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Đề kiểm tra HK II - Khối 11,mã đề 209

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Trường THPT Ngọc Lặc
Thời gian làm bài: 45 phút;
Mã đề thi 209
Họ, tên thí sinh:..........................................................................
Số báo danh:...............................................................................
A. Phần chung cho cả 3 ban:
I. Choose one word whose underlined part is pronounced different from others:
Câu 1: A. Cattle B. Plan C. Cat D. Made
Câu 2: A. Now B. Allow C. Cow D. Know
Câu 3: A. Hotel B. Hour C. Honest D. Heir
Câu 4: A. Chair B. Chemistry C. Chalk D. Teacher
Câu 5: A. Invent B. Twice C. Milk D. Deliver
II. Choose from the four options given (marked A, B, C and D) one best answer to
complete each sentence:
Câu 6:
His jacket is……….of leather.
A. made B. produce C. invent D. done
Câu 7:
Over 1,500 new houses………each year.Last year 1,720 new houses………
A. are building/were built B. were built/were built
C. are built/were built D. were built/were being built
Câu 8:
There are five nice……… in my grandma’s house.
A. clubs B. room C. buildings D. furniture
Câu 9:
Letters are……..by the postman at 6 o’clock every morning.
A. provided B. emptied C. delivered D. chosen
Câu 10:

You got………marks in the English exam.Congratulation!
A. bad B. extra C. interesting D. excellent
Câu 11:
A new stadium……..be built in the city centre next month.
A. was B. is C. will D. were
Câu 12:
Make sure that the children will not be ………alone while we are at work.
A. left B. leaving C. to left D. leave
Câu 13:
Telephone was………by Alexander Graham bell.
A. discovered B. bought C. produce D. invented
Câu 14:
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This calculator is a new model from our company.You can see it at our present………
A. museum B. check-out C. shopping mall D. exhibition
Câu 15:
Columbus was the man who……america in 1492.
A. discovered B. knew C. explored D. invented
Câu 16:
The twins……..in 1995.
A. are born B. born C. were born D. was born
Câu 17:
My house………by my sister every day.
A. was cleaned B. cleans C. cleaned D. is cleaned
Câu 18:
This watch is made………stell and iron.
A. with B. of C. in D. from
Câu 19:
Huong and Linh have been close friend………more than ten years.
A. since B. during C. for D. in

Câu 20:
The teacher has……..come into the classroom.
A. still B. already C. recently D. yet
Câu 21:
Have you got any………shirt?
A. cheapest B. expensive C. the most expensive D. cheaper
Câu 22:
We………studying in our classroom at 9 o’clock yesterday morning.
A. were B. will C. have D. was
Câu 23:
At 8 o’clock yesterday morning,he……..his flat.
A. was cleaning B. were cleaning C. clean D. cleans
B. Phần dành riêng cho từng ban
Ban cơ bản:
III. Identify one of the incorrect underlined part in the following sentences:
Câu 24:
My house was broke into when i was on holiday in Ha Long Bay last
month. A B C D
Câu 25:
The tiger was put by a truck and was taken back to its cage.
Câu 26:
After rice is cut,potatoes are grown over the field
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Câu 27:
They are going to returned to the USA next week.
Câu 28:
I do not know where my dog is now.He has went away for one year.

IV. The words in the original sentence have been in disorder.Choose from the options
(A, B, C and D) one best way to rearrange the words to make a meaningful sentence:
Câu 29:
A. I am going to have a next week party. B. I am to have going to a party next week.
C. I am going to have a party next week. D. I am going to have next week a party.
Câu 30:
Papers/delivered/are every day.
A. Papers delivered are every day. B. Papers are delivered every day.
C. Papers are every day delivered. D. Papers every day are delivered.
Câu 31:
A. The house caught TV when I was watching fire.
B. The house was watching fire when I caught TV.
C. The house was watching TV when I caught fire.
D. The house caught fire when I was watching TV.
Câu 32:
I/boy/used/a/to/was go/I/swimming/when.
A. I used go to swimming when I was a boy. B. I used to go simming when I was a boy.
C. I was a boy when I used to go swimming. D. I used a boy when I was to go swimming.
Câu 33:
A. A day twice are the cows fed. B. The cows fed are fed a day twice.
C. The cows are fed twice a day. D. The cows fed are twice a day.
Ban C:
III. Read the following passage then choose the correct answer for each question:
Tomorrrow i am going to fly to Vietnam with my Australian husband.My family moved to
Australia 25 years ago when I was only 5.i went back to Vietnam with my mother 10 years ago
and we stayed there for only a fornight.I am very excited about the trip tomorrow.We are going

to spend a few months visiting my relatives as well as my friends and travelling around.If we
still have time and money,we will visit some other South East Asian countries like Thailand and
Gingapore.I used to go these countries on business but this time will be different because it is
our holiday.
Câu 34:
Who is going with her to Vietnam?
A. Her relatives. B. Her husband. C. Her mother. D. No one.
Câu 35:
Trang 3/4 - Mã đề thi 209
How old is she?
A. 5. B. 10. C. 30. D. 25.
Câu 36:
How long are they going to stay in Vietnam?
A. Five weeks. B. One week. C. Ten weeks. D. Several months
Câu 37:
For what purpose did she use to go to Thailand and Singapore?
A. To visit relatives. B. On business. C. On holiday. D. To visit friends.
Câu 38:
All the following statementss about the author are true EXCEPT that:
A. Her husband is Australian.
B. She and her husband are going to Vietnam by plane.
C. Her first visit to Vietnam lasted 14 days.
D. This trip to Vietnam will be no longer than the previous one.
IV. Identify one mistake in each of the following sentence:
Câu 39:
The rain came sudden and everybody got wet because nobody had an
umbrella. A B C D
Câu 40:
It was such a delighted novel that I can not stop reading it.

Câu 41:
Peter broken his leg when he fell off his bike.
Câu 42:
Mary is waiting in a queue when she saw her classmate,Anna.
Câu 43:
He was seen to go out on a beautiful girl by my mother yesterday.
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