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I, Choose the best answer to each question by circling A, B, C, or D.

1. “Would you like to spend the weekend with us?” They....her to spend the weekend with them.

A. advised B. ordered C. invited D. begged

2. “Could you open the window please?” She...him to open the window.

A. reminded B. ordered C. asked D. warned

3. “Go to bed immediately!” Mary’s mother ...her to go to bed immediately.

A. advised B. ordered C. begged D. asked

4. “Don’t forget to post the letter!” He...me to post the letter.

A. reminded B. ordered C. invited D. told

5. “Park the car behind the van.” The instructor ...him to park the car behind the van.

A. offered B. told C. asked D. ordered

6. “Please, please turn down the radio!” Mark’s sister ...him to turn the radio down.

A. reminded B. ordered C. asked D. begged

7. “Don’t play with the matches. They’re very dangerous.” The teacher....the children not to play with the

A. ordered B. warned C. asked D. begged

8. “I’ll give you a lift to the airport.” Michelle...to give her husband a lift to the airport.

A. refused B. asked C. offered D. invited

9. “I won’t lend you any more money.” Matthew...to lend me any more money.

A. offered B. asked C. refused D. begged

10. The teacher said to her students: “You need to study harder.” She ...her students to study harder.

A. asked B. advised C. ordered D. warned

II, Rewrite the following sentences in reported speech with infinitives.
1. “Remember to write to me soon,” she said to me.

(She reminded)

2. “You’d better spend more time learning to write,” I said to the boy. ( I advised )
3. “Would you like to have dinner with us tonight,” Mike said. (Mike invited )
4. “Please, please turn off the T.V, John,” said Tom. (Tom begged )

5. “Don’t lean your bicycle against my windows, boys,” said the shopkeeper. (The shopkeeper warned )
6. “Open the safe,” the robber said to the bank clerk. (The robber ordered )

7. “Leave this space clean,” the notice said. (The notice told )
8. “Mr.Brown, this is Miss White,” he said. (He introduced )
9. “Shall I open the window for you?” he said. ( He offered )
10. “I’ll wait for you. I promise,” he said to me. (He promised )

11. “Would you like to come with me?” John said to Mary. (John invited )
12. “You should take a holiday,” Jane said to David. (Jane advised )

13. “I thought you were going to take a holiday,” Tom said to Sophia. (John expected )
14. “Taking a holiday would be a good idea,” George said. (George proposed )

15. “ You really must take a holiday, Linda,” Jim said. (Jim told )
16.“Don’t touch that switch, Peter,” I said. (I warned )

17. “Read it before you sign it,” he said to his client. (He advised )

18. “Will you help me, please?” she said to me,” I can’t reach the top shelf” (She asked )
19.“Please do as I say,” he said to me. (He begged )

20. “Would you like me to help you with the cooking, Tom?” Laura said. (Laura offered)

21. “If you don’t pay the rasom, we’ll kill the boy,” said the kidnapper. (The kidnapper threatened)
22. “I won’t answer any questions,” Paul said (Paul agreed)

23. “Would you like to go camping with us next weekend?” said Minh to Phong. (Minh invited)
24. “Don’t forget to join in the contest tomorrow morning,” Lan said. (Lan reminded)

25. “Would you like me to clean the room for you, Minh?” she said. (She offered)

26. “If I were you, I would join the voluntary team tomorrow, Tom,” said Mike. (Mike advised)
27. “Lan, can you remember to buy some bread?” (Minh reminded)

28. “ If you like, I’ll help you do the decorating, Bac” (Linh offered)


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