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(1)October 1, 2010 Doctor Nora Lumbera – Magnaye President of Batangas State University Batangas City, the Philippines Dear Doctor Nora Lumbera – Magnaye, Greetings from Vinhphuc Department of Home Affairs!. This is to inform that we have rebooked the return tickets for the teachers from Vinh Phuc Province, Vietnam. The new return date on the ticket is 12 October 2010 with details as follows: Itinerary Details. TRAVEL DATE 12Oct10. AIRLINE. DEPARTURE. OTHER NOTES. CATHAY PACIFIC HONG KONG, Airline Reservation MANILA, PHILIPPINES HONG KONG S A R AIRWAYS Code M3225 CX 900 Time Time Baggage Allowance 20K 12:30. 12Oct10. ARRIVAL. CATHAY PACIFIC AIRWAYS CX 6727 Operated by: DRAGONAIR HONG KONG. 14:40. Terminal. Terminal. INTERNATIONAL 1. TERMINAL 1. HONG KONG, HONG KONG S A R Time 18:00 Terminal TERMINAL 1. Booking Status CONFIRMED. HANOI, VIETNAM Airline Reservation Code M3225 Time Baggage Allowance 20K 18:55 Booking Status CONFIRMED.

(2) In order to help our teachers make their best preparation before returning home, we would like BSU to do us some favors:. 1. Finish the program and organize the closing program ceremony for our teachers before 10 October 2010;. 2. Help the teachers complete all related administrative procedures and necessary documents in Philippines before closing date;. 3. Grant diploma to the students for the completion of the course;. 4. Arrange vehicles to take our teachers to manila international airport on 12 October 2010.. Best regards. Pham Quang Tue Director of Department of Home Affairs Nguyentrai Road, Dongda Ward, Vinhyen City, Vinhphuc Province, Vietnam Fax: 84 - 02113862521 Email: info@123doc.org.


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