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unit 6leson 1

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Unit 6: After school

Lesson 1

: A


A.Objectives: By the end of the lesson, Sts will be able to speak about
activities after school and give the invitation .

B.Teaching aids: Text book, cassette, tape, pictures

C. Methods: Brainstorming, presentation text, questions and answers,

D. Contents

I- Organization ( 1’):

Class……… Date of teaching ……… Absent Ss:

……… ………

II- Warm up and Revision (5’): Good morning
How are you today?
III-New lesson (34’):

Teacher & students activitiesContents

* Network:

- Ask sts to think of their after school

- Divide the class into two teams, ask them to
go to the board to write the words .

- Correct.

Step 1: Pre Reading
1. Vocabulary :

- Sts listen.

- Listen and repeat (chorally then

watch TV

1. Vocabulary

- practice (v) thực hành, luyện tập
- together ( adv) cùng nhau
- come along: tham gia, thăm
- need: cần


- Copy.

* Checking: Rub out and remember

2. Pre questions.

- Teacher presents the dialogue between Minh
and Hoa, asks students to predict the answers
for the following questions.

- Get feedback from students.
Step 2: While - reading
* A1 page 60.

- Ask students to read A1 and check their

* Comprehension questions.

- Read and answer the questions from a to f

on page 61

- Get feedback from students by asking
students to ask and answer aloud.

- Ask students to retell how to use and forms
of present simple and present progressive

Step 3: Post - reading
Noughts and crosses

- Ask students to play in two teams using

present progressive tense

Lan/ do her

These boys/
play soccer

Minh/ watch TV
You/ listen to

music Mai and Hoa/ talk The girls/ skip rope
They/ play


Long and Minh
/ chat

Ba/ play guitar

2. Reading

1. Is Hoa doing her housework?
2. Does Minh like sports?


1. No, she is doing her Math homework.
2. Yes, she does.

Answer Key:

a/ She’s doing her math homework.
b/ They are going to get a cold drink.
c/ He’s in the music room.

d/ He’s learning to play the guitar.
e/ He usually meets his friends.
f/ She like playing volleyball.

Eg: S1:What is Lan doing?
S2: She is doing her homework
Lan/do her

homework These boys/play soccer Minh/ watch TV
You/ listen

to music Mai and Hoa/ talk The girls/ skiprope
They/ play

marbles Long and Minh

/ chat

Ba/ play


IV. Summary ( 2 ): ’ - Ask students to retell how to use present progressive

and activities after school.

V. Homework ( 2 ): - ’ Study the lesson

- Do Exercises in Workbook
- Prepare new leeson: Unit 6: A2

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