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A. Supply the correct tense of the verbs in brackets.
1. Look at those black clouds. It (rain)
2. We (not see) her since we (be) on holiday in Ha Long bay.
3. Phuong (not finish) her homework yet.
4. Would you like some coffee? I just (make) some.
5. Noone ( use) this car for several years.
6. Last night when we (visit) him, he (do) an experiment on the
7. The sewing machine which you (use) at present (invent) in
1830 by a French.
8. I (not see) your uncle recently. - No .He (not go) out since he
(buy) a new color television.
9. Do you know what the pudding (make) from? - I'm not sure.
My mother often (cook) it at chistmas, but I never (ask) her
about it.
10. My uncle just (open) a new internet house on Trang Thi
11. Her grandfather (die) 20 years ago. She (never meet)
12. Linh's brother (lose) his job last month and since then he
(be) out of work.
13. You (see) Mrs Chi lately?- yes. I (see) her at the school
gate three days ago.
14. The door won't open unless you (push) it hard.
15. As soon as I (have) enough money, I'll buy a new car.
16. I (not use) the car this evening, so you can have it.
17. I (walk) along the street when I suddenly (feel)
something hit me in the back. I (not know) what it was.
18. It (be) cold when we (leave) the house that day, and a
light snow (fall)
19. I (not see) Daisy for ages. When I last (see) him, he (try)

to find a job in London.
20. I (walk) along the street when suddenly I (hear) footsteps
behind me. Somebody ( follow) me. I was frightened and I
(start) to run.
21. When I was young , I ( want) to be a bus diver.
22. I wish I (not be) here now.
23. They (practice) their music lesson at 7 o'clock last night.
24. Thu (look) after her little brother next Sunday.
25. This book (just publish) by Kim Dong publisher.
26. The kids (sleep) when the bell rang.
27. Kim (tell) us some fairy tales tonight.
28. Who you (talk) to on the phone now, Minh?
29. Where your new friend (live) , Nga? - She (live) on Hang
Bac Street.
30. You(be) free next Sunday morning, Tan? - No,I and my
brother (visit) our grandparents.
31. Trang (not be) in her room at the moment. She (cook) in
the kitchen.
32. Lien (not go) to the movie theater tomorrow. She (stay)
at home and watch TV.
33. Take these pills and you ( feel) better then, Ba!
34. Minh (not visit) the museum with his class last Sunday
because he (catch) a cold.
35. The Pikes (move)to London since 2002.
36. The students ( Play) badminton at the moment.
37. Ba and Phong (know) each other quite well for years
38. The phone (ring) at midnight last night.
39. The Brown (travel) to Asia many times.
40. What you (do) last weekend? - I (go) to the theater with
my family.

41. John and I (be) pen pals for nearly three years.
42. We used (write) to each other every month when we (be)
at secondary school.
43. Minh (know) a little English, so she (wish) she (can)
speak it fluently.
44. Maryam (stay) with us at the moment. She (be) my
sister's friend.
45. My mother (wash) the dishes while we (clean) the floor.
46. Listen! The teacher (explain) the lesson.
47. Viet Nam (have) a lot of mountains and there (be) many
tall and big trees there.
48. Lan (borrow) some books from the library since
49. Uyen (take) a bus to school every day.
50. Farmers often (harvest) their crops in August.
51. They( leave) Hanoi for HCM City yesterday.
52. You look tired. You (work) hard?
53. The new TV station (not build) since last month
54. The Sun always (rise) in the East. Look! It (rise) now.
55. She (learn) English since she was ten.
56. If I (know), I would help you.
57. The play already (begin) by the time we arrived at the
58. Mr Pike (live) here for 25 years.
59. He (sleep) soundly when the rain started.
60. As soon as I (have) enough money, I'll buy a new car.
61. The door won't open unless you (push) it hard.
B. Supply the correct form of the verb in brackets.
1. By (work) day and night he succeeded in ( finish) the job in

2. The boys like (play) games but hate (do) lessons.
3. His doctor advised him (give up) (smoke)
4. I prefer ( order) to (order)
5. most of the earth's surface (cover) by water.
6. The first festival (hold) nearly eight hundred years ago.
7. There's someone behind us. I think we (follow)
8. This bike (use) for more than six years.
9. The Eiffel Tower is in Paris. It (visit) by million people every
10. Tet holiday in Vietnam (celebrate) around January and
11. He should know how (use) the lift, but if he doesn't you'd
better (show) him
12. He (allow) (open) a new restaurant on the main road by
the city council.
13. please go on (write) ; I don’t mind (wait)
14. I advised her (ask) the conductor to tell her where (get
15. Her grandfather (die) 20 years ago. She (never meet)
16. All students objected to (do) that work.
17. You should practice (speak) English everyday.
18. I can't help (feel) anxious about her study.
19. If you keep (make) such a noise, she'll complain.
20. It's no use (attempt)(have) dinner in two minutes.
21. Do you mind (see) these photos again?
22. It took us ages to get used to (live) in flats.
23. I told my mother that I wanted to ( wake) up at 6.30
24. I don’t mind driving but I prefer to (drive) by other

25. Would you like (have) breakfast with eggs, children?
26. The astronaut's clothes (make) from special materials.
27. My brother is an architect. He loves (design) new
28. After (spend) two days (argue) about where to go for
their holidays.
29. They decided (not go) to the cinema.
30. I was just about (leave) the office when the phone rang.
31. It would be not good (ask) Tom (do) that work.
32. I saw Paul (watch) television when came to see him.
33. I don’t mind (travel) by bus.
34. There is no point in (arrive) half an hour early.
35. It's no use (ask) children to work harder.
36. Let's go (fish) today. There's nice wind.
37. After (spend) a week in that place, he decided to come
back immediately.
38. Bill couldn’t stand (see) anyone (sit) round all time.
39. He has admited (steal) his friend's car.
40. I see him (pass) my house everyday.
41. The grass needs (cut)
42. She saw him (change) the wheel
43. I found a tree (lie) across the road.
44. I wasted hours (look) for this book.
45. Pardon me for (be) late. It is very kind of you ( wait) for
46. I still remember (hear) her (sing) this song.
47. Try (finish) it . It is no use (complain)
48. I distinctly remember (pay) him. I gave him two dollars
49. If only he (know) then that the disease was curable
50. The teller was made (lie) down on the floor

51. You risk (lose) your money when you put it into that
52. It is difficult to get used to (eat) with chopsticks
53. I prefer (drive) to (be driven)
54. Would you mind (lend) me $ 5. I forgot (cash) a cheque.
55. I’ll never forget (meet) her years ago.
56. She was made (pay) back the money.
57. He described the accident as if he (see) it himself
58. Had he learnt the poem, he (tell) her about it
59. Cant you see that I’m busy (write)?
60. Hardly I (arrive) when a quarrel broke out
61. How you (get) on at school ?
62. Hardly he (take) up the book when the phone (ring)
63. Coming into the room he (see) Mary where he (leave)
64. It’s time we (leave) for the airport
65. Is there any thing here worth (buy)?
66. Provided you leave now, you ( catch) the train.
67. As long as you (use) my car carefully, you can lend you
some days.