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1. Đề số 1


I. Choose the word whose underlined part is pronounced differently from that of the

1. A. advantage B. adventure C. advertise D. addition
2. A. design B. preserve C. basic D. physical
3. A. concerned B. received C. attached D. concealed
4. A. cough B. rough C. enough D. touch
5. A. chooses B. houses C. rises D. horses
II. Identify the word whose stressed pattern is different from that of the others.
1. A. already B. complain C. arrangement D. temperature
2. A. inspire B. wealthy C. protect D. instinct
3. A. advance B. ancient C. cancer D. annual
4. A. mathematics B. statistics C. academy D. mechanic
5. A. gravitation B. behaviour C. manufacture D. recommend

I. Choose the best answer from A, B, C or D.

1. In his student days he was as poor as a church ... .

A. beggar B. miser C. mouse D. pauper
2. She may have been poor, but she was ... honest.

A. finally B. in the end C. at least D. at last
3. The manager was very ... with me about my prospects of promotion.

A. sincere B. friendly C. just D. frank
4. The unmarried ladies regard him as a very ... young man.

A. ineligible B. illegible C. illicit D. eligible
5. Mr Lazybones ... to work harder in future.

A. excepted B. agreed C. accorded D. accepted
6. He believed that promotion should be awarded on ..., not on length of service.
A. equality B. merit C. characteristics D. purposes
7. It is a criminal offence to ... the facts.

A. oppress B. suppress C. repress D. express
8. He ... the cart before the horse by buying the ring before he had proposed to


9. Every delicacy Miss Cook produces is done ... .

A. there and then B. at will C. sooner or later D. to a turn

10. She tells her small boy everyday not to be rude, but it’s like water off a duck’s ...

A. wings B. beak C. back D. feathers
11. Announcing that he was totally done ..., Grandfather retired to bed.
A. out B. with C. in D. down
12. Oliver Twist had already had his fair ... of food.

A. ratio B. help C. ration D. division
13. Some great men have had an ... school record.

A. indistinct B. indistinguishable C. extinguished D. undistinguished
14. Buyers and sellers were ... over prices.

A. hacking B. hugging C. heckling D. haggling
15. Within a few weeks all this present trouble will have blown ... .

A. along B. over C. out D. away
16. The six (and last) volume in the series is ... with its predecessors.
A. uniform B. similar C. like D. identical
17. Politicians often promise to solve all a country’s problems ... .

A. thick and fast B. on the whole C. of set purpose D. at a stroke
18. When the detectives finally trapped him, he had ... to lying.

A. resource B. retort C. resort D. recourse
19. My late grandmother ... me this silver teapot.

A. bequested B. willed C. bequeathed D. inherited
20. It was getting ... midnight when he left.

A. on B. on to C. to D. past

II. The following paragragh has 10 mistakes. Identify the mistakes in the lines and correct
them. Write your answer in the space provided.



course, it should be the two - way process, involving listening as well as talking. Regular
exchanges of ideas between managers and staff will help to create a good teamwork.

Mistake Correction Mistake Correction

1. 6.

2. 7.

3. 8.

4. 9.

5. 10.

III. Use the correct form of each of the words given in parentheses to fill in the blank in
each sentence.


A wedding between two strangers who met for the first time when they exchanged marital
vows during a peak time radio broadcast has come in for widespread

(1)... (critic). Carla Germaine and Greg Cordell were married after winning each
other in a ‘lonely heart’ competition organized by BRMB radio station. The service, perhaps
(2)...(surprise), attracted the highest ratings figures of the year.

The model and salesman were (3)... (dismiss) of their critics and
say they have made a serious (4)...(commit) to make their marriage work.
‘Everyone seems to have the (5)... (expect) that we will split up, but we’re
going to prove them wrong,’ Cordell said (6)... (defy).

The couple were selected from 200 (7)... (hope) candidates by a

panel including (8)... (relate) counsellors and an astrologer. As well as each
other, they won a free honeymoon in the Bahamas, a sports car and a luxury two bedroom


Most cat ansd dog owners would swear their pet was virtually human. It’s pleased to see
you and shows its disapproval when they go. It may not be particularly

(9)... (talk) or a genius mathematics but it sees grass as green and
inhabits as rich world of smells (10)... (imagine) to us. Until recently such
notions of a pet’s inner life, with (11)... (similar) to our own in some ways
would have been met with a (12)... (know) sneer in many respected
(13)... (science) circles. Nowdays in fact, claiming

(14)... (conscious) for your pets is commonplace. The problem now is
providing an adequate (15)... (define) of what this actually means. Is it about
having sensations like hunger and pain, or is it more about the ability to be aware that you are
experiencing something?


I. Read the following passage, and then choose the best answer from A, B, C,D.


and poet in Detroit when he began the Press with his personal savings as a way to copyright
the words to his ballad about a 1963 racial incident in which Whites killed three Black children.
The poem was printed as a broadside.

“By creating the Broadside Press, the most successful poetry institution in the history of
African American literature. Randall created something that had previously not existed in the

United States - an organization that would publish the works of Black poets,” explains Professor
Melba Boyd, a poet and former Press editor. Historically, work by Black poets had been

criticized for emphasizing political issues and not using the traditional poetic forms of the White
literary establishment. Thus, Black poets had found it difficult to get published.

Boyd is producing a film documentary that will present Randall’s biography as well as his
poetry. Randall served as general editor of the Press from 1965 to 1977. In the mid-seventies
sky-rocketing printing costs and the closing of many small bookstores to whom he had

extended credit left the Press in financial straits. Randall then sold the Press and slumped into
a depression, but in the 1980’s, he revived community support for the Press through the
Broadside Poets Theater. Boyd hopes her documentary on Randall will introduce more people
to African American literature.

1. According to the passage, the Broadside Press is the most famous as a publisher of

A. criticism of traditional White poetry.

B. biographies of famous African American poets.
C. poetry written by African Americans.

D. African American documentaries.
2. Who paid the cost to start the Press?

A. An organization Black writer B. Dudley Randall

C. Professor Boyd D. Many small bookstores

3. According to Professor Boyd, what significant change occurred because of the Broadside

A. Black poets returned to traditional poetic forms.

B. Historical works about African Americans began to appear in print.
C. The Black literary establishment began to emphasize political issues.
D. It became easier for Black poets to get their work in print.

4. What happened to the Broadside Press in the 1980’s?
A. It was renamed the Broadside Poets Theater.
B. It moved into a different community.

C. It regained popular support.

D. It helped support small bookstores during a depression.
5. What did the Broadside Poets Theater do?

A. helped get support for the Broadside Press.
B. led Randall into a personal depression.


D. supported many bookstores in the community.

II. Choose the best answer from A, B, C or D to fill in the gaps in the following passage.


If it fits inside a pocket, keeps you safe as well as in touch with your office, your mother
and your children, it is (1)……….. worth having. This is the (2)……….…. of the (3)…………

ranks of female mobile-phone users who are beginning to (4)………. the customer market.
Although Britain has been (5)…….…… to be one of the most expensive places in the
world to (6)………. a mobile phone, both professional women and (7)…...….. mothers are
underterred. At first, the mobile phone was a rich man plaything, or a businessman’s
(8)………... symbol. Now women own almost as telephones as men do - but for very
different reasons.

The main (9)…...…. for most women customers is that it (10)……….. a form of
communications back-up, wherever they are, in case of (11)……..… . James Tanner of
Tancroft Communications says: ‘The (12)…….… of people buying phones from us this year
were women - often young women - or men who were buying for their mothers, wives and
girlfriends. And it always seems to be a question of (13)………….of mind. ‘Size is also

(14)…………. for women. They want something that will fit in a handbag,’ said Mr Tanner, ‘The
tiny phones coming in are having a very big (15)…………. . This year’s models are only half the
size of your hand.’

1. A. totally B. certainly C. absolutely D. completely
2. A. vision B. vista C. view D. panorama
3. A. swelling B. increasing C. boosting D. maximising
4. A. master B. dominate C. overbear D. command
5. A. demonstrated B. shown C. established D. seen
6. A. function B. drive C. work D. run
7. A. complete B. total C. full-time D. absolute
8. A. prestige B. fame C. power D. status
9. A. attraction B. enticement C. charm D. lure
10. A. supplies B. furnishes C. provides D. gives

11. A. urgency B. emergency C. predicament D. contingency
12. A. most B. preponderance C. majority D. bulk

13. A. tranquility B. calmness C. serenity D. peace
14. A. crucial B. necessary C. urgent D. essential
15. A. impact B. impression C. perception D. image
III. Fill in each numbered gap with one suitable word.


The rest of the fishing fleet had (4)……….…. The harbour before dark, and the men from
these ships waited and watched with the wives and families of (5)……….… missing men. Some
had brought thick blankets and some flasks of hot drinks, knowing that the men (6)………..
be cold and tired. As dawn began to break over in the east, a small point of light was spotted in
the darkness of the water and a (7)….……… minutes later, (8)……… was a shout. Before
long, the two boats were turning in, past the lighthouse, to the inside of the harbour. The men
(9)………... helped out of their boats, and although they were stiff (10)…….. cold and tiredness,
they were all safe.


I. Finish each of the following sentences in such a way that it is as similar as possible in
meaning to the sentence printed before it.

1. Melissa’s father was very busy, but he still played with her.

Busy ...
2. Mrs Wilson says she’s sorry she didn’t attend the meeting yesterday morning.
Mrs Wilson sends ...
3. It’s almost nine months since I stopped subscribing to that magazine.

I cancelled ...
4. For further information, please send a self-addressed envelope to the above

Further information can ...
5. Richard only took over the family business because his father decided to retire early.
But for his ...
6. I have called this meeting in order to present the latest sales figures.

My purpose ...
7. Skyscrapers in the USA are on average taller than anywhere else in the world.
The average ...
8. I was surprised at how easy he was to talk to.

I hadn’t expected ...
9. Experts think that all dogs evolved from wolves.

All dogs are ...
10. The two sides never looked likely to reach an agreement.

At no time ...
II. Some people think that the use of computers should be restricted to reduce its

harmful effect on children. Do you agree or disagree? Write a composition of 200 words,
giving your opinion on the topic.



1. C 2. C 3. C 4. A 5. D

II. Identify the word whose stressed pattern is different from that of the others.(1/1)

1. D 2. B 3. A 4. A 5. B

I. Choose the best answer from A, B, C or D. (1/1)

1. C 2. C 3. D 4. D 5. B

6. B 7. B 8. C 9. D 10. C

11. C 12. C 13. D 14. D 15. B

16. A 17. D 18. D 19. C 20. A

II. Identify the mistakes in the lines and correct them. Write your answer in the space
provided. (1/1)

Mistake Correction Mistake Correction

1. is they is that they 6. introducing introduced

2. like as 7. depends depend

3. regularly in regularly of 8. which that

4. aspect aspects 9. the a

5. to tell telling 10. a good teamwork good teamwork

III. Use the correct form of each of the words given in parentheses to fill in the blank in
each sentence. (1/1)

1. criticism 2. surprisingly 3. dismissive 4. commitment 5. expectation
6. defiantly 7. hopeful 8. relationship 9. talkative 10. unimaginable
11. similarities 12. knowing 13. scientific 14. consciousness 15. definition

I. Read the following passage, and then choose the best answer from A, B, C or D. (2/1)

1. C 2. B 3. D 4. C 5. A

II. Choose the best answer from A, B, C or D to fill in the gaps in the following
passage. (1/1)

1. B 2. C 3. A 4. B 5. B

6. D 7. C 8. D 9. A 10. C

11. B 12. C 13. D 14. A 15. A

III. Fill in each numbered gap with one suitable word. (1/1)

1. had 2. which/that 3. too 4. reached 5. the

6. would 7. few 8. there 9. were 10. from/with


I. Complete the second sentence so that it has similar meaning to the first one. (1/1)
1. Busy as/though he was, Melisa’s father still played with her.

2. Mrs Wilson sends her apologies for not having attended the meeting yesterday

3. I cancelled my subscription to that magazine nine months ago.

4. Further information can be obtained by sending a self-addressed envelope to the
above address.

5. But for his father’s early retirement, Richard would not have taken over the family

6. My purpose in calling this meeting is to present the latest sales figures.
7. The average skycraper in the USA is higher than anywhere else in the world.
8. I hadn’t expected (that) he would be/ him to be so easy person to talk.

9. All dogs are thought to have evolved from wolves.

10.At no time did the two sides look likely to reach agreement.
II. Composition. ( 20 points )

+ Vocabulary and Grammar: 30 %
+ Style: 40 %

+ Content: 30 %

2. Đề số 2

A. PHONETICS (10 points)

Question 1: Pick out the word whose underlined part is pronounced differently from those
of the other words. Write your answers in the numbered blanks provided below (5p)
01. A. random B. canal C. many D. explanatory

02. A. good B. moon C. food D. balloon
03. A. provide B. product C. production D. procedure

04. A. kite B. bite C. Christian D. Christ
05. A. voltage B. voyage C. massage D. dosage

Question 2: Choose the word whose stress pattern is differently from those of the other
words. Write your answers in the numbered blanks provided below (5p)

06. A. argumentative B. psychological C. contributory D. hypersensitive
07. A. atomic B. brilliant C. determined D. ambitious
08. A. trigonometry B. explanatory C. immediately D. democracy
09. A. photograph B. payroll C. accent D. regretful
10. A. majority B. ceremony C. astronomy D. investiture

Question 3: Give the correct tense/ form of the verbs in the brackets. Write your answers
in the numbered blanks provided below (30p)


b. I know I (14. not write) to you before, but I (15. be) so busy recently that I (16. not have) time
for writing letters. I (17. telephone) you instead, but I (18. forget) your number.

c. Why didn’t you tell me you could lend me the money? I (19. not borrow) it from the bank.
d. He is walking (20. hurry) to the place where his ex-wife, a famous naturalist now (21. lie) (22.
bury) among the animals she (23. love) so much.

e. We will see Alice at the corner, she (24. wait) for us when we (25. arrive).
f. He resents (26. be) (27. tell) what (28. do).

g. Her mother (29. go) abroad last month, so it (30. not be) her you see at the theater last


Question 4: The passage below contains 10 errors. IDENTIFY and CORRECT them. (0) has
been done as an example. Write your answers in the numbered blanks below (20p)

Question 5: Fill in each blank with a suitable PREPOSITION or PARTICLE. Write your
answers in the numbered blanks provided below the passage. (10p)

41. We’re all very obliged_________ you

42. When the wound has healed_________ you can remove the plaster.
43. Without a fridge, fresh food will go_________ very quickly.

44. I’m faithful_________ my principle.

45. I haven’t heard_________ Mandy since she wrote in July.
46. This service is free_________ charge.

47. They went ahead contrary_________ my advice.

48. The weather was fine, and everyone was making_________ the coast.
49. We’re going_________ Tom’s car tomorrow.

50. Have a card_________ your sleeve.
C. READING (40 points)

Question 6: Read the following passage and choose the best answer. Write your answers
in the numbered blanks provided below the passage. (20p)


51. What is the author's main purpose in writing this passage?

A. To trace the career of Arnold Guyot.

B. To describe feature of the undersea world.

C. To present the results of recent geologic research.
D. To discuss underwater ridges and volcano chains

52. The word “conceal” is closest in meaning to which of the following?

A. Contain B. Erode C. Hide D. Create
53. The passage implies that guyots were first detected by means of________.

A. a fathometer B. computer analysic
C. a deep-sea diving expedition D. research submarines
54. The author indicates that Arnold Guyot________.

A. was Harry Hess's instructor B. invented the fathometer
C. named the guyed after himself D. taught at Princeton University
55. What does the passage say about the Arctic Ocean?

A. The first guyot was discovered there.
B. No guyots have ever been found there.

C. There are more guyots there than in any other ocean.
D. It is impossible that guyots were ever formed there.

56. The author states that offshore canyons and guyots have which of the following
characteristics in common?

A. Both are found on the ocean floor near continental shelves.

B. Both present oceanographers with a mystery.

C. Both were formed by volcanic activity.

D. Both were, at one time, above the surface of the sea.

57. According to the passage, most guyots are found at a depth of________.

A. less than 600 feet. B. between 600 and 3,200 feet.
C. between 3,200 and 6,500 feet D. more than 8,200 feet

51. Which of the following is closest in meaning to the word “rubble”?

A. Fragments B. Mixture C. Columns D. Core
51. According to the passage, which of the following two processes were involved in the
submersion of guyots?

A. Erosion and volcanic activity.

B. The sinking of the sea floor and the rising of sea level.
C. Mountain building and the action of ocean currents
D. High tides and earthquakes

60. According to the passage, when did sea level significantly rise?


C. From 8,000 to 11,000 years D. 80 million years ago

Question 7: Read the following passage and choose the best answer. Write your answers
in the numbered blanks provided below the passage. (20p)

As Christmas evolved in the United States, new customs were adopted and many old ones
were reworked. The legend of Santa Claus, for example, had origins in Europe and was

brought by Dutch settlers to New York in the early 18th century. Traditionally, Santa Claus - from

the Dutch Sinter Klaas - was depicted as a tall, dignified, religious figure riding a white horse
through the air. Known as Saint Nicholas in Germany, he was usually accompanied by Black
Peter, an elf who punished disobedient children. In North America he eventually developed into
a fat, jolly old gentleman who had neither the religious attributes of Saint Nicholas nor the strict
disciplinarian character of Black Peter.

Santa’s transformation began in 1823, when a New York newspaper published the poem A Visit
from Saint Nicholas, which Clement Clark Moore had written to amuse his daughter. The poem
introduced many Americans to the story of a kindly saint who flew over housetops in a
reindeer-drawn sleigh. Portraits and drawings of Santa Claus by American illustrator Thomas Nast
further strengthened the legend during the second half of the 19th century. Living at the North

Pole and assisted by elves, the modern Santa produced and delivered toys to all good children.
By the late 19th century he had become such a prominent figure of American folklore that in

1897, when Virginia O’Hanlon wrote to the New York Sun newspaper asking if Santa was real,
she received a direct answer: “Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Claus”.

61. Who brought the legend of Santa Claus to the USA according to the passage?

A. Sinter Klaas B. Saint Nicholas C. A German D. Dutch

62. Santa Claus was traditionally described as a________.

A. tall man who could walk through the air. B. fat, jolly, old man.

C. religious figure. D. fat man riding a white horse.
63. Santa Claus in North America was depicted as________.

A. a man with the strict disciplinarian character of Black Peter.
B. a good old man with less religious character.

C. one with religious attributes of Saint Nicholas.
D. a jolly man on horseback.

64. Who was Black Peter?

A. an elf accompanying Saint Nicholas. B. an elf who rode a white horse.
C. one of the disobedient children. D. a popular traditional figure.
65. What word is closest in meaning to “attributes”?

A. symbols of a person B. natural qualities C. effects D. outer appearance
66. Where did the legend of Santa Claus come from?

A. the North Pole B. Europe C. North America D. the City of New


C. Saint Nicholas visited New York

D. the image of Santa Claus was transformed
68. According to Clement Clark Moore’s poem

A. Santa Claus had nothing different in appearance from the traditional one.
B. Santa Claus had wings and could fly.

C. Santa Claus liked poetry.

D. Santa Claus was a kindly saint who flew over housetops in a sleigh.
69. The answer “Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Claus” is an illustration for the fact

A. the New York Sun was popular with children.
B. Santa Claus was a prominent figure at that time.
C. newspapers are unreliable.

D. Virginia O’Hanlon was a reader of the New York Sun
70. Which of the following statements is TRUE?

A. Santa Claus was an imaginary old man created by artists based on traditional figures.
B. Living in the North Pole, Santa Claus visited children at Christmas.

C. Santa Claus was a real figure living in northern America.

D. Santa Claus was a story based on Saint Nicholas and Black Peter.
D. USE OF ENGLISH (30 points)

Question 8: Choose the word that best fits each of the blanks in the following passage.
Write your answers in the numbered blanks provided below the passage. (0) has been
done as an example. (10p)

Vietnamese generally shake hands when greeting and parting. Using both hands shows
respect as does a (71)________ bow of the head. In rural areas, elderly people do not extend
their hand are greeted with a bow. Women are more (72)________ to bow the head than to
shake hands. Vietnamese names begin with the family name and are (73)________ by a

given name. For example, in the name Nguyen Van Due, Nguyen is the family name. People
address (74)________ by their given names, but add a title that indicates their perceived
(75)________ to the other person. These titles are family related rather than professional.
Among colleagues, for example, the (76)________ of the two might combine the given name
with the title of Anh ("Older Brother"). A(n) (77)________ greeting combined with the given
name and title is Xin chao ("Hello."). Classifiers for gender and familiarity are also combined
with the greeting. In formal meetings, business cards are sometimes (78)________ on greeting.
Vietnamese people have a strong (79)________ of hospitality and feel embarrassed if they
cannot show their guests full respect by preparing for their arrival. Therefore, it (80)________
to visit someone without having been invited. Gifts are not required, but are appreciated.
Flowers, incense, or tea may be proper gifts for the hosts. Hosts also appreciate a small gift for
their children or elderly parents


74. A. each one B. one other C. one the other D. one

75. A. relation B. relationship C. relation D. relatives
76. A. younger B. most young C. youngest D. young
77. A. easy B. basic C. fundamentally D.

78. A. changed B. transferred C. reserved D.

79. A. sense B. sensation C. sensitivity D. sensible
80. A. inactive B. inaccurate C. inappropriate D. inexact
Question 9: Fill each blank with ONE suitable word. Write your answers in the numbered
blanks provided below the passage. (0) has been done as an example. (10p)

Cell Phones

Cell phones have been popular in Japan (0. since) the early 1990s, but it was (81)________
until 1999 that their use really took off. The age of cell phones has emerged, but with it come

Cell phones are used on buses and trains, in restaurants, and in all areas of (82)________.
They cause problems when they (82)________

during meetings, concerts, weddings, or even funerals. What's more, people speak loudly
in public, and students read and text messages during lessons. (83)________ seriously, when
a cell phone is used near a person (84)________ a pacemaker to fegulate his heartbeat, its
radio waves may interfere with the functioning of the pacemaker.

Now, something is being done to solve these (86)________. In many places, new technology
is being used to block cell phone calls. Airline (87)________ are requested to stop using cell
phones while on board. Concert halls ask their audience to switch their phones to the

(88)________ mode. However, phone users fear that if they do not (89)________ their phones,
they will lose valuable business opportunities. That's why many do not (90)________ off their
phones even when they are asked to.

Question 10: Write the correct FORM of each bracketed word. Write your answers in the
numbered spaces provided below. (10p)

91. Those (theatre) group has never lost its appeal.

92. Dolphins, (mammal) species, sometimes jump above the surface of the water.

93. The situation is so (chaos) in some countries now that it is difficult to see any solution
94. He’s the most (please), ill-mannered person I’ve ever met.

95. Good friends can enrich the quality of our lives (measure).

96. This famous singer had two (enter) in the Guinness Book of World Records.
97. Beauty is in the eye of the (hold).

98. Computers are now considered (dispense) in the business world.

99. Due to (electric) the difference between urban life and rural life is more and more reduced.
100. A doctor may prescribe (biotic) if the patient has an infection.


Question 11: Finish each of the following sentences in such a way that it means the same
as the sentence printed before it (10p).

101. Someone stole the old lady’s handbag.

→ The old lady was ...
102. A true story forms the basis of Mary’s new novel.

→ Mary’s new novel ...
103. If you have completed your test, you can go home.

→ Get ...
104. Absolute secrecy was crucial to the success of the mission.

→ Without ...
105. Something must be done to solve this problem.

→ Urgent ... ...

Question 12: Finish each of the following sentences in such a way that it is as similar its
possible in meaning to the original sentence. Use the word given and other words as
necessary. Do not change the form of the given word (10p).

106. The job received over a hundred applications. (APPLIED)
→ ...
107. Alan prides himself on his punctuality. (TAKES)

→ ...
108. Many people attended this year’s festival. (TURNOUT)

→ ...
109. He is becoming quite famous as an interviewer. (NAME)

→ ...
110. The whole team was in a happy mood. (SPIRITS)

→ ...
Question 13: Writing an essay (40p)

It is widely believed nowadays that social knowledge and the ability to adapt in a changing
society make a school-leaver succeed in getting a job.

What do you think about the saying?

Write an essay of around 250 words to prove your points.

_____________THE END_____________


Question 1: (5p) 01. C 02. A 03. B 04. C 05. C
Question 2: (5p) 06. C 07. B 08. A 09. D 10. B


11. went 12. don’t leave 13. will miss 14. shouldn’t/ oughtn’t have written
15. have been 16. haven’t had 17. should/would have telephoned 18. have forgot(ten)
19. needn’t have borrowed 20. hurrying 21. lies 22. buried
23. loved 24. will be waiting 25. arrive 26. being 27. told
28. to do 29. went 30. can’t/ couldn’t have been

Question 4: (10p)

31. visiting → to visit 32. no → not 33. right address → the right address
34. their → its 35. up → down 36. had → had been

37. risen → raised 38. extending → extended

39. previous → previously 40. untidy gravel yard → an untidy gravel yard
Question 5: (5p)

41. to 42. over 43. off 44. to 45. from
46. of 47. to 48. for 49. in 50. Up

C. READING (20p)
Question 6: (10p)

51. B 52. C 53. A 54. D 55. B 56. B 57. C 58. A 59. B 60. C
Question 7: (10p)

61. D 62. C 63. B 64. A 65. A 66. B 67. D 68. D 69. B 70. A

Question 8: (10p)

71. B 72. D 73. C 74. D 75. B 76. A 77. B 78. D 79. A 80. C
Question 9: (10p)

81. not 82. life 83. ring 84. More 85.using
86. problems 87. passengers 88. silent 89. answer 90. turn/switch
Question 10: (10p)

91. theatrical 92. mammalian 93. chaotic 94. unpleasant 95. immeasurably 96.
entries 97. beholder 98. Indispensable 99. Electrification 100. antibiotics
E. WRITING (30p)

Question 11: (10p)

101. The old lady was robbed of her hand bag.
102. Mary’s new novel is based on a true story.

103. Get your test completed/ finished and you can go home.

104. Without absolute secrecy this mission would not have succeeded/ been successful/ been a
success/ would have failed.

105. Urgent action is/ measures are necessary/ essential to solve this problem.
Question 12: (10p)


107. Alan takes (a) pride in his punctuality.

108. This year’s festival attracted a record/ high turnout.
109. He is making quite a name for himself as an interviewer.
110. The whole team was in good spirits.

Question 13: (20p) ESSAY WRITING

___________THE END___________

3. Đề số 3

Part 1: Choose the word or phrase (A, B, C or D) which best completes each
sentence. (10 points)

1. The school was closed for a month because of serious________ of fever.
A. outcome B. outburst C. outset D. outbreak
2. The campaign raised far more than the________ of $20.000.

A. aim B. object C. goal D. target
3. We have a________ future ahead with little comfort, food or hope.

A. cruel B. pessimistic C. grim D. fierce
4. Only thoroughly unpleasant people leave the________ of their picnics to spoil the
appearance of the countryside.

A. rest B. remainder C. remains D. rester
5. An almost________ line of traffic was moving at a snail’s pace through the town.
A. continuous B. constant C. continual D. stopping
6. Medieval travelers’ tales of fantastic creatures were often fascinating but not

A. credible B. creditable C. credulous D. imaginable

7. Don’t be late for the interview, ________ people will think you are a disorganized person.
A. unless B. otherwise C. if not D. or so

8. My friends have just moved to a new flat in a residential area on the________ of Paris.
A. suburbs B. outside C. outskirts D. side

9. You are being thoroughly________ in refusing to allow this ceremony to take place.
A. unrequited B. unrepresentative C. unreliable D. unreasonable
10. “But so”, I told him, “you are my own ______________.”

A. heart and heart B. body and soul C. flesh and blood D. skin and bone

Part 2: Use the word in capitals at the end of these sentences to form a word that fits in
the blank space. (20 points)

1. How much does________ of this club cost? MEMBER
2. She is extremely________ about the history of art. KNOW


5. His boss told him off because he had behaved________ RESPONSIBLE
6. He won the discus event at the Olympic Games but was later________ when a medical
check proved that he had been taking drugs. QUALIFY
7. Women who are slimming can never enjoy a meal without being afraid of________ their
8. The trouble with Mr. Brown is that he’s so________ one minute he goes mad when you
come late; the next he says nothing. You never know where you are! CONSIST

9. It is forbidden to hunt for that kind of bird. It has been listed as one of the________ species


10. I didn’t know who it was – with a mask on she was
completely________. RECONGNISE

Part 3: Complete each sentence with one of the idiomatic phrases given. Use each
phrase once only. (8 points)

made her blood boil/ jumped out of her skin/ had a lump in her throat/ kept her head/
lost her head/ gave me the cold shoulder/ pulled her legs/ took her breath away
1. Pauline completely ignored me this morning. She________.

2. It really________ to see her friend copy a poem she had written and then present it to her
boyfriend as one that she had written for him.

3. Saying goodbye to her son was a very emotional occasion for her and she________ as she
watched him get on the train.

4. The view from the top of the mountain was absolutely fantastic. It really________.
5. Susan panicked when the fire broke out. She________.

6. When I dropped that tray behind her, she got a shock. She almost________.
7. My sister remained very calm. She________.

8. Sally didn’t believe us, did she? We only joked! We only________!

Part 4: Put each verb given in brackets into an appropriate tense or form. (17 points)
1. Mr. Pike, who is supposed (witness)_______ the accident, (leave)_______ the town.
2. At this time next week they (sit)_______ in the train on their way to Paris.

3. He said that he watered the plants every day. He (water)_______ them. If he (have)_______
, they wouldn’t have died.

4. No sooner the announcement (make)_______ than everyone started complaining.
5. They said they never (make)_______ to do anything they didn’t want to before.
6. We (watch)_______ the play for nearly thirty minutes when he came.

7. The pop star who (take)_______ part in over 25 films always avoids (recognise)_______ by
(wear)_______ dark glasses.

8. There’s no point (try)_______ to get Tim (lend)_______ you his car.



Part 1: Read the text below and choose the correct word for each space. For each
question, circle letter A, B, C or D next to the answer you choose. (10 points)

If you’re an environmentalist, plastic is a word you tend to say with a sneer or a snarl. It
has become a symbol of our wasteful, throw-way society. But there seems little (1)_______ it is
here to stay, and the truth is, of course, that plastic has brought enormous (2)_______ even
environmental ones. It’s not really the plastics themselves that are the environmental

(3)_______ – it’s the way society choose to use and (4)_______ them.

Almost all the 50 or so different kinds of modern plastic are made from oil, gas or coal –
non-renewable natural (5)_______ We (6)_______ well over three million tones of the stuff in
Britain each year and, sooner or later, most of it is thrown away. A high (7)_______ of our
annual consumption is in the (8)_______ of packaging, and this (9)_______ about seven per
cent by weight of our domestic (10)_______ Almost all of it could be recycled, but very little of it
is, though the plastic recycling (11)_______ is growing fast.

The plastics themselves are extremely energy-rich – they have a higher calorific (12)_______
than coal and one (13)_______ of ‘recovery’ strongly (14)_______ by the plastic

manufacturers is the (15)_______ of waste plastic into a fuel.

1. A. evidence B. concern C. doubt D. likelihood
2. A. pleasures B. benefits C. savings D. profits
3. A. poison B. disaster C. disadvantage D. evil
4. A. dispose B. store C. endanger D. abuse
5. A. resources B. processes C. products D. fuels
6. A. remove B. import C. consign D. consume
7. A. portion B. amount C. proportion D. rate
8. A. way B. kind C form D. type

9. A. takes B. makes C. carries D. constitutes
10. A. refuse B. goods C. requirements D. rubble
11. A. manufacture B. plant C. factory D. industry
12. A. degree B. value C. demand D. effect
13. A. measure B. mechanism C. method D. medium
14. A. desired B. argued C. favored D. presented
15. A. conversion B. melting C. change D. replacement
Part 2: Read the following text and then fill in each gap with ONE suitable word. (10

I was reading an article last week in (1)_______ the writer described (2)_______ her children
has changed as they (3)_______ up. When they were small she had to (4)_______ up with
noisy games in the house, or join in interminable games of football in the garden which


children. They had (11)_______ out of all their naughty behavior, and (12)_______ up serious

hobbies (13)_______ as chess and playing the piano. They never did anything without

(14)_______ it over first, and coming to a serious decision. She had to face up to the fact that
they made her feel rather childish as they got (15)_______, and that in some ways she
preferred them when they were young and noisy.

Part 3: The paragraphs of the magazine article are in the wrong order. Number the
paragraphs (A, B, C, D, E) (5 points)

A. On the ghost of Chaffin’s second visit to his son, he told him that he would find a will in the
overcoat pocket. The coat was actually in the possession of the third brother.

B. In 1921, a certain James Chaffin died, leaving his entire fortune to his third son, Marshal, in
a will which had been written a full fifteen years earlier, in 1905, and signed in front of

witnesses. His wife and two other sons were virtually cut off without a penny. Marshal was not
inclined to split up the inheritance he had come into any more fairly.

C. Once it was found, they came across a note sewn in the lining of one of the pockets saying
they should look in an old family Bible. This Bible was found in the keeping of Chaffin’s widow
and examined in front of independent witnesses. Sure enough, there in the Bible they

discovered a later version of the will, one which divided the property and money evenly

between the widow and the three sons. The will appeared to be genuine and Marshal was not
prepared to challenge it in court.

D. Some people believe that the dead still keep in touch with us through our dreams. One of
the most famous and extraordinary cases of contact with the dead was the so-called Chaffin
Will affair.

E. Four years went by and then, strangely, James Chaffin’s ghost started to appear before one
of his other two sons. The apparition had on an old overcoat which had often worn in life.

Part 1: Finish each of the following sentences in such a way that it means exactly the
same as the sentence printed before it. (20 points)

1. Immediately after his appointment to the post, the new editor fell ill.

2. I left without saying goodbye as I didn’t want to disturb the meeting.


3. The value of sterling has fallen considerably in the past week.

There has

4. The only reason the party was a success was that a famous film star attended.

Had it not ...
5. Harriet was upset because she saw Peter with another woman.

It was


Much to

7. People no longer smoke so many cigarettes as they used to.


8. Their relationship was doomed because of their incompatibility.


9. You should admit that you are to blame, not to conceal it.

I’d rather ...
10. If she had been less determined she wouldn’t have been able to get better so quickly.
It was her ………..

4. Đề số 4

Question 1: Pick out the word whose main stressed syllable is different from the rest.
1. A. persuade B. surpass C. exchange D. moment

2. A. flatter B. character C. element D. ambition

3. A. possession B. magazine C. behavior D. experience
4. A. author B. figure C. success D. conflict

5. A. indirectly B. biography C. represented D. entertainment

Question 2 : Put each verb in brackets into an appropriate form.
1. I feel as if I (fly)... now.

2. On the first day of next month, she (be)...a teacher for 3 years.

3. I hope they (build)... this hospital by the time we come back next month.
4. (Come)...into the room he (see)...Mary where he (leave)...her.
5. Would you be so good as (answer)...the telephone when it (ring)...
6. Hardly I (arrive)...when a quarrel broke out.

7. It is vitally important that the order (cancel)...immediately.
Question 3: Choose the best answer to complete each sentence.

1. The dealer wanted $ 400, I wanted to pay $300,and we finally agreed to...the difference.
A. divide B. split C. drop D. decrease

2. One wonders whether the current political...is right for such a move.
A. environment B. climate C. state D. standpoint

3. The police say they have some important clues...the murderer.
A. on B. about C. to D. in

4. You can use my bicycle...you bring it back tomorrow.
A. as long as B. although C. nevertheless D. in spite of


A. shall B. would C. should D. ought

6. A plane with an engine on fire approached the runway...was frightening. There could have
been a terrible accident.

A. watch it land B. watching it land
C. to watch it land D. watching to it land

7. Camels have either on hump or two humps. The Arabian camel has one hump. The Bactrian
camel,...has two humps.

A. nevertheless B. however C. therefore D. otherwise
8. The nut hat...six inches long

A. grows seldom more than C. seldom grows more than
B. more than seldom grows D. grows more than seldom

9. John painted his bedroom black. It looks dark and dreary. He...a different color.
A. had to choose C. must have chosen

B. should have chosen D. could have been choosing

10. The tiny bells on the Christmas tree were...in the draught.
A. clanging B. ringing C. tinkling D. gurgling

11. "When will Chau and Binh arrive?"

"They left home an hour ago. I think they will..."
A. be here shortly B. here be shortly

C. shortly be here D. here shortly be

12. The two runners crossed the line...

A. sometimes B. simultaneously C. frequently D. occasionally

13. "...you hand me that pair of scissors, please?" "certainly"
A. may B. shall C. will D. should

14. There...lots of furniture...in the furniture department
A. is/ on display B. is/ displaying C. are/ displaying D. are/ to display
15. It's advisable to...any contact with potentially rabbit animals.
A. escape B. avoid C. prevent D. evade

16. I'll be with all of you in... hour.
A. a quarter of an B. one quarter of an
C. a quarter of one D. a quarter of

17. The old lady was... exhausted after a long walk.
A. very B. absolutely C. pretty D. fairy

18. I wish you ... me a new one instead of having it...as you did.
A. had given / repaired B. gave / to repair


A. taking B. took C. occupy D. taken

20. She wanted to serve some coffee to her guests : however...
A. she hadn't many sugar B. there was not a great amount of the sugar
C. She did not have much sugar D. she was lacking in amount of the sugar
Question 4: Fill in the gap with one suitable preposition.

1. Could you look...these old newspapers for articles about the environment.
2. Can you hold...till I've finished talking the manager? Then I'll be right with you.
3. Put...your nicest clothes because I'm taking you to the best restaurant in town.
4. I'm afraid I don't get...very well with the man who lives next door.

5. Hearing that song takes me...to my university days. I haven't heard it for ages.
6. Why didn't you start French lessons last month?

I was too busy and I thought it would take...too much time.

7. She hasn't told us the whole story. I'm sure she's keeping something...
8. We decided to go...with your plans, though some people disagreed.
9. When did you learn to do...your own shoe-laces?

10. After the first year I couldn't cope with university, so I decided to drop...
Question 5: Fill in the gap with one suitable word to complete the paragraph.

"The moon Trap" is a new film made by a young Canadian (1)...called Melvin Strang
.The main parts in the film are (2)...by Sid Cheung and Julie Plein who last appeared in
"Music For Ever".

In this new film (3)...star as a young married couple who buy an old house in the country.
After living there (4)... a few weeks strange things begin to happen.

Some of the furniture in the house disappears and can't be (5)...windows break and
pictures fall off walls. At night they (6)...crying noises, and when the moon is up loud
screams can be heard from the woods nearby.

As you might expect, the young couple try to discover the (7)...for all these strange
events and this leads them into some very frightening situations(8)...you are easily
scared don't go and see this film! But if you enjoy films with (9)...of adventure and
number (10)...this is the film for you.

Question 6: Give the correct form of the word in the bracket.
1. This knife is very blunt. It needs... (sharp)

2. It's really quite...that we should have been at the same college without having
met before (ordinary)

3. The chairman expressed doubts about the...of showing the film on children's
television. (suit)

4. The heroine had a...love affair with the butcher. (passion)
5. To be successful, an artist must show great...(origin)

6. I have a...full of papers which describe cases Sherlock Homes has


8. The...of the trains and buses causes frustration and annoyance. (frequent)
9. She studied (ECONOMY)... at university.

10. The lovers stood, hand in hand, gazing at the...sky (star)
Question 7: Find out one mistake in each sentence and correct it.
1. I watched the train to leave until it was out of sight.

2. They didn't seem to take any notice of that the teacher said.
3. Tom's very good at science when his brother is absolutely hopeless.

4. Nobody watched, so the little boy took the packet of sweets from the shelf and putting it in his


5. Maria asked Sandra whether she knew the post office had been at strike for the past week.

Question 8: Read the passage and choose the correct answer.

The search for alternative sources of energy has led in various directions. Many communities
are burning garbage and other biological waste products to produce electricity. Converting
waste products to gases or oil is an efficient way to dispose of waste.

Experimental work is being done to derive synthetic fuels from coal, oil shale and coal tars. But
to date, that process has proven expensive. Other experiments are underway to harness power,
heat from the earth, is also being tested.

Some experts expect utility companies to revive hydroelectric power derived from streams and
rivers. Fifty years ago hydroelectric power provided one third of the electricity used in the United
States, but today it supplies only four percent. The oceans are another potential source of
energy. Scientists are studying ways to convert the energy of ocean currents, tides, and waves
to electricity. Experiments are also underway to make use of the temperature differences in
ocean water to produce energy.

1. Which is the best title of the passage ?
A. The Use of Water Productions for Energy
B. The Search for Alternative Sources of Energy
C. Efficient Ways of Disposing of Waste

D. New Discoveries in Geothermal Power

2. Fifty years ago one third of the electricity in the United States was provided by
A. wind B. waste products C. water D. oil

3. In the second paragraph , the phrase " synthetic fuels" could best be replaced by which of the

A. Biological fuels B. Low burning fuels
C. Fast burning fuels D. Artificial made fuels


A. Burning of garbage B. Geothermal power
C. Synthetic fuels D. Electricity

5. According to the author , the impracticality of using coal , oil shale and coal tars as sources of
energy is due to...

A. their being time consuming B. their being money consuming
C. the scarcity of sources D. the lack of technology

Question 9: Choose the best answer (A,B,C or D) to fill in each blank:

It was a Monday morning in the office and , as usual , everyone was busy sorting through their
mail before starting work . The other staff had (1) ...that Nicky , one of the computer

operators , has been (2) ... rather miserable recently and they wondered what might have
happened to make her so ( 3 )... Suddenly Nicky accidentally (4)... over a cup of
coffee. As she was clearing up the mess , the girl sitting next to her happened to glance at
Nicky's right hand. There was a large swelling at the (5)... " What on earth have you (6)
... to yourself ? Does it (7)...? asked the girl. "Yes , it does. I think I've (8) ... it
using the computer," replied Nicky. "I think you'd better go and let the doctor (9) ... it,"
said the girl. " Let's hope there's no permanent (10) ... to your hand".

1. A. recognized B. realized C. noticed D. identified

2. A. appearing B. seeming C. preventing D. looking
3. A. sick B. bored C. uninterested D. depressed
4. A. kicked B. punched C. hit D. knocked

5. A. wrist B. elbow C. knee D. ankle

6. A. made B. done C. happened D. brought
7. A. harm B. hurt C. disturb D. upset

8. A. injured B. ruined C. spoiled D. destroyed
9. A. check B. inspect C. examine D. investigate
10. A. pain B. destruction C. damage D. suffering

Question 10: Rewrite each sentence, starting as shown, so that the meaning stays the

1. She has ordered a new outfit from her dressmaker.
She is having...
2. I'm quiet sure that she didn't steal the necklace .

She can't...
3. He appears to be running away from your fierce dog.
It looks ...

4. The Presidential visit attracted such an enormous crowd that all traffic came to a standstill.
So many...

5. I'm more interested in the people than the job.
It's not the ...


The excuse...

7. Although Jonny Brax drives carefully on public roads , he is a terror on the racetrack.
Jonny Brax is a ...

8. Attendances at the exhibition has been down this year.
The exhibition...

9. Our science correspondent sees this new invention as the answer to many of our problems.
According to...

10. Christmas won't be the same if we don't have any snow.
I'll be...

Question 11: Write an essay to express your opinion about this saying "Money can buy
everything". Do you agree with it? Give your own idea? (about 120-180 words)

Question 1: (5 points)

1. D 2. D 3. B 4. C 5. B

Question 2:(10 points)

1. were flying
2. will have been
3. will have built

4. coming - saw - had left
5. to answer – rings

6. had I arrived

7. (should) be cancelled

Question 3:(20 points)

1 B 2 B 3 C 4 A 5 C 6 B 7B 8 C 9B 10 C

11A 12 B 13 A 14 A 15 B 16 A 17 B 18 A 19 D 20 C
Question 4: (10 points)

1. through 6. up
2. on 7. back
3. on 8. ahead
4. on 9. up
5. back 10. out
Question 5: (10 points)


7. reason 8. if
9. lots 10. then
Question 6: (10 points)

1. sharpening 2. extraordinary
3. suitability 4. passionate
5. originality 6. briefcase
7. refusal 8. infrequency
9. economics 10. starry

Question 7 : (5points)

1. to leave => leaving
2. That => what

3. When => while/whereas
4. Putting => put

5. the past week => the previous week

Question 8: (5points)

1. B 2. C 3. D 4. D 5. B

Question 9: (10points)

1. C 2. D 3. D 4. D 5. A

6. B 7. B 8. A 9. C 10. C

Question 10: (10points)

1. She is having a new outfit made (by her dressmaker).
2. She can’t have stolen the necklace.

3. It looks as if he’s running away from your fierce dog.

4. So many people turned out to see the President that all traffic came to a standstill.
5. It’s not the job I’m interested in ; it’s the people.

6. The excuse for the declaration of war was the defense of their territorial rights.

7. Jonny Brax is a careful driver on public roads , he is a terror on the racetrack.
8. The exhibition has not been so well attended this year.

9. According to our science correspondent, this new invention is the answer to many of our

10. I’ll be disappointed if there is no snow at Christmas / if we don’t have snow at Christmas.

5. Đề số 5


I. Listen and circle A, B, C or D to complete the passage (1pt)


I. Choose the word whose bold part is pronounced differently from the others in each

Write your answers (A, B, C, or D) in the spaces given on the right. (5 pts)
1. A. bathe B. southern C.

cloth D. their ________
2. A. comb B. describe C. debt D.
subtle ________

3. A. sacred B. played C. filled D.
tired ________

4. A. surgical B. surround C. surprise D.
survival ________

5. A. build B. cruise C. biscuit D.

guitar ________

II. Choose the word with different stress pattern in each group.

Write your answers (A, B, C, or D) in the spaces given on the right. (3 pts)
1. A. conclude B. advise C. depend D.

suffer ________

2. A. sensitive B. photography C. president D.
tourism ________

3. A. absentee B. mathematician C. similarity D.
geographical ________


I. Choose the correct word or phrase to complete each sentence.

Write your answers (A, B, C, or D) in the spaces given on the right. (10 pts)
1. _____ the hard evidence against him, the jury had no option but to find him guilty.
A. Given that B. In view of C. In regard to D. With a view

to ________

2. Those ballpoint pens are made in a large _____ of colors and styles.
A. series B. range C. collection D.

network ________

3. He promised me an Oxford dictionary, but to my great disappointment, he _____ his words.
A. stood by B. stuck at C. went back on D. held

onto ________

4. Like many other countries in the world, Vietnam is “on the _____”.

A. progress B. start C. begin D. move ________
5. The more time you spend practicing English, _____ command of it you will have.

A. the better B. the fewer C. the more D. the
less ________


A. understand B. understands C. understood D. has
understood ________

7. Robert assured me that he was going to come, but there has been no _____ of him yet.
A. picture B. sight C. image D. sign ________
8. When she _____ she found herself in hospital.

A. came round B. came back C. came over D. came
out ________

9. The campaign raised far more than the _____ of $20.000.

A. aim B. object C. goal D. target ________
10. Only by practising regularly _____ speak English well.

A. we B. can we C. we can't D. we can ________
11. I had to get up early; _____, I'd have missed the train.

A. yet B. otherwise C. but D. if not ________
12. This map has a _____ of one centimetre to two kilometres.

A. rate B. scale C. proportion D.
ratio ________

13. Don’t be _____ by misleading advertisements.

A. fooled around B. taken in C. put out D. seen
through ________

14. The management team came _____ criticism for the way they handled the situation.
A. in for B. down with C. up against D. out

in ________

15. _____ in Paris before, he didn’t know his way around when he took his family there.
A. Not be living B. Never having lived

B. C. His not living D. Because he has
lived ________

16. Of the ten beauty spots my brother visited, _____ left a lasting impression on him.
A. none of which B. not one of them

B. C. which none D. and none of them ________
17. Jane likes watching films, but she is not _____ keen on any kind.
A. specially B. certainly C. largely D.

particularly ________

18. “Do you mind if we schedule the meeting for 11 o’clock?” - “Well, actually, I _____ earlier.”
A. should prefer it will be B. am preferring it to

be ________

C. will prefer it D. would prefer it to be

19. “Have you finished the report?” - “Yes, but I wish I had known _____.”
A. how hard it would be B. how hard would it


C. how would it be hard D. how would it be

20. “The building’s nearly finished, isn't it?” - “Yes, but it'll be _____ we can move in.”
A. too much time till B. a long time

before ________

C. hardly time when D. very soon that

II. Complete each sentence with the correct form of the word given in brackets.
Write your answers in the spaces given on the right. (10 pts)

1. Panda is (nation) to China only.
2. Food and clothing are (necessary) of life.
3. He is very generous and everyone admired his (self).
4. The monument was erected in (remember) of the dead soldiers.
5. They are going to (long ) the runway at Cat Bi Airport.
6. AIDS is one of the most dangerous (infect) diseases of our time.

7. Nobody can defend you. Your behaviour last night was (forgive).
8. The result of the match was, however, (satisfy). What a shame!
9. (Basic), our plan has gone as planned.
10. Ho Chi Minh City is the greatest (commerce) center of the country.
III. Give the correct tense or form of the verbs in brackets. Write your answers in the
spaces that follow. (10 pts)

1. Hurry up, or all the tickets (sell) out by the time we (arrive) at the theatre.
2. Maria (type) for two hours and she (type) ten pages.
3. Do you feel like (go) to the theatre tonight or would you rather (stay) at home?
4. The child (sleep) for 2 hours. It’s time you (wake) her up.
5. The man who (rescue) (be) in the sea for ten hours.

6. (Not call) Mary tomorrow because she (practise) the piano all day.

7. I could tell at a glance that the documents on my desk (disturb) while I (be) out.
8. At this time next week they (stay) in Ha Long (enjoy) good food and fresh air.
9. I can’t bear the thought of my son (go) home without someone (accompany) him.
10. The weapon (use) in the murder (just find).

IV. Fill each blank in the following sentences with a suitable preposition or adverb
particle. (10 pts)

1. Mary takes ________ her mother very much ________ appearance.
2. The police succeeded __________ bringing the riot __________ control.

3. He was found guilty __________ murder and sentenced __________ six months'


6. I don't know him __________ sure, but his face seems familiar __________ me.

7. This watch is still __________ guarantee, so repair is free __________ charge.

8. An agreement __________ a pay rise was finally reached __________ management and

9. The case was dismissed __________ the absence __________ any definite proof.
10. They can only cure him __________ his illness if they operate __________ him


I. Read the passage and choose the correct answer to each of the questions that follow.
Write your answers (A, B, C or D) in the spaces given on the right. (5 pts)

Sometimes you know things about people the first time you see them, for example, that you
want to be friends with them or that you don't trust them. But perhaps this kind of intuition isn't
as hard to explain as it may seem. For instance, people give out body language signals all the
time. The way you hold your body, head and arms tells people about your mood. If you hold
your arms tightly at your sides, or fold them across your chest, people will generally feel that
you are being defensive. Holding your head to one side shows interest in the other, while an
easy, open posture indicates that you are self-confident. All this affects the way you feel about

Also, a stranger may remind you of a meeting with someone. This may be because of

something as simple as the fact that he or she is physically similar to someone who treated you
well or badly. Your feelings about a stranger could be influenced by a smell in the air that brings
to mind a place where you were happy as a child. Since even a single word can bring back a
memory such as that, you may never realize it is happening.

1. What influences your impression of a person you meet the first
time? ________

A. Intuition B. Familiarity C. Knowledge D. Feeling
2. What does the word "open" in the passage most closely

mean? ________

A. Unrestrained B. Relaxed C. Confined D. Unlimited
3. What one feels about a stranger may be influenced by something that
_____. ________

A. strengthens one's past behaviours B. reminds one of one's past treatment
C. revives one's past memories D. points to one's childhood

4. What does the second paragraph discuss? ________
A. Meanings of signals one implies towards a stranger.

B. Factors that may influence one's feelings about a stranger.
C. How people usually behave to a stranger.

D. Factors that cause people to act differently.

5. Intuition described in the passage can be explained by means of
_____. ________


II. Choose the correct word or phrase to complete each gap in the passage.
Write your answers (A, B, C or D) in the spaces given on the right. (5 pts)

Scott Newman wouldn't be without his pocket-size TV, which he mainly watches in bed. "I only

watch programmes which last about half an hour, as any longer one …(1)… my eyes. I use the
set for general entertainment though it is also really good for …(2)… up with current affairs. The
main problem with the set is that it's not …(3)… enough even when you use headphones. The
…(4)… is all right as long as nothing moves in front of the aerial". Scott admits to being a
gadget man, but doesn't …(5)… buying the set since he uses it nearly every day.

Retired engineer Paul Hardcastle has owned a pocket TV for a …(6)… of years. He said, "I use
it mostly in the bathroom. I wanted to use it outdoors, but the trouble is that in …(7)… light you
can't see the picture. I use rechargeable batteries as …(8)… ones could cost too much". Paul
believes that this sort of TV could be improved if the …(9)… was slightly bigger and it didn't
…(10)… up batteries so quickly; he can get only half an hour's viewing before the batteries go

1. A. struggles B. stretches C. stresses D.
strains ________

2. A. coming B. keeping C. going D.
holding ________

3. A. loud B. noisy C. high D.
strong ________

4. A. response B. acceptance C. interference D.
reception ________

5. A. mind B. disapprove C. regret D.
disappoint ________

6. A. number B. total C. sum D.
quantity ________

7. A. shiny B. hard C. bright D.
high ________

8. A. real B. usual C. genuine D.
ordinary ________

9. A. design B. screen C. face D.
display ________

10. A. finish B. use C. end D.
take ________

III. Fill each blank in the following passage with a suitable word.
Write your answers in the spaces that follow. (10 pts)

A small rain cloud has saved the lives of three sailors on a sinking boat. Water began to pour
into their boat about 300 kilometers from the coast of Portugal, and the frightened sailors called
…(1)… help on their radio. The waves …(2)… almost 20 meters high and the …(3)… blew the
tiny boat from side …(4)… side. Soon even the radar broke …(5)….


“I’ve seen rain cloud on my radar screen,” the French captain said. “If you are under it, I can
easily find you.”

He changed course immediately and went straight to the small boat.

1. __________ 2. __________ 3. __________ 4. __________ 5. __________
6. __________ 7. __________ 8. __________ 9. __________ 10. __________
IV. Identify one of the four underlined parts in each sentence that is incorrect, and then
correct it.

Write your choice (A, B, C or D) and corrections in the spaces that follow. Number 0 is an
example. (10 pts)

0. She had the gardener to plant some trees in the front garden.

1. Almost students were able to find good jobs three to six months after graduation.
2. Now go to bed and close your eyes! you will feel fine after a good night sleep.
3. The driver of the big car was serious injured.

4. Would you mind to give me a hand? I have a lot of thing to be done.
5. You’d better take an umbrella in case it will rain.

6. Could you tell me how far is it to the nearest station, please?

7. It’s hardly to imagine how tedious the work of accountants and clerks used to be in the
past without a computer.

8. The sun releases large numbers of energy every day.

9. Mr Smith, as well as his wife, hardly ever drinks coffee in the morning, doesn’t he?
10. Some of my books are on science, others are on culture.

Example: 0. C → plant

1. _____ → ________________ 6. _____ → ________________
2. _____ → ________________ 7. _____ → ________________
3. _____ → ________________ 8. _____ → ________________
4. _____ → ________________ 9. _____ → ________________
5. _____ → ________________ 10. _____ → ________________


I. Finish the second sentence in such a way that it means the same as the sentence
printed before it. (10 pts)

1. Don’t you regret not learning to swim?

Don’t you wish ____________________________________________
2. Only two out of the five rooms we have booked have air conditioning.
We have booked five rooms, only ___________________________
3. He didn’t talk to me until I gave my official apology.

It was not ______________________________________________
4. He would prefer me to concentrate more on my study.


5. Everyone was surprised to see David leave the party so early.

6. The number of road accidents has increased dramatically over the past month.
There _______________________________________

7. I’m sure he took the money on purpose.

He couldn’t possibly_______________________________________
8. He overslept so he came late for the meeting.

If he________________________________________________
9. “You should have waited for us,” the team leader said to Bill.

The team leader criticized _________________________________________

10. The garage is going to repair the car for us next week.


II. Rewrite each sentences, using the word given in brackets. Do not change this word in
any way. (5 pts)

1. The film we saw last week was more frightening than this one. (as)

2. I am sorry that I have caused you so much trouble. (apologize)

3. They paid no attention to the man’s sudden disappearance. (notice)
4. It’s not worth repairing this old television set. (point)

5. Her success strongly impressed us all. (impression)

III. Use the words and phrases below to write complete sentences. (5 pts)
1. sister/ fed/ do/ household chores.

2. families/ Western world/ change/ great/ last two centuries.

3. according/ WWF statistics/ half/ world/ tropical forests/ vanish/ 1940s.

4. I/ like/ congratulate you/ passing/ examination.

5. they/ accuse/ Jim/ write/ anonymous letter.




I. Listen and choose the correct options to complete the sentences (1pt)

0.2 point for each correct answer

1. A 2. B 3. C 4. B 5. B

II. Listen to the conversation and circle the option as you hear (1pt)

0.2 point for each correct answer

6. A 7. C 8. C 9. B 10. D


I. Choose one word whose underlined part is pronounced differently from the others. (5

1 point for each correct answer

1. C 2. B 3. A 4. A 5. B

II. Pick out the word with different stress pattern in each group. (3 pts)
1 point for each correct answer

1. D 2. B 3. B


I. Choose the correct word or phrase to complete each sentence. (10 pts)0.5 point for each

correct answer

1. B 2. B 3. C 4. D 5. A 6. A 7. D 8. A 9. D 10. B
11. B 12. B 13. B 14. C 15. B 16. B 17. D 18. D 19. A 20. B

II. Complete each sentence with the correct form of the word given in brackets. (10 pts) 1

point for each correct answer

1. native 2. necessities 3. selfishness 4. remembrance 5. lengthen
6. infectious 7. unforgivable 8. unsatisfactory 9. Basically 10. commercial

III. Give the correct tense or form of the verbs in brackets. (10 pts) 0.5 point for each

correct verb

1. will have been sold – arrive 6. Don’t call – will be practising
2. have been typing – has typed 7. had been disturbed – was
3. going – stay 8. will be staying – enjoying
4. has slept/has been sleeping – woke 9. going – accompanying

5. was rescued – had been 10. used – has just been found

IV. Fill each blank in the following sentences with a suitable preposition or adverb

particle. (10 pts) 0.5 point for each correct preposition or adverb particle

1. after – in 2. in – under 3. of – to 4. to – for 5. with – to
6. for – to 7. under – of 8. on – between 9. in – of 10. of – on

I. Read the passage and choose the correct answer to each of the questions that follow.


1. A 2. B 3. C 4. B 5. D

II. Choose the correct word or phrase to complete each gap in the passage. (5 pts) 0.5

point for each correct answer

1. D 2. B 3. A 4. D 5. C 6. A 7. C 8. D 9. B 10. B
III. Fill each blank in the following passage with a suitable word. ( 10 pts)
1. for 2. were 3. wind 4. to 5. down

6. voice 7. the 8. They 9. question 10. hard/heavily

IV. Identify one of the four underlined parts that is incorrect in each sentence, and then

correct it. (10 pts) 0.5 point for each correct choice and 0.5 point for each correction

1. A → most 6. C → it is
2. D → night’s sleep 7. A → hard

3. C → seriously 8. B. → amounts
4. A → giving 9. D → does he
5. D → rains 10. C → the others

I. Finish the second sentence in such a way that it means the same as the sentence

before it. (10 pts) 1 point for each correct answer

1. Don’t you wish you had learned/learnt to swim?

2. We have booked five rooms, only two of which have air conditioning.
3. It was not until I gave my official apology that he talked to me.

4. He’d rather I concentrated more on my study.

5. To everyone’s surprise, David left the party so early.

6. There has been a dramatic increase/rise in the number of road accidents over the past

7. He couldn’t possibly have taken the money by accident/chance/ accidentally.
8. If he hadn’t overslept, he wouldn’t have come late for the meeting.

9. The team leader criticized Bill for not waiting/having waited for them.
10. We are going to have the car repaired.

II. Rewrite each sentences, using the word given. Do not change this word in any way. (5

pts) 1 point for each correct answer

1. This film is not as/so frightening as the one we saw last week.
2. I apologize for causing/having caused you so much trouble.
3. They took no notice of the man’s sudden disappearance.
4. There’s no point in repairing this old television set.
5. Her success made a strong impression on us all.

III. Use the words and phrases below to write complete sentences. (5 pts) 1 point for each

correct sentence


2. Families in the Western world have changed greatly/a great deal over/during/in the last two

3. According to WWF statistics, half of the world’s tropical forests have vanished since 1940s.
4. I would like to congratulate you on passing your/the examination.


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