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1. What is your favorite sport?

I am especially interested in playing tennis
2. What’s your favorite time of the year?/ What’s your favorite season?

The most suitable season for me is summer

What’s your job?
I am a student at National Economic university and my major is Business

4. What do you usually do in the evening?

I often watch television and have conversations with my family after dinner
5. What’s the weather like today?

It is about 32 degrees and quite pleasant for go to out
6. How do you go to school?

I always drive my motorbye to my university
7. What did you do last night?

I watched television and had a great cake with my mom.
8. What’s your favorite kind of books/films?

I am especially interesting in financial books/ action movie.
9. What’s your hobby?

I am crazy about fashion design

10. What’s your favorite color?

I am particulary keen on red because of its charm

Part 2: Please write some reasons why you are interested in gardening
I am especially keen on gardening because it helps me can relax and release stress
after school time. Besides, I love being immersed in nature and have more
inspiration to cook delicious food from my garden.

Part 3:
1. Welcome to the club. I joined in the club because my friend gave me a
membership card as a gift. What’s your reason?
I was introduced to a garden club by a friend.I feel that the club very attractive and
interesting . Joining the club has helped me have more happiness after work and
expand more relationships. Moreover, the club also helps me access to many
useful knowledge about the plant world.

2 Welcome! Can you tell me about your garden?
I have a nice little garden behind my house, it's about 40 square meters. The
garden is quite simply decorated with surrounding fences and a small gate for the
entrance. There are many types of plants in the garden such as carrot, chili, lemon,
tomato ... to serve for cooking.

3. What’s your favorite season of the year?
(tự viết)

Part 2 (20-30 words): tell us about yourself and what you are looking for in a new

I’m an extrovert who prefers to be active. Therefore, I’d like to 200 square meters
mansion with luxurious and creative style. Specially, I enjoy walking on the beach so it
would be great if my house is near the sea.

Part 3:
A: What do you want to know about living in the UK?
Thanks for your interest! My family is going to leave for London next month so I’m
highly excited to discover new places in here. I’d like to know about people, traffic,
tourist attractions, … Besides, I’d be grateful if you suggest where I might sign up for a
language course.
B: How many people are there in your family? What do you like doing together?
My family includes four members: my parent, my younger sister and me. We are often
busy from Monday to Saturday so we only have free time to have meals and watch
movies together on the weekend. Sometimes, we plan to go on a picnic or travel to a
exciting destination.
C: Where do you live at the moment? What’s it like?
Now, I’m living in a 3-storey house with my parents. It’s a suburban home away from
the bustling city. Therefore, the scene is very peaceful and romantic. Besides, my house
is surrounded by confetti and in front of the house is a small garden with many kinds of

Part 2: Please tell me about your free time and interests.
In my downtime, I frequently play sports in the park with my friends. My favorite
sport is badminton. I feel that doing this sport improves my well-being such as
promoting my height growth as well as body toning.
Part 3
A. Why did you join the language course?

I signed up for this master course because English is the most commonly spoken
language in the world. If I can speak English as fluent as a native speaker, there
will be numerous of opportunities for me to find a well-paid job.
B. How have you found the course difficult so far?
Speaking is probably the most difficult challenge when I study English. Obviously,
this skill is the key for people who want to communicate with others especially

whom come from different cultures. At the moment I’m not confident enough to
talk with foreigners. I will practice harder to improve my pronunciation.
C. What do you hope when you finish the course?
As you might know, my weakness is speaking skill so I hope when I finish this
course, I can talk with foreigners confidently. Besides possessing good knowledge
of English will allow me to enjoy films, music and literature from hundreds of
countries around the globe without subtitles.

(3 câu, mỗi câu trả lời trong 30s, đề thi thật sẽ thi vào 3 trong số các câu dưới đây.
E tự soạn câu trả lời và tự bấm giờ để nói trong 30s cho phù hợp tốc độ nói)
• 1. Tell me about a popular sport in Vietnam
• 2. What’s your favorite time/season of the year?
• 3. Tell me about your bedroom
• 4. Tell me typical meal in your country
• 5. Tell me the last time you went to a cinema
• 6. What kind of clothes are you wearing today?
• 8. What did you do last night?
• 9. What’s your favorite sport?
• 10. What do you often do before going to sleep?
• 11. Tell me about the city/the place where you live?
• 12. Describe this room that you are in (phòng thi)

• 14. What’s the best way to travel in your country?
• 16. Tell me about a famous singer/actress
• 17. Tell me about your best friend.

• 18. Tell me about your friends
• 19. Tell me the journey to here today
• 20. What are you going to do for the rest of the day?
• 21. tell me the last thing you saw on TV

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