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huong dan on thi noi anh 6

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(1)ĐỀ KIỂM TRA KỸ NĂNG NÓI HỌC KỲ I LỚP 6 NĂM HỌC 2016- 2017 A/ INTRODUCTION ( 0,5P). -. Good morning/ . I am…… ( My name is …….). I’m eleven years old. I am a student in grade 6, class 6A1 - B/ Topics Students’s talking about the topics Teacher asks some questions ( 1P) ( 0,5P) / MY FAMILY There are four people in my family. 1/ Where do you live? They are my father, my mother, my sister 2/ Who do you live with? and me. 3/ How many people are there in My father is a doctor. He is 45 years old. your family? My mother is a teacher. She is 40 years 4/ How old is your sister/ old. brother? 2/ MY SCHOOL My school is in town. It is on Le Trong 1/ Where is your school? Tan Street. It is small and it has two 2/ How many classrooms are floors. There are 900 students and 15 there? classrooms in the school. 3/ How many classes are there? 4/ How many students are there? 3/ MY CLASS Hi! Today , I would like to tell you about 1/Which class are you in? my class. There are 40 students in our 2/ How many students are there class. There are …. girls and … boys in in your class? our class. My classroom is on the first 3/ What do you have on Monday? floor. I love our class and our class loves 4/ When do you have English? me.. 4/ MY ROUTINE. 5/ MY HOUSE. Today , I would like to tell you about my routine. I get up at six every morning. Then I take a shower. I have breakfast and I go to school at 6.30. In the afternoon, I play game. In the evening, I do my homework and watch TV. Today , I would like to tell you about my house. My house is in the country. There is a river, a rice paddy and a park near my house. It’s very quiet .I love my house very much. 1. What time do you go home? 2. Do you help your Mom? 3. What do you do after school? 1/What is there in front of your house? 2/ Is your house have a big yard.? 3/What is behind your house?.


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