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TEST 15’

Name: ________________________________________________- Class 10A

Choose the best answer

1. _____have you known him? ~ I’ve known him for 2 years.

A. How much B. How long C. How far D. How many

2. They _____ this stadium in 2000.

A. build B. built C. have built D. was building

3. He _____ here since he graduated.

A. works B. worked C. has worked D. is working

4. In order to be chosen into the school team, Hung practices _____ soccer every day.

A. played B. playing C. to play D. play

5. I’ll try my best _____ this report as soon as possible.

A. to finish B. finish C. finishing D. finished

6. Mr. Minh is a cyclo driver. Most of his _____ are foreigners. They like going around by cyclo.
A. customers B. friends C. children D. passengers

7. _____didn’t he go to Lan’s birthday party? ~ He had to finish the homework.

A. What B. Where C. When D. Why

8. Listen! Someone _____ the door.

A. knocks B. knocked C. will knock D. is knocking
9. It is the most boring film I _____.

A. see B. saw C. will see D. have seen

10. My father decided _____our family to somewhere better.

A. move B. to move C. moving D. moved

11. An’s mother is worried about his safety because there is so much _____ on his way to school.

A. traffic B. jams C. crowds D. corners

12. Most children enjoy _____ to the circus.

A. taking B. to take C. being taken D. to be taken

13.Choose the word that has the underlined part pronounced differently from the others

A. music B. huge C. hungry D. duty

14.Choose the word whose main stress is placed differently from the others

A. consider B. memory C. interesting D. difficult

Rewrite the sentence in such a way that it means the same as the given one

15. Learning a language is difficult.

 It ___________________________________
16. I don’t eat meat any more.

 I’ve given up_____________________________

Use the words given to make complete sentences (you can change the word form)

17. Last night/ I/ go/ bed/ early/ because/ I/ be/ tired

18. Daisy/ interested in/ cook


Supply the correct word forms

19. They sat ____________________by the stream. (QUIET)

20. We like wearing _________________________clothes. (COMFORT)

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