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<b>Order Processing Intern </b>

<b>Name: PHAM THI KIM NGOC Student ID: IELSIU18097 </b>

Ho Chi Minh City, Viet Nam Dec, 2021

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Table of Contents

<b>I.Introduction</b> ... 2

<b>1. History and Milestones ... 2 </b>

<b>2. General Background Information ... 3 </b>

<b>3. Organizational Chart ... 4 </b>

<b>4. Six Business Units (BU) ... 5 </b>

<b>II. Purpose Personal goals</b>– ... 5

<b>III. Business Description Customer Satisfaction & Quality Department (CS&Q)</b>– ... 6

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I. IntroductiIntroduction on


1. History anHistory anHistory and Milestones d Milestones

<b>a. Schneider Electric (SE) </b>

Schneider has gone through four main historical period:

<b>• Beginnings 19 century:</b>– <b><small>th</small></b> The Schneider brothers invested in the Creusot foundries and became major players in the steel and machine industry. After that, Schneider & Cie entered the electricity market.

<b>• Reconstruction Early 20 century: </b>– <b><small>th</small></b>

After World War II, our company emerged as a diversified business that quickly expanded into new market, including construction and

<b>electricity. </b>

<b>• Evolution Late 20 century: </b>– <b><small>th</small></b>

The Schneider Group grew through strategic acquisitions

<b>and focused on the electrical industry, energy operation and innovation technologies. • Today 21 century: </b>– <b><small>st</small></b> With a unique portfolio of connected technologies: connected

products, edge control and apps, analytics and services, Schneider is the global specialist

<b>in energy operation and automation. </b>

<b>b. Schneider Electric Viet Nam (SEVN): Historical 25 year milestones </b>–

<b>in Viet Nam </b>

After more than 180 years of continuing dedication, in depth knowledge and combined strength of –businesses, SE continues to bring us innovation at any level. SE aims to empower all to make the most of energy and resources bridging progress and

<b>sustainability for all. At Schneider, <Life is On=.</b>

<i><b>Figure 1: </b></i><b><Life is On= –</b> Maxim of SE

<b>• 1991 1993: </b>– SEVN participated in 500 kV North South Electric Line project.–

<b>• 1994: </b>SEVN established office in HCMC and Ha Noi.

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<b>• 1996 – 1999: SEVN established CLIPSAL factory in Dong Nai (1996), Medium Voltage </b>–

<b>equipment SM6 & RM6 and APC office in Ha Noi (1999). • 2001: </b>SEVN opened training center in HCMC.

<b>• 2005: </b>SEVN established APC office in HCMC.

<b>• 2006 2007: </b>– Clipsal (2006), APC and MGE (2007) became trademark of SE.

<b>• 2007 present: </b>– SEVN has been developing the network of 80 distributors and more than

<b>250 stores throughout the country. </b>

2. GenGenGeneral Background Informatioeral Background Informatioeral Background Information n

<b>a. Scale of operation • 1,000 employees </b>

<b>• 3 </b>offices (Ha Noi, Da Nang and HCMC)

<b>• 1 factory (Saigon High Tech Park) </b>

<b>b. Business Partners • 130 </b>Contractors

<b>• 31 </b>System Integrators

<b>• 30 </b>Generalist Distributors

<b>• 27 Panel Builders • 19 </b>Specialist Distributors

<b>• 11 Direct OEMs • 04 </b>IT Distributors

<b>• 02 </b>Industry Automation Distributors

<b>c. Business Partners • 34% </b>Commercial / Industrial Building

<b>• 21% </b>Utilities and Infrastructure

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<b>d. Destination Market • 34% Commercial / Industrial </b>

<b>• 4% </b>EU

3. OrganizOrganizOrganizational Chart ational Chart

<i><b>Figure 3:</b></i> Organizational Chart

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4. Six BusiSix BusiSix Business Units (BU) ness Units (BU)

<i><b>Figure 4:</b></i> Six BUs


II. Purpose Purpose Personal g––––– Personal g Personal goals oals

My main goal working at Schneider is to gain working experience in different environments rather than university. With limited approach to practical environment, it might be hard to get a well –paid job in the future. Therefore, I want to find an appropriate place that I can work out all the knowledge learned in university. The working experience will be helpful as it reflects how we apply what we learned and how we can make a living from that.

My second goal is to explore how the flow of goods in a supply chain. Since Schneider is an international operation and Viet Nam acts as one of main Distribution Center in Southeast Asia, contributing a great proportion to our country’s GDP. Therefore, the goods might be imported from different countries, making the goods flow as well as logistics complicated.

My third goal is to find out which position suits my expectation. I starting to work in downstream as an Order Processing intern. I hope that this internship will serve as a beginning of my career path. By working here, I can expand my networking, meet and work with new people, who are experience and expert in this field. By working with them, I hope I can learn not only expertise but also the way they work and deal with problems.

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<i><b>Figure 5:</b></i>Communication channel of CS&Q

<i><b>Figure 6:</b></i> Network of Interaction

We interact both internally and externally, acting as a bridge connecting customers with the organization. Regarding external interaction, we communicate with our End-Users, Partners, Direct Partners and Suppliers. In term of internal communication, we work with Logistics, Finance, Sales and Product Manager to ensure the order is processed smoothly.

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The process of E2E Stage involve:

<b>All Customers: </b>

• Power Product • Industry

• Home & Distribution • Secure Power • Power System • Indirect Customer

<b>All Queries: </b>

• Listen, explore • Select, inquire, consult • Get quote, contract • Get delivered, install • Operate, maintain • Stay connected, optimize

<b>b. Ambition – Objective – Technology </b>

<b>Ambition</b>: Ensure customers’ needs are met and increase sales performance.

<b>Objective: Customer Experience Self Service Adoption Revenue Generation </b>– –

<b>Technology: bFO Database, Customer Voice platform (Transactional Survey, Relationship </b>

Survey), MySE, mySchneider App, FAQ, 247 hotline, Avaya one-X Communicator, Logistic catalogue, Product Selector…

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<b>c. Organizational Structure </b>

2. Order Order Order Management (OMManagement (OMManagement (OM) )

• Order Entry: Once the order is received, order entry team will check the price to see whether it is true and process them to SAP.

• Order Administrator: This task is done by manager. He/She will track all the order, PR and PO status to ensure the order flow is smooth.

• Billing: Once the goods are available, Billing team will communicate with customers to issue invoices and release Outbound for products.

• SEOA Orders

• mySE Access Instruction: mySE is a website where our partners can check the material, –price, standard discount, availability, estimated delivery date and other information related to their order.

<b>Order Management</b> <sup>Order Management </sup><sub>Manager</sub>

<b>Technical Support</b> <sup>Technical Support </sup>

<b>Customer Service</b>

Customer Support ManagerCustomer Experience

<b>Revenue Generation</b> <sup>Revenue Generation </sup>

<b>Customer Experience</b>

Continuous Improvement ISO Executive

<b>Complain Management</b>

Quality Manager

Issue to Prevent / HSE

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3. TechnicalTechnicalTechnical Support (TS) Support (TS)

• Product Consultation: Each member of TS Team is expert in different type of product. They can check and consult customer the right way to use the products.

• Product Configuration: TS Team can also knowledgeable about configuration of products who can help customers to choose the products that match their expectation. • Issue Resolution

• Warranty & Trouble Shooting: TS Team will receive defective products which are still in warranty date. They will check whether the product can be fixed or it should be replaced with the new one.

• Document Submission • Revenue generation

4. CustCustCustomer Service (CS) omer Service (CS)

• Handling general pre-sales & post-sales queries: Stock levels, logistics and basic product information

• Case management • Revenue generation

• Follow up with sales teams on CCC-detected opportunities to ensure that they are taken care and updated

• Get the feedback up and down streams to increase the success rate of quotation

<b>b. CJM Champion </b>

• Understand how to use/ create Customer Journey Mapping (CJM) • Engage & Coach CJM project leaders through the process

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• Support stakeholders to write the project charter • Monitor the improvements of opportunity progress • Support to identify the CJM success measurement indicators

• In-charge of all products quality

• Follow up product quality & feedback to plant to improve about quality issue through I2P tool

• Execution of Containment Actions at customers for safety-related recall cases • Provide Plant ISO certification

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(Warranty / Sample / Promotion) ample / Promotion) ample / Promotion) and Credit / Debit Memnd Credit / Debit Memos nd Credit / Debit Memos

<i><b>❖ Check clean orders with customers before processing to system, especially adaptation </b></i>

<i><b>goods (ACB, MVS, etc.) </b></i>

<b>• SALES ORDERS </b>

There are 2 kinds of Sales Order (SO):

o MySE Order: Customers order by themselves throught MySE website. Only Partners have permission to place order, check item availability, standard discount, price list and other information related to materials. Contractors are only allowed to track their orders only.

o Manual Order: Customers send orders to Customer Care SEVN


Regarding <b>Manual order, </b>all required information that they need to fill in the form is:

<b>o Purchase Order (PO) Number: PO number must be unique for all orders. o Salesman information: who offers customers information. This information is </b>

important as CCC Team will key in sales figure for salesman.

<b>o Delivery place: All partners except Project Dealers must have one fixed delivery </b>

address only. All the goods will be delivered to the agreed location and Buyers are responsible for unloading cargo from the truck and transfer to storage facility or designated site for installation.

<b>o Customer Requested Delivery Date (CRD): This information is one of the most </b>

important blank that customers have to fill in. Based on this information, the system will automatically generate Contractual Delivery Date (CDD).

▪ CDD = MAX (Standard Lead Time, CRD)

The CRD must be less than or equal 100 days from the current date. If CRD exceeds 100 days, customers have to deposit 20% on the order value.

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<b>o References and Quantity: CCC Team will not check the Description of Materials. </b>

They just processed the provided references to the system. If the customers choose wrong materials, they will bear all the risks.

<b>o Net price: There are two main kinds of Manual order: Standard order and Special </b>

<b>price (SPA) order. </b>

<b>▪ Net price in Standard Order = Price List x Standard discount (K’coeff) ▪ Net price in SPA Order = Price list x Standard discount x SPA% </b>

Once the order is received, CCC will review the price to check whether it is correct. If it is wrong, CCC will inform customer and salesman accordingly.

<b>o Configuration file: If customers want to buy configurable product, they must provide BOM file. Some materials shall be checked by TS Team. </b>


<b>o Warranty Order: TS Team will receive defective products which are still in </b>

warranty date. They will check whether the product can be fixed, or it should be replaced with the new one. If the new ones are required, TS Team will seek for help from OM Team to place orders.

<b>o Sample Order: There are two types: Sample for SEVN and Sample for Customers. </b>

<b>o Promotion Order </b>

<i><b>Figure 7:</b></i> Purchase Order Template of SE

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<i><b>❖ Process the orders to SAP, follow up with Logistics on cancellation / modification or any </b></i>

<i><b>special requests. Note down all special requests in Sales Orders (SAP / Excel) </b></i>

When the orders are clean, they will be processed to SAP. <Clean= means that all the information in Purchase Order Template is checked and confirmed by both parties.

There are some information that customers can revise after the Orders was processed through SAP

<b>• Within 48 hours (2 working days): All the revision or cancellation requests shall be </b>

accepted. Howerver, if any party request to change salesman in charge to another person, it must be accepted by both parties.

<b>• After 48 hours (2 working days): Only changes in CRD shall be accepted if new CRD </b>

is still less than 100 days from the SAP processing date. Other revisions or cancellation must have approval from relating Stakeholders.

All the Purchase Requesition (PR) shall be converted to Purchase Order (PO) by Procurement. They are responsible to place order to Vendor. When there is a cancellation request, CCC team must work with Procurement and Logistics to check whether goods still can be cancelled or not. CCC Team will raise a Complaint/Request (CR) to Procurement team, and they will work with Vendor for cancellation.

<i><b>❖ Raise and follow up MM Creation request at order entry to avoid delay </b></i>

When there is any reference that is not available in the system, CCC Team need to raise MM creation ticket to create them. All the stakeholders involved must finish their phases, then Mater data Team will create that reference in SAP. It take 10 to 14 working days for a ticket to be completed.

Marketing team

Transport team

Procurement team

Finance team

Mater Datateam

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<i><b>❖ Prepare Sales contract as customer request align with company policies and monitor </b></i>

<i><b>contract terms until it is closed. </b></i>

Regarding Partners, they can requests to do a contract. In terms of Contractors, they must do a contract.

The Legal team in SE provides Contract Template, CCC must collect these data in order to complete a contract:

<b>• Background information of Buyer: Name, Office address, Telephone number, </b>

Representative (Director or General Director, if others, buyer must provide Authorization

<b>letter), Bank Account information, Tax code. • Scope of Supply and Price </b>

<b>• Terms of Payment: Based on the Contract Value, CCC will choose the appropriate terms. • Documentation </b>

<i><b>❖ Take ownership and manage customer complaints relating on delivery effectively and </b></i>

<i><b>professionally </b></i>

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2. DelivDelivDelivery Arrangement ery Arrangement

<b>• Request customers to settle the payment against contracts / schedules </b>

• Actively check credit / payment to ensure correct incentive discount applied and record it

<b>carefully in Orders (SAP / Excel) </b>

• Check the availability of goods and issue invoices as per requested from customers and

<b>align with company policies </b>

<b>• Closely cooperate with 3PL to support customers on self-collection in urgent cases </b>

• Coordinate with Finance team to handle customer complaints / requests relating to invoices

<b>such as cancellation, correction reports, rebate, etc. </b>

3. AdministrAdministrAdministration Tasks and Teamation Tasks and Teamation Tasks and Team Support Support

<b>• File all documents according to policies. </b>

• Check and reply requests via email and telephone relating assignments and record customer

<b>requests in bFO. </b>

<b>• Back up other team members when requested. </b>

<b>• Ready for job rotation and other assignments depending on business requirements. </b>

V. ConcConclusion lusion

This internship brought me a lot of valuable and precious experiences. This is the great opportunity for me to explore the practice of supply chain in reality which inspires me a lot to keep trying to pursue my passion. By working here, I can expand my networking, meet and work with new people, who are experience and expert in this field. By working with them, I can learn not only expertise but also the way they work and deal with problems and improve my capability day by day. I realize theoretical knowledge is also of importance, but how to apply it into real-life problems to improve daily tasks is more important.