hamper v. to impede or interfere
409. Inconsiderate adj. Rude, impolite.
410. Lobby n. an anteroom, foyer, or waiting room
411. Move up v. to advance, improve position
412. Open to adj. Receptive to, vulnerable
413. Opt v. to choose, to decide on
414. Option n. optimal adj.
415. Scrutinize v. to look at carefully and closely
416. Scrutiny n. inscrutable adj.
L27 Board Meetings and committees

417. Adhere to v. to follow, to pay attention to
418. Agenda n. a list of topics to be discussed
419. Bring up v. to introduce a topic
420. Conclude v. to stop, to come to a decision
421. Conclusion n. conclusive adj.
422. Go ahead v. to proceed with, n. permission to do something
423. Goal n. objective, purpose
424. Lengthy adj. Long in time, duration, or distance
425. Matter n. an item, issue, topic of interest
426. Periodically adv. From time to time
427. Period n. periondic adj.
428. Priority n. something of importance, something that should be done before other things
429. Prioritize v. prior adj.
430. Progress n. a movement forward, v. to move forward on something, especially work or a
431. Progression n. progressive adj.
432. Waste b. not to use wisely, n. not worthwhile.
L28 Quality control
433. Brand n. an identifying mark or label, a trademark
434. Conform v. to match specifications or qualities
435. Defect n. an imperfection or flaw
436. Defect n. defective adj.
437. Enhance v. to make more attractive or valuable
438. Garment n. an article of clothing
439. Inspect v. to look at closely, to examine carefully or officially
440. Inspection n. inspector n.
441. Perceive v. to notice, to become aware of, to see
442. Perception n. perceptive adj.
443. Repel v. to keep away, to fight against
444. Repellent n. adj.

445. Take back b. to return something, to withdraw or retract
446. Throw out v. to dispose of
447. Uniform adj. Consistent in form or appearance
448. Wrinkle n. a crease, ridge, or furrow, especially in skin or fabric
L29 Product Development
449. Anxious adj. Worried
450. Anxiety n. anxiously adv.
451. Ascertain v. to discover, to find out for certain
452. Assume v. to take upon oneself, to believe to be true
453. Assumed adj. Assumption n.
454. Decade n. a period of ten years
455. Examine v. to interrogate, to scrutinize
456. Experiment v. to try out a new procedure or idea, n. a test or trial
457. Experimentation n. experimental adj.
458. Logical adj. formally valid, using orderly reasoning
459. Research n. the act of collecting in formation about a particular subject
460. Responsibility n. task
461. Responsible adj. Responsibly adv.
462. Solve v. to find a solution, explanation, or answer
463. Supervisor n. an administrator in charge
464. Systematic adj. Methodical in procedure, organized
L30 Renting and Leasing
465. Apprehensive adj. Anxious about the future
466. Apprehend v. apprehension n.
467. Circumstance n. a condition, a situation
468. Condition n. the state of something, a requirement
469. Conditional adj. Condition v.
470. Due to prep. Because of
471. Fluctuate v. to go up and down, to change
472. Fluctuation n. fluctuating gerund.

473. Get out of v. to escape, to exit
474. Indicator n. a sign, a signal
475. Indicate v. indication n.
476. Lease n. a contract to pay to use property for an amount of time, v. to make a contract to
use property
477. Lock into v. to commit, to be unable to change
478. Occupancy n. the state of being or living in a certain place
479. Option n. a choice, an alternative
480. Subject to adj. Under legal power, dependent
L31 Selecting a Restaurant
481. Appeal adj., to be attractive or interesting
482. Arrive v., to reach a destination
483. Compromise n., a settlement of differences in which each side makes concessions
484. Daring adj., to have the courage required
485. Familiar adj., often encountered or seen; common
486. Guide n., one who leads, directs, or gives advice
487. Guidance n., guidable adj.,
488. Majority n., the greater number or part
489. Mix v., to combine or blend into one mass; n., a combination
490. Mixture n., mixable adj.,
491. Rely v., to have confidence in; to depend on
492. Reliability n., reliable adj.,
493. Secure v., to get possession of; to obtain
494. Subjective adj., particular to a given person; highly personal; not objective
495. Suggest v., to offer for consideration or action
496. Suggestion n., suggestible adj.,
L32 Eating out
497. Basic adj., serving as a starting point or basis
498. Complete adj., having all necessary or normal parts, components, or steps
499. Completion n., completely adv.,

500. Excite v., to arouse an emotion
501. Excitement n., exciting adj.,
502. Flavor n., a distinctive taste
503. Forget v., to be unable to remember
504. Forgetful adj., forgettable adj.,
505. Ingredient n., an element in a mixture
506. Judge v., to form an opinion
507. Mix-up n., a confusion; v., to confuse
508. Patron n., a customer, especially a regular customer
509. Predict v., to state, tell about, or make known in advance
510. Prediction n., predictable adv.,
511. Random adj., having no specific pattern, purpose, or objective
512. Remind v., to cause to remember
L 33 Ordering Lunch
513. Burdensome adj., of or like a burden; onerous
514. Common adj., widespread, frequent, usual
515. In common n., commonly
516. Delivery n., the act of conveying or delivering
517. Elegant adj., exhibiting refined, tasteful beauty
518. Elegance n., elegantly adv.,
519. Fall to v., to become one's responsibility
520. Impress v., to affect strongly, often favorably
521. Impression n., impressionable adj.,
522. Individual adj., by or for one person; special; particular
523. Individualize v., individually adv.,
524. List n., a series of names, words, or other items; v., to make a list
525. Multiple adj., having, relating to , or consisting of more than one part
526. Narrow v., to limit or restrict; adj., limited
527. Pick up v., to take on passengers or freight
528. Settle v., to make compensation for, to pay; to choose

L34 Cooking as a career
529. Accustom to v., to become familiar with, to become used to
530. Apprentice n., a student worker in a chosen field v.,
531. Apprenticeship n.,
532. Culinary adj., relating to the kitchen or cooking
533. Demanding adj., requiring much effort or attention
534. Draw v., to cause to come by attracting
535. Incorporate v., to unite one thing with something else already in existence
536. Incorporation n., incorporating gerund.,
537. Influx n., a flowing in
538. Method n., a procedure
539. Methodology n., methodical adj.,
540. Outlet n., a means of release or gratification, as for energies, drives, or desires
541. Profession n., an occupation requiring considerable training and specialized study
542. Professional adj., professionally adv.,
543. Relinquish v., to let go; to surrender
544. Theme n., an implicit or recurrent idea; a motif
L35 Events
545. Assist v., to give help or support to
546. Assistance n., assistant n.
547. Coordinate v., to adjust or arrange parts to work together
548. Dimension n., a measure of width, height, or length
549. Exact adj., characterized by accurate measurements or inferences
550. General adj., involving only the main feature rather than precise details
551. Generalize v., generally adv.,
552. Ideal adj., imaginary; existing as a perfect model
553. Idealize v., ideally adv.
554. Lead time n., the time between the initial stage of a project and the appearance of results
555. Plan n., a scheme for making something happen; v., to formulate a scheme
556. Proximity n., the state, quality, sense, or fact of being near or next to; closeness

557. Regulation n., rules, laws, or controls; v., to control
558. Regulate v., regulatory adj.,
559. Site n., a place or setting
560. Stage v., to exhibit or present
L36 General Travel
561. Agency n., an establishment engaged in doing business
562. Announcement n., a public notification
563. Announce v., announcer n.,
564. Beverage n., a drink other than plain water
565. Blanket n., a covering for keeping warm, especially during sleep; any full coverage; v., to
cover uniformly
566. Board v., to enter a boat, plane, or train; to furnish to see the roads v.,
567. Onboard adj.,
568. Claim v., to take as rightful; to retrieve
569. Delay v., to postpone until a later time; n., the period of time during which one is delayed
570. Embark v., to go onboard a flight or ship; to begin
571. Itinerary n., a proposed rout for a journey, showing dates and means of travel
572. Prohibit v., to forbid by authority or to prevent
573. Valid adj., having legal efficacy or correctness
574. Validate v., validation n.,
L37 Airlines
575. Deal with v., phrase, to attend to; mange; to see to
576. Destination n., the place to which one is going or directed
577. Distinguish v., to make noticeable or different]
578. Distinguishable adj., distinguishably adv.,
579. Economical adj., intended to save money, time, or effort
580. Economy n., economize v.,
581. Equivalent adj., equal
582. Excursion n., a pleasure trip; a trip at a reduced fare

583. Expensive adj., marked by high prices
584. Expense n., expensively adv.,
585. Extend v., to make longer; to offer
586. Prospective adj., likely to become or be
587. Situation n., the combination of circumstances at a given moment
588. Substantial adj., considerable in importance, value degree amount, or extent
589. Substance n., substantially adv.,
590. System n., a functionally related group of elements
L38 Trains
591. Comprehensive adj., covering broadly; inclusive
592. Comprehensiveness n., comprehensively adv.,
593. Deluxe adj., noticeably luxurious
594. Directory n., a book or collection of information or directions
595. Duration n., the time during which something lasts
596. Entitle v., to allow or qualify
597. Fare n., the money paid for transportation
598. Offset v., to counterbalance
599. Operate v., to perform a function
600. Operation n., operational adj.,
601. Punctual adj., prompt
602. Punctuality n., punctually adv.,
603. Relatively adv., somewhat
604. Remainder n., the remaining part
605. Remote adj., far removed
606. Remoteness n., remotely adv.,
L39 Hotels
607. Advance n., a move forward
608. Chain n, a group of enterprises under a single control
609. Check in v., to register at a hotel; to report one's presence
610. Confirm v., to validate

611. Confirmation n., confirmed adj.,
612. Expect v., to consider probable or reasonable
613. Expectation n., expectant adj.,
614. Housekeeper n., someone employed to do domestic work
615. Notify v., to report
616. Preclude v., to make impossible; to rule out
617. Quote v., to give exact information on; n., a quotation
618. Quotation n., quotable adj.,
619. Rate n., the payment or price according to a standard
620. Reserve v., to set aside
621. Reservation n., in reserve n.,
622. Service n., useful functions
L40 Car Rentals
623. Busy adj., engaged in activity
624. Coincide v., to happen at the same time
625. Coincidence n., coincidentally adv.,
626. Confusion n., a lack of clarity, order, or understanding
627. Contact v., to get in touch with
628. Disappoint v., to fail to satisfy the hope, desire, or expectation of
629. Intend v., to have in mind
630. Intention n., intent adj.,
631. License n., the legal permission to do or own a specified thing
632. Nervous adj., easily agitated or distressed; uneasy or apprehensive
633. Nervousness n., nervously adv.,
634. Optional adj., not compulsory or automatic
635. Tempt v., to be inviting or attractive to
636. Temptation n., tempting adj.,
637. Thrill n., the source or cause of excitement or emotion
638. Tier n., a rank or class
L41 Movies

639. Attain v., to achieve
640. Attainment n., attainable adj.,
641. Combine v., to come together
642. Continue v., to maintain without interruption
643. Continuation n., continual adj.,
644. Description n., a representation in words or pictures
645. Describe v., descriptive adj.,
646. Disperse v., to spread widely, to scatter
647. Entertainment n., a diverting performance or activity
648. Entertain v., entertaining adj.,
649. Influence v., to alter or affect
650. Range n., the scope
651. Release v., to make available to the pubic; to give permission for performance
652. Represent v., to typify
653. Separate adj., detached; kept apart
654. Successive adj., following in order
L42 Theater
655. Acting n., the series ((((((( of events that form the plot of a story or play
656. Approach v. to go near; to come close to in appearance or quality; n., a way or means of
reaching something
657. Approachable adj., approach n.,
658. Audience n., the spectators at a performance
659. Create v., to produce through artistic or imaginative effort
660. Creation n., creative adj.,
661. Dialogue n., a conversation between two or more persons
662. Element n., fundamental or essential constituent
663. Experience n., an event or a series of events participated in or lived through v.,
664. Experienced adj.,
665. Occur v., to take place; to come about
666. Perform v., to act before an audience, to give a public presentation of

667. Performance n., performer n.,
668. Rehearse ((((((( v., to practice in preparation for a public performance; to direct in
669. Review n., a critical estimate of a work or performance; v., writing a criticism of a
670. Sold out adj., having all tickets or accommodations completely sold, especially ahead of
time; v., to sell all the tickets
L43 Music
671. Available adj., ready for use; willing to serve
672. Broad adj., covering a wide scope((((((
673. Category n., a division in a system of classification; a general class of ideas
674. Categorize v., categorical adj.,
675. Disparate((((( adj., fundamentally distinct or different
676. Divide v., to separate into parts
677. Favorite adj., preferred
678. Favorable adj., favorably adv.,
679. Instinct n., an inborn pattern that is a powerful motivation
680. Preference n., someone or something liked over another or others
681. Prefer v., preferential adj.,
682. Reason n., the basis or motive for a action; an underlying fact or cause
683. Relaxation n., the act of reacting or the state of being relaxed; refreshment of body or mind
684. Relax v., relaxed adj.,
685. Taste n., the ability to discern what is excellent or appropriate
686. Urge((((((( v., to advocate earnestly; a., a natural desire
L44 Museums
687. Acquire v., to gain possession of; to get by one's own efforts
688. Admire v., to regard with pleasure; to have esteem or respect for
689. Collection n., a group of objects or works to be seen, studied, or kept together
690. Collect v., collector n.,
691. Criticism n., an evaluation, especially of literary or other artistic works

692. Criticize v., critic n.,
693. Express v., to give an opinion or depict emotion
694. Fashion n., the prevailing style or custom
695. Leisure n., freedom from time-consuming duties; free time
696. Respond v., to make a reply; to react
697. Response n., responsive adj.,
698. Schedule n., a list of times of events; v., to enter on a schedule
699. Significant adj., meaningful; having a major effect; important
700. Specialize v., to concentrate on a particular activity
701. Specialist n., specialized adj.,
702. Spectrum n., a range of related qualities, ideas, or activities
L45 Media
703. Assignment n., v., something, such as a task, that is assigned
704. Choose v., to select one thing over another
705. Choice n., choosy adj.,
706. Constant n., something that is unchanging or invariable(((((((((
707. Constitute((((((( n., to be the elements or parts of
708. Decisive adj., characterized by decision and firmness
709. Disseminate(((( v., to scatter widely; to distribute
710. Impact n., a strong, immediate impression
711. In depth adj., in complete detail; thorough
712. Investigative adj., specializing in uncovering and reporting hidden information
713. Investigation n., investigate v.,
714. Link n., an association; a relationship
715. Subscribe v., to receive a periodical regularly on order
716. Subscription n., subscribers n.,
717. Thorough ((((((((( adj., exhaustively complete
718. Thoroughness n., thoroughly adv.,
L46 Doctor's Office
719. Annual adj., yearly

720. Appointment n., arrangements for a meeting; a position in a profession
721. Assess v., to determine the value or rate of something
722. Assessment n., assessable adj.,
723. Diagnose (((( v., to recognize a disease; to analyze the nature of something
724. Diagnosis n., diagnostic adj.,
725. Effective adj., producing the desired effect; being in effect
726. Instrument n., a tool for precise work; the means whereby something is achieved
727. Manage v., to handle; to deal with; to guide
728. Prevent v., to keep from happening; to hinder
729. Prevention n., preventive
730. Recommend v., to present as worthy; to endorse
731. Recommendation n., recommendable adj.,
732. Record(((( v., to set down in writing; n., a official copy of documents
733. Refer v., to direct for treatment or information; to mention
734. Serious adj., weighty
L47 Dentist's office
735. Aware adj., having knowledge
736. Catch up v., to bring up to date
737. Distraction n., the act of being turned away from the focus
738. Distract v., distracted adj.,
739. Encouragement n., inspiration or support
740. Evident adj., easily seen or understood; obvious
741. Evidence n., evidently adv.,
742. Habit n., a customary manner or practice
743. Habitual adj., habitually adv.,
744. Illuminate((((((( v., to provide or brighten with light
745. Irritate((((((( v., to chafe or inflame, to bother
746. Irritation n., irritable adj.,
747. Overview n., a summary; a survey; a quick look
748. Position n., the right or appropriate place

749. Regularly adv., occurring at fixed intervals
750. Restore v., to bring back to an original condition
L48 Health Insurance
751. Allow v., to let do or happen; to permit
752. Allowance n., allowable adj.,
753. Alternative n., the choice between two mutually exclusive possibilities
754. Alternate v., alternatively adv.,
755. Aspect n., a feature element; an appearance
756. Concern v., to be of interest or importance to
757. Emphasize v., to stress
758. Emphasis n., emphatic adj.,
759. Incur (( v., to acquire or come into
760. Personnel n., a group of employees or workers
761. Policy n., a set of rules and regulations
762. Portion ((( n., a section or quantity within a larger thing; a part of a whole
763. Regardless adv., in spite of
764. Salary n., a fixed compensation paid regularly for work done; one's pay
765. Suitable adj., appropriate to a purpose or an occasion
766. Suit v., suitably adv.,
L49 Hospitals
767. Admit v., to permit to enter
768. Admittance n., admission n.,
769. Authorization n., the act of sanctioning
770. Designate v., to indicate or specify
771. Designation n., designator n.,
772. Escort n., a person accompanying another to guide or protect
773. Identify v., to ascertain the name or belongings of
774. Identifiable adj., identification n.,
775. Missing n., an inner calling to pursue an activity or perform a service
776. Permit v., to allow

777. Permissible adj., permission n.,
778. Pertinent adj., having relevance to the matter at hand
779. Procedure n., a series of steps taken to accomplish an end
780. Result n., an outcome
781. Statement n., an accounting showing an amount due; a bill
782. Usual adj., ordinary, expected
L50 Pharmacy
783. Consult v., to seek advice or information of
784. Consultation n., consultative adj.,
785. Control v., to exercise authoritative or dominating influence
786. Convenient adj., suited or favorable to one's purpose; easy to reach
787. Convenience n., conveniently adv.,
788. Detect v., to discover or ascertain
789. Detection n., detectable adj.,
790. Factor n., a contribution to an accomplishment, a result, or a process
791. Interaction n., an influence; a mutual activity
792. Limit n., the point beyond which something cannot proceed
793. Monitor v., to keep track of
794. Potential adj., capable of being but not ye in existence; possible
795. Sample n., a portion, piece, or segment that is representative of a whole
796. Sense n., a judgment; an intellectual interpretation
797. Volunteer n., one who performs a service without pay; v., to perform as a volunteer
798. Volunteerism n., voluntary adj.,